3 Ways I Find Out About Upcoming Books

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I love torturing everyone with my posts about books I’m excited for (when they haven’t even been released yet). Making my TBR huge means you get the same treatment, #sorrynotsorry. I’m curious though: where do you guys hear about upcoming releases? I wanted to talk about the most common places I personally learn about new and upcoming book releases or book deals, in hopes that you can show me where you get your info from. I always see people adding books on Goodreads (see point two) and wish I could pay better attention to find out earlier!

1. Cover Snark

At the time of writing this post, Christina at A Reader of Fictions has posted over 240 installments of Cover Snark, which are truly my favorite posts to read on a regular basis. She highlights new cover reveals / releases for various books across multiple genres and age targets. I have added countless books to my TBR just because of this feature, especially when certain cover designs catch my eye! There’s a bonus feature of her commentary under each cover and fun Cover Battle polls at the bottom of the post. Without a doubt, this is my favorite way of finding new books to add to my TBR-unreleased Goodreads shelf!

2. Goodreads Statuses

I’m pretty obsessed with Goodreads. I use it to track just about everything, from my TBR to books I’ve read to covers I like to books I own to books I want to own to my current reads… you get the idea. I use the vast majority of Goodreads’ features to track my reading, both to-read and read. I use other people’s Goodreads statuses to find new book announcements and upcoming releases, since many of my blogger friends are more hip to the times than I am. When I see that Brittany or Alexa or Kristin or any other trusted reviewer added a new book to their shelves (especially one that doesn’t have a cover yet, the universal sign for definitely-not-released-yet), I will definitely check it out. I usually read the synopsis and decide to add it to my TBR-unreleased Goodreads shelf. I don’t browse the Publishers’ Weekly announcements like others do, so this is a great way for me to keep up with new book deal announcements.

3. Twitter Book Announcements

And finally, the number one source of alllll kinds of news (mostly bad news, these days…) – Twitter! There are often book deal announcements that get discussed in one way or another. I find these from a variety of sources:

  • authors I already follow made the announcement that they sold a new book
  • friends retweet or favorite an announcement from a publisher or their fave authors
  • Publishers’ Weekly screenshots in some tweet that I somehow see in my timeline
  • general flailing from friends about books they read super early or added to their TBR

So yes, Twitter is a big source for book deals for me. I should truly just subscribe to PW but I’m terrible about reading emails. These three places are really helpful because so many of my bookish friends do a better job than I do!

Where do you find out about upcoming book releases or book deals? Share with me!

18 responses to “3 Ways I Find Out About Upcoming Books

  1. Goodreads (usually through Danielle and other folks who seem to add all the new books – but like how do they do it?!) and Publisher’s Weekly are my main source for finding books too. I love those quick eye-catching Tweets too!

  2. For new books I pretty much stalk Amazon’s Best Books of the Month – check out what they’re reading at BookRiot and use the “Best Books of the Year” lists from the last year.

  3. Goodreads has always been a staple for me. I also work in library so all of the librarians I work with share their upcoming release papers and books that sound like they would be up my ally. Also, followed A Reader of Fiction. Your blog is one of my favorites so I’m sure I’ll love hers too!

  4. I used to learn about them through a bunch of posts and bloggers, but now that’s died down when it comes to monthly releases, which I’m a bit sad about! Nowadays I usually rely on Twitter or my friends!

  5. I don’t even know where I find out about those! Just sort of everywhere, I guess 😀 I’ve signed up for some really cool newsletters lately though, one of them I truly do recommend – Unbound Worlds. Like, I’m telling you, SEEK IT OUT and join it! The only infuriating thing about it is that they send you articles about books that have just been released, so you can’t get them on NetGalley anymore 😀 haha, #bookwormproblems. But seriously, they have some really good content about new fantasy and sci-fi books. Diverse as well.

    And another friend of mine has mentioned that she uses the “Browse” function for new releases on Goodreads! I actually didn’t even know that existed. Apparently it’s somewhere on the menu. Did you know of this? Cause it sounds promising 🙂

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