Major Reorganization Goals

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I know that we’re well-beyond the “new year, new me” goal-setting attitude, but I still have a lot I hope to accomplish soon. There are quite a few things I want to accomplish over the course of the next few months. I will be moving out of my apartment around June, so many of these things (especially the “home” section) need to get done before the middle part of the year.

  • Unhaul books I don’t want and bring them to used book stores and donation bins
  • Organize my shelves in a way that actually makes sense and store some books in the closet
  • Move books out of my apartment and into my parents’ houses for later use, hopefully
  • Audit shelves completely by making sure things are in the right spot (very general upkeep)
  • Add books to shelves where they aren’t labeled correctly, by genre, etc.
  • Remove unhauled books from my own-physical shelf on Goodreads
  • Rotate through my consideration and want-to-read shelves to eliminate books each year
    • Books get removed from “consideration” and off GR completely at the beginning of the year
    • Books get added to the “consideration” shelf from the “want-to-read” shelf in July/August
  • Create a system for series tracking using a group’s tracker or my own shelves
  • Organize and get rid of paperwork (old bills, pay stubs, etc.) that I don’t need anymore
  • File relevant paperwork into a new filing system that is more portable and smaller
  • Declutter the apartment by getting rid of things I don’t need, using storage, etc.
  • Clean out the garage by donating old things, packing things up, and throwing things away
  • Tidy up old blog posts where images are gone, formatting sucks, etc.
  • Fix up categories for posts by eliminating some and revamping old links with new ones
  • Add links to old reviews for Goodreads, Amazon, and B&N (from the pre-UBB days)
  • Eliminate and fix old blog pages, not posts, because some are not needed
  • Delete unnecessary drafts that I probably won’t ever finish and post
  • Make a full budget using some app or system to make sure I’m not overspending; stick to it!
  • Set up automatic payments for certain things each month, to keep it easy and save money
  • Pay down credit card debt and look into moving some to an interest-free card for a while

18 responses to “Major Reorganization Goals

  1. Sounds like you have a lot of hard work ahead of you! It felt so freeing for me after I decluttered my physical and goodreads shelves but I still have the itch to do more. That Marie Kondo book really got to me!

  2. These are really great goals. For the past couple months, I’ve been trying to downsize my book collection, and I’m always looking to declutter our condo!

  3. I am right there with you! I will be moving soon too and I have soooooo much to declutter/purge before that happens! I hate the idea of having to move a bunch of useless stuff because I didn’t have time to throw it out.

  4. This is a great list! And you’ve reminded me a few house-keeping things I need to do still too 🙂 Especially on the old paperwork front … Right now I think filed with some semblance of a system, but it’s incredibly difficult to work with and pretty difficult to enable future growth of files. And I’m a paperwork hoarder, so I’m confident that most of it I don’t need anyway. As for the Goodreads and blog stuff … I definitely have some similar things on my to-do list!

  5. This is a great list, and I just did #2 on your list a couple nights ago, as I got a new bookshelf. It was a lot of fun, but overwhelming at the same time haha. Also, I try to budget my spending (I use Mint which is online), but it doesn’t always work. But at least I try!

    • haha that’s great! I need to get back into it ASAP. I used to use YNAB but I was sick of paying for it haha. They don’t seem to let you pay monthly and didn’t feel like paying for the whole year in one shot.

  6. It sounds like you have a lot of spring cleaning in your future! Don’t worry, I also haven’t had time yet to set goals for this year. I keep meaning to do it but it keeps being pushed back because something else needs to be done. In any case, I also have a lot of reorganizing to do. Good luck with your list! Become a reorganization queen!

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

  7. I love how organized you are with Goodreads! I’ve tried to be much better at labeling as I go along, which has helped. But I still need to trim the TBR every once in awhile. Same with the physical books at home- it feels so good to donate books!! But there are always some that I swear I’ll read eventually and what if I’m giving away a potential favorite…. it’s hard haha. Oh mannnnn I relate to your Home goals so hard. So many papers everywhere and I really don’t have a good filing system at all. I just make important “piles”. Need to get on top of that, esp because we’re probably moving at the beginning of next year. I don’t know if you use Bank of America, but they added a budget feature online recently, it’s pretty cool! Pie charts and ability to set/track budgets and stuff. Automatic payments are so nice. And paying down my credit card is a definite goal of mine. I’ve paid off two store cards but my main card is always a struggle, even though I pay a little off each month. I mainly use it for travel to visit family, the vet, etc. So not a lot but it’s always expensive stuff lol. Working on it though! These are great goals Lauren, I hope you’re able to accomplish all of them when you want to!

    • I always get nervous certain books are going to go out of print or something hahaha then I’ll regret ever getting rid of them! UGH.

      I need to be way better at filing things. Our stacks of mail and paper = terrible.

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