Musing Mondays #8

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 Describe one of your reading habits.

This has been a BUSY reading month for me. I don’t mean that I read a lot of books, but I mean that I have a lot of books that I NEED to read within a certain timeframe. I don’t often deal with deadlines when I read, except for when I’m behind on scheduling reviews and know I need to finish my current book by a certain day to keep up with my review schedule. Right now, I have multiple books with deadlines: an ARC that needs to travel to the next person in line by the end of the week, library books that are due in a week, a physical ARC that was released a week ago that deserves a review quickly, and a book I need to finish for a guest post by the end of the week…. EEK.

Trial by Fire (Worldwalker, #1)Damsel DistressedJust Like FateDissonance (Dissonance, #1)Just Like the Movies

How can I get this done when I normally only read one book at a time??

I’m not sure about other bloggers, but I feel like most people out there read more than one book at a time. I normally can’t do this. The most I can handle is listening to one audiobook while reading one regular book. Sometimes the stories confuse me, if they’re both in the same genre or have similar generic contemporary romance-related plots, but most of the time I just don’t want to read more than one. What’s the point? It’s just as fast to read one book at a time and focus all your energy on it, as it is to read multiple books at once and take longer in general because you have more pages to read. I like having an audiobook going while I have a regular book going because it’s easier to keep them separate AND it does allow you to read more books in a shorter amount of time. I only listen to audiobooks during times where I can’t normally read, so it doubles my reading time!

In this extreme circumstance, in order to get caught up, I’ve been “reading” more than one book at a time. I started Trial By Fire after I finished some other books I was working on, so I could get started on it before Damsel Distressed arrived. I only have it for one week, so I paused Trial By Fire to get going on it. Meanwhile, I finally got a library card and got a little too excited – so I checked out two books (Dissonance and Just Like the Movies) that are due at the beginning of October. Dumb choice. Now, I have a guest post due at the end of the week that involves Just Like Fate. Luckily I already own this one, but I still have to read it before Friday! [More info to come on that!] Not to mention, I joined up with Swoony September…so technically I should be reading a bunch of contemporaries this month from my TBR!

I think I’m doing a pretty decent job of staying on track, but it’s going to suck putting off Trial By Fire even longer because I have to get going on Just Like Fate. Hopefully I can better organize myself next time! I’ll just take a breath, remind myself that I can renew my library books, and keep plugging along. At least I’m enjoying these books so far!

What about you? Can you or do you read more than one phyiscal book at a time? Do you use audiobooks like I do? 2014-08-02 22.50.11

5 responses to “Musing Mondays #8

  1. Sounds like a problem we all have. I knowI had whittled my review list down to 14 book due over Sept., Oct, and Nov. Then in two weeks that total had jumpedr to 30 with some due in Dec. added to the mix.

    • Understandable on that end! There’s definitely a difference between reading for school and reading for pleasure. I was the same way in high school and college. Unfortunately my reading for college got a little out of hand and I barely had any time or energy to read for pleasure.

  2. I’m usually reading more than one book at a time–right now I’m reading two books and listening to an audiobook. I’m usually not reading two books of the same type at once ( 2 different mysteries, etc) so that helps me to keep everything straight. If I get a bit tired of one book, I just pick up the other one! It’s worked well for me for years!

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