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Thanks to the Summer of Sailor Scouts feature (click here for more info – hosted by Alexa, CristinaCee, Kristin, and Sierra) I’ve become a bit obsessed. I recently did the book tag, as you saw, and have been watching the show kind of nonstop over the past month. When I’m not watching, I’m researching characters and thinking about when I’ll be able to watch next! I’ve already added random crap I don’t need into my Etsy cart… for characters I hadn’t even been introduced to yet. I wanted to share some of my Sailor Moon-related thoughts while watching the show, as well as some of those items on my wishlist. Let’s gooooo. Click on the images for their source.

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History and early stages of obsession

Sailor Moon was always on my radar… since I was a kid. I never managed to watch it for some reason but I think some of my cousins used to watch it? Regardless, I always was intrigued by the concept. When I saw the Summer of Sailor Scouts feature pop up with some of my favorite bloggers, I asked Cristina how to get started with this fandom. She suggested the show then the manga. I immediately decided to watch the show and I haven’t stopped since! As for the manga, I used to draw characters in that style when I was younger but I honestly hadn’t read any books in that format. I did buy the first one recently and will probably start it sometime soon (maybe for the readalong?). I immediately was on Etsy and Amazon looking for Sailor Moon items too. Sigh. Get a life, Lauren.

Thoughts on the show

I’m gonna be completely honest here – subtitles are not my thing (yet). I can’t focus on reading and watching at the same time, so I knew I’d have to start with the dubbed version. I ended up really enjoying it! I know it’ll be an issue soon though… I started watching on Hulu, where they have all of the subbed seasons and only two of the dubbed seasons. Once I finish season two, I’ll have to be ready for the subbed version if I want to finish! I’ve been practicing lately by including subtitles on the dubbed version just so I can try to read and watch simultaneously. Chris watches a lot of anime and prefers the subbed versions, so maybe he’ll be able to help me. He watched the first few episodes with me but then said I could continue on my own. He’d seen some before since his cousin used to be obsessed with it, so he wasn’t overly eager to keep watching. Fine by me! 😉 Anyways, I wanted to just note a few things as I thought of them, while starting my binge of the show as a 24 year old girl who had never seen it before. Some of my first impressions include…

eating sailor moon foodOn Sailor Moon/Usagi

I can see why she’s called a crybaby! Good lord, she’s emotional. I kind of love that she has the ability to be super powerful AND in touch with their feelings, even if she can be a little much at times. Her obsession with food and ability to be a late klutz all the time is totally me. It’s nice to spend some time with the main character before others are introduced… but more on that later.

On Luna

This cat is the absolute sassiest, best animal ever. I loved her from the minute she appeared on the screen. *googles all the Luna things and adds to carts*   I was also eager to meet the other two cats because I know they exist from the book tag. They’re all so cute!!

anime sailor moon tuxedo maskOn Tuxedo Mask

Sooo, this dude shows up, says a word or two of advice, then leaves? In the early part of the season I couldn’t help but wonder why he existed. Also, It’s painfully obvious who he really is so I’m wondering how she hasn’t picked up on it yet, but I am intrigued to see what happens with him in the future. He has that whole mysterious vibe going on so I can see why she’s intrigued by him.

On the early episodes

I feel like it’s taking a little while to set the stage. I’ve been super eager to meet the other girls but there have been quite a few episodes before any of them are introduced. It’s kind of nice to have that time with the MC, but I definitely got the “introductory” vibe to the beginning of the show. (I’m not experienced with anime – is this common?) Anyways, it’s interesting to slowly (like, super slowly) learn about the world and the rest of the scouts. As a sidenote too – Hulu is kind of annoying with the episodes because there’s a commercial, introduction song, commercial, sailor venus 90s sailor moon minako aino bishoujo senshi sailor moonpreview to the episode, the episode with a few commercials in, commercial, then the credits and preview for next week. The whole episode itself can’t be more than 15 minutes long and I have to sit through almost 10 minutes of BS. I’m glad I have the whole thing down to a science where I know exactly when to skip 😉

On picking a favorite

I was SO anxious to see who my favorite would be! Judging from Kristin’s post about Sailor Venus (and Cristina guessing Sailor Venus for me), I was ready to meet her and the other girls and see. From what I learned about each of the girls, I had a few ideas in my head of who were favorite front-runners.

Items on my wishlist


TopSailor Venus necklace ♥ Luna necklace ♥ Sailor Venus beaded bookmark ♥ Artemis Mug
Bottom: Sailor Venus art print ♥ Fighting evil by moonlight bookmark ♥ Sailor Senshi watercolor print

9 responses to “Sailor Moon Obsession

  1. YAY! Welcome to the Sailor Moon fandom, Lauren!

    I started with the dubs, so don’t feel bad about that at all. Even though they’re not complete, they totally hook you, and just WAIT until you get to the end of the season. When I first saw it, I started crying, and then I had to get on a 16 hour flight the next day with no access to anything SM-related. I was basically dreaming about the mythology and world the entire time. It’s still super powerful, even in the dub.

    Can’t wait to hear more of your thoughts. I love all of the characters, but I think Serena/Usagi is my fave even if she is whiny. You’ll see why as you keep going – the character development is awesome.


      I just got towards the end of season one and things are seriously picking up! I’m hoping to finish watching that season over the weekend 🙂

      I’m definitely excited for the character development for her, but she “bothers me” less and less with each episode. She’s growing on me! It’s not that I don’t like her because I do! I’m just excited to see her become even more badass.

  2. All these posts lately are definitely making me want to Watch Sailor Moon. I watched it as a kid and loved it! I even had a Sailor Moon pillow case back in the day. I would love to get back into this show. 🙂 I think I now NEED that bookmark and necklace. lol

  3. I’m so glad you are loving Sailor Moon so much! I have to admit, I’ve always loved Usagi. I think she’s hilarious and she’s only like 14, so that helps to put her sometimes immature behavior into perspective. Plus I think the other scouts are often times really hard on her!

    • I know she’s so funny! She absolutely gets better with each episode. I cringe when she starts crying about something ridiculous but it makes me laugh at the same time. I’ve grown to love her quite a bit!

  4. I’m so excited that you’re getting into Sailor Moon, Lauren! (Well, by now, you’re comfortably a part of the fandom, I’m sure.) It’s just a really fun concept, and I’ve always loved the whole “saving the world with your friends” thing that it has going for it! 🙂

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