Seeking a Reading Buddy!

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I’ve been thinking of guest posts a lot lately and partnering up with another blogger for some things. I’ve decided that I’m officially looking for an affiliate/partner/buddy to join in with me for maybe a monthly post or feature on both of our blogs. Nothing too crazy – obviously we’ll both keep our blogs and our normal schedules. (This isn’t for a co-blogger or anything). Let me tell you a little bit about what I’m thinking.

Wanted: someone with similar reading tastes, compatible TBR piles, and the desire to read and discuss with me!

I want to partner with someone to do a monthly book review (discussion). Instead of a traditional review format, we’ll ask each other some questions about our feelings towards it, share our opinions, and agree/disagree on different points in the book! We’ll keep it spoiler-free like a normal review would be. The first half of our discussion review would be posted on one of our blogs, and the second half would be posted on the other person’s – that way, we can both gain some traffic to the posts and we won’t be repeating content.

What I’m Looking for in a Partner

  • Similar tastes in books. Seems logical, right? If you’ve been following me on here or checked out my ratings on Goodreads, you’ll know how we align on certain books. I’m hoping my reading buddy will have some of the same feelings about books I’ve already read so I can be fairly sure we won’t differ too much in our opinions on the books we read! (Some disagreement will definitely be fun, but I’m hoping we generally have the same taste in books!)
  • Similar books in our TBR piles. I don’t want to force someone to read a book they don’t care about, and vice versa. I’m hoping to find a buddy who already wants to read more than one book that’s on my TBR list. We can pick one of those books and have the understanding that we’re both equally invested in reading it.
  • Someone who can commit to a monthly (or maybe every two months) partnership. Ideally, I’d like to join together for a monthly post. We can both read the book whenever it works in our schedules, plan to have a discussion (maybe through Facebook message or Gchat), and make our post on the same date and time. It’ll take the place of a normal review on my blog, so you can use it in the same way.

Interested? Here’s what to do!

  • Check out my TBR shelf and my TBR FIRST shelf on Goodreads. My First shelf are the books I would like to read before most, but I’m pretty flexible. Any book added to the regular TBR is one I’m interested in anyways. Pick a few books you’d want to read with me.
  • Fill out the little contact form below! Tell me some of the books you’d want to read with me and why you think we could be a good match.
  • I’ll hopefully see some responses within the next few days and can get back to people. I’d like to pick one, but if the person can only do a post every two months then maybe I can pick two people and switch off each month.
Dancing Workaholics animated GIF
This is us having fun together once a month

Again, this is just a fun new thing to try out! I’d like to partner with someone and keep it going as long as possible, but of course I understand if other commitments come up. It’ll be a way to work on our TBRs, have a fun bookish discussion, and post a more interesting review for our followers.


9 responses to “Seeking a Reading Buddy!

  1. This sounds like a really cool idea and it would be fun to take part. But it looks like we don’t have very similar tastes in books. You seem to read a lot of YA stuff while I prefer sci-fi and fantasy. Cool idea though.

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