Random Bookish Thoughts: Growing Pains

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random bookish thoughtsGROWING PAINS. If you’ve been following my blog since the beginning, you’ve probably noticed a lot of changes. I’m trying to figure out what works best for me, my personality, my reviews, my followers, etc. I’ve changed around the format for a lot of posts/memes/reviews because my blog is still having growing pains. I only started this blog in July and so far the results have been pretty impressive, if I do say so myself. In four months, I’ve gotten 3,600+ paigeviews, 700+ comments, and 180+ followers between WordPress and Bloglovin (not to mention the ones on Twitter, Instagram, Goodreads, etc!). I’ve been trying hard to make my blog the best it can be for you guys, for myself, and, if I’m being honest, for publishers! I’m hoping to get more ARC approvals and book mail in the near future. I would be interested in hearing some of your thoughts on my formatting, and I’ll go into some of the changes/formats I’ve tried to initiate recently.Adventure Time Cool animated GIF

Types of Reviews

This has been the major area of frustration for me. I started this blog with just writing one long paragraph review, but started noticing other bloggers were splitting them into sections; I gravitated towards that because it made them a lot easier to read. I could even skim it if I really wanted to. So now, I’m trying to figure out the types of reviews I want to use, how to keep all of the fonts consistent, and make sure the posts are readable. I have four general types/lengths of reviews:

  • Regular Review – This is my standard review, where I share the most information about the book and my thoughts. I break the review into sections for the overall plot and story, the characters, the writing style and flow, who should read it, and a final thought.
  • Mini Review – I recently started up this kind of review because I think some books just lend themselves to that format. I can get all of my positive thoughts out in one paragraph (“What worked”) and leave the negatives to a second paragraph (“What didn’t work”), with a general wrap-up at the end that gives my overall feelings.
  • 200 Word Review – This is for when a book was pretty average and I find that I just don’t have a lot to say about it. I can quickly go over the good and bad while making my recommendation if you should bother with it. Some books just don’t give me a lot of feelings that I could work with.
  • Book Buddies Review/Discussion – These are coming soon! In them, instead of traditionally reviewing the book, I’ll be partnering with one of my Book Buddies to have a discussion. We’ll talk about a lot of the aspects we’d put in our reviews, but have a more fun version where we both share our opinions and work off of each other.

I kind of like working with this format but am still struggling with what information to include in the basic information section at the top. Do people care about the publisher? (Of course I put that in for ARC posts)  Do they want the Buy links in addition to the Goodreads? There are too many things I could include, but there are so many things I’m honestly too lazy to deal with!Cute animated GIF

Images and Gifs

I’ve tried a variety of different ways to post book cover images and other fun graphics I create into my posts. I’ve realized that they don’t show up in Bloglovin when they’re in .png format, which is of course what I usually use. I think I’ll be slowly starting to save my creations as .jpg or .gif in order for them to (hopefully) show up. On top of that, I’ve struggled with finding an image editing and/or collage program that I like. I used Canva for a few posts, but found that it was a little too slow on my computer. I generally use Paint because I have more freedom and familiarity with the software, but resizing images is impossible in there! I’ve even done some graphics on my phone’s apps like PicCandy, Rhonna Designs, and A Beautiful Mess (check for them on the app store). They all have cute doodles, fonts, and borders, but the image sizes are too small since they’re made for mostly Instagram images. SIGH.Adventure Time Angry animated GIF

Fonts, Fonts, Fonts

So I have a minor obsession with fonts. Mostly cute little cursive fonts that are too irresistable to leave off my blog. I’m trying to keep my fonts consistent among my major types of posts, but I can’t help but mix them a little too much. I’ll be working on picking some to stay with for a while. I got sick of the super curly looking one I was using across ALL posts, so I switched up my meme titles and will soon be adjusting the fonts in my reviews too. In the meantime, don’t mind my font obsession. Someone should block my computer from Da Font.Love Adventure Time animated GIF

Scheduling and Posts

I recently posted about my blogging schedule, which people thought was pretty interesting. I don’t feel overwhelmed with the amount of posting because I have a lot of free time at work to do my blogging. Honestly, 90% of my posts come from my office. It’s probably not the best for my work productivity, but it’s fine with me! Regardless, I more struggle with how much reading I want to do! I feel like I don’t have as much time as I used to. I wake up early to read now and get really angry with myself when I sleep late instead. I use Google Calendar to plan out my posts now, which helps a lot, but it also adds to the pressure of OH SHIT I need to finish that book by tomorrow in order to have a review. Gone are the days where I had reviews scheduled out after Bout of Books. I hope people don’t think I post too much or not enough. I’m grateful for all of the love I get on a regular basis, so I appreciate you following me regardless of the amount I post! Love Cartoons & Comics animated GIF

14 responses to “Random Bookish Thoughts: Growing Pains

  1. I think that no matter how long you blog, it’s a constant evolutionary process, or at least it is for me as well 🙂

    I struggled with my reviews for a long time. I always seen formats from other bloggers that looked way nicer than mine, I thought they were much more articulate in their reviews and I often felt like what I had to say was very generic and the same thing every time. That said, I eventually just came into a review style that I like and how to format my posts (actually I have just redone this again this past weekend :/). I love your four different types of reviews!! Mini reviews are one of my favorite reviews to read actually!! I do love seeing the publisher, for some reason that is always something I look at now and I also do like buy links, especially Amazon !!

    I’m so happy you commented on my blog because now I’ve discovered yours 🙂 I’m off to read more of your posts now!!!

  2. I make so many changes to my blog regularly it’s a shame. I can totally understand the whole desire to get it just right. I’m still trying to get there. So have it–find what works! It looks great now even. 😀

  3. I’ve been book blogging for a couple of years now, and I still find that I need to tweak the formats of my posts– sometimes because I find a certain way is easier to read or more interesting and sometimes because I don’t want my blog to go stale or I don’t want to get bored writing the same way over and over again. Somehow I don’t think I’ll every be totally satisfied, and I think I’m okay with that.

    As for information to include with the book reviews– sometimes I care about publisher (I don’t really have too many biases, although I’m a little reluctant to read anything from Harlequin Teen, and I think that’s because of my mom’s smutty romance novels). I also think it’s fair to give them a little credit since they edited the book, printed the book, marketed the book. As for links to buy the book– I don’t really care. Most people just include amazon links (I think because they’re affiliated with them, and the get a kick-back), but I don’t like buying from amazon, so I don’t utilize these links. I wouldn’t expect a book blogger to include links to all potential book sellers just in case someone doesn’t like buying from Amazon either.

  4. For image editing and collage stuff I’ve found that good ol’ PowerPoint actually works really well and I use it for all my banners and things as well as work related images 😀

  5. I started earlier this year too-there’s definitely been some growing pains involved for me too 🙂 Since I started I’ve changed blogging platforms (Blogger to a self-hosted WP blog), I’ve changed the look of my blog a million times, including my blog’s name, I’ve changed my posting frequency, my review/reading formats and most recently-I’ve changed the focus of my blog (I no longer label my blog a book blog). Its been a wild ride so far, but I’m having a lot of fun and learning a lot too 🙂

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