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I love Jamie’s New to the Queue feature because it highlights new things she’s added to her different “to do/ read/ watch/ etc.” lists. This new random feature – called simply On My List – will show off the most recent books, movies, shows, podcasts, recipes, crafts, and other things to make it on my to-do list. These are the things I’m hoping to get to in the near future.

Currently Available

The Jetsetters by Ward | I saw this come up on Scribd and was intrigued by the title, so I went over to Goodreads to check it out. I wasn’t totally sold on the synopsis but I feel like I saw a good review somewhere and decided to go back and add it.

Frozen Beauty by Hillyer | It’s kind of funny that I’m adding this after seeing a three-star review (not a raving one) but I was intrigued enough to add it. I’ve been having a lot of success with the kind of mystery/thriller books lately and it’s really what’s getting me through reading lately.

Freaky in Fresno by Crompton | I liked Laurie Boyle Crompton’s other book well enough and think her inspiration from 80’s movies is really fun. This is a Freaky Friday kind of premise, so I’m sold.

Unreleased Books

Head Over Heels by Orenstein | I’m intrigued by this premise because of the gymnastics and Massachusetts hometown return. I don’t think I also need to tell you that these illustrated covers keep sucking me in. I wish this one had a bit more gymnastics-ish on it though.

The Love Square by Williams | The title is a little scary, IMO, because it sounds like a more complex love shape than a triangle, of course. I’m assuming from the limited premise that the main character kind of finds herself while talking to various men and it may be more focused on that than actual romance. But we’ll see!

The Spare Bedroom by Neep | Another intriguing premise that could be off-putting to some, if there’s cheating involved. Not sure. Basically a girl moves into her ex’s spare bedroom… while his new girlfriend is living with him. We’l see what happens from there!

TV Shows

www.gstatic.com/tv/thumb/tvbanners/18063927/p18... Locke & Key (TV Series 2020– ) - IMDb Outer Banks Poster

Dark Side of the Ring | Chris and I had heard about this new docuseries on Vice a while back but really became interested when we learned they’d be covering Chris Benoit. He was a super talented wrestler who inevitably ended up with a terrible case of CTE and killed his wife and son. It’s a sad story (hence the title of the show) but we’re curious to learn even more about it.

Locke & Key | I haven’t read these graphic novels before but I was vaguely familiar with them. I think I’d be interested in the show! I don’t know if Chris will want to watch with me so this could be a solo endeavor while I work from home… it may be too creepy for him!

Outer Banks | I’m a big fan of cringe-worthy teen shows and it’s honestly been a while since I got wrapped into one, aside from the “reality” show of Siesta Key. This one is set in the Outer Banks, clearly, and centers around a group of teens ~on the wrong side of the tracks~ who try to track down a treasure. Sounds fun and something I DEFINITELY need at this time of life, no?


Onward Poster Love Wedding Repeat.jpg www.gstatic.com/tv/thumb/v22vodart/17622664/p17...

Onward | I have to admit this wasn’t fully on my radar when it was coming to theaters before all shit hit the fan, but I’m excited to have the opportunity to watch on Disney+ now that it’s available! It seems a bit sad but I love the lead voice actors here, so we’ll give it a go!

Love Wedding Repeat | A Netflix original coming soon that looks right up my alley! I was burnt out on wedding things for a while thanks to the bridesmaid duties of the past few years, but planning my own has made me slightly back in the mood for this topic in my media 😉 This one has a favorite trope of mine: the same day playing out in various ways, kind of like Groundhog Day.

6 Underground | Honestly this movie looks kind of terrible and I don’t fully understand the concept, but I kind of want to see it. I mean… Ryan Reynolds. I believe some people die and then save the world? Sure.


Cake Mix Cookies made with just 4 ingredients in one bowl are sweet, bakery soft, and incredibly EASY to make in under 20 minutes! #dessert #cookies #christmas #baking #cakemix #dinnerthendessert Korean Chicken Bowls - Damn Delicious This 30-Minute One Pot Lasagna Soup is the best way to enjoy all the flavors of lasagna without any of the assembly - plus you can freeze the leftovers!

Cake Mix CookiesI’ve been wanting to use cake mixes for easy recipes for a while now, and this seems like a good start! I had bought one a while back and couldn’t find the right recipe for it.

Korean Chicken Bowls | I’m a huge fan of Korean food and this seems like a really tasty option to try soon! I usually just eat the bibimbap that Chris’s mom makes but this will have to do, since I’m not as talented as she is when it comes to cooking!

Lasagna SoupThis has actually been on my Pinterest for a while but I can’t seem to find the kind of squiggly lasagna-like noodles that this calls for. I know it’s not 100% needed but that seems fun! Hoping I can find something when the pandemic is over…


Fake Doctors, Real Friends with Zach and Donald Somebody

Fake Doctors Real Friends | This is cheating because I have listened to the first episode of this so far, but my podcast additions have been limited lately! I used to enjoy Scrubs but never watched from the very beginning, so I’m excited to hear the two lead actors (who are best friends IRL too) relive the series with a weekly episode rewatch and commentary… just like Office Ladies!

Somebody | Of course I segue right into true crime, my sweet spot. I recently added this to my feed. It’s about a mother (who narrates the podcast I believe?) who is trying to find out who killed her son. The cops aren’t helping so she launches her own investigation.



Scrunchie Apple Watch Band | I’ve been thinking of upgrading my Apple Watch band for a while because the plain one is kind of meh. I like these scrunchie-style ones; they’re probably so comfy!

Scrunchie Holder | Speaking of scrunchies… I’ve been wearing them like crazy lately since they’re better for your hair (and I basically wear my hair up every day now that I’m home 24/7) and this would be a better option than my random bag under the sink.

Dry Erase Meal Planner | I use a paper magnetic meal planning sheet that you toss away each week, so this could be a more eco-friendly option for me. I like that I could erase it if things change too, since I write on the other one with pen and have to cross things out.

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