NEW Guest Post Feature Announcement: Inside and Out

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A new feature to admire pretty book covers and bookmarks, shared by YOU!

I am so excited to announce that I’ve finally found a guest post feature that reflects me and my blog. Welcome to INSIDE AND OUT. This feature will include two of my absolute favorite book-related things: bookmarks (inside) and book covers (out)!

What’s it about and why?

  • Bookmarks are such a fun and easy thing to collect. You can get them to represent places you’ve been, books you’ve read, characters you love, quotes about reading and from books, etc. Literally anything. I think most bloggers and bookish people at least have a few tried-and-true bookmarks – and even some that are never used because they’re TOO special. Either way, they’re necessary and everyone has a bookmark preference!
  • Book covers are something I’ve featured on the blog a couple of times. It’s no secret I am a major sucker for pretty covers. I’m more than happy to judge books by their covers all the time. To me, a cover should represent what’s inside the book. It should give you a FEEL about what you’re going to read. A good cover reflects the story in same way that the plot summary does.

So now you can see why bookmarks and book covers are so important to me, and helped define this feature!

How can I help?

I’d love to make this a regular feature on the blog. I’ll decide exactly how often the post will appear based on the amount of people sign up initially. I’m leaning towards once a month, but it could possibly happen twice a month. Regardless, the post will go live on a Thursday over here at Bookmark Lit. If you’re interested in signing up, you can fill out the form below. I’ll contact you about your post soon after you sign up. It will be done on a first-come, first-serve basis (unless you request a specific time that’s later than when it would normally be).

When you fill out the form below, I’ll get the basics of who you are and (maybe) what you’d like to post about. I’ll email you a second form to fill out with more details. Your post will include:

  • THE PERSON: Tell me about yourself – personal stuff, blog stuff, any stuff! I’d like to feature a bit of information about you so people can check out your blog and follow you on social media, if you’d like.
  • THE COVER: Pick out your favorite book cover and share a picture. It can be a photo you took (maybe with your bookmark?!) or the stock photo from Goodreads. It could also be your all-time favorite book cover, a cover of a book you’re highly anticipating, a cover you added to your TBR just because it was pretty, etc. I want to know why you like it, what you usually like in book covers, and/or any cover trends you’ve noticed recently. AND, if you’ve read the book, does the cover do a good job of summarizing the premise? How was the book?
  • THE BOOKMARK: Why’d you choose this bookmark? Where’d you get it from? Why is it special or how does it represent you? Maybe you decided to pick a bookmark just because it matched your cover. I don’t care! I just wanna see it 🙂  Also, tell me about your bookmark preferences – if you use them, if you hoard them but keep them pristine, etc.

You can include one or two pictures – put your book and bookmark together in one shot, or show me the cover and bookmark you’re lusting over from the internet. It doesn’t have to be a personal picture as long as we link up for photo credit. (I prefer using Goodreads for cover images!)

Now sign up!

If you have any questions or want to see a sample, you can catch MY introductory post later this week!

10 responses to “NEW Guest Post Feature Announcement: Inside and Out

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