Top Ten Tuesdays #246: Freebie – Amazon

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Favorite Amazon Purchases of 2019 So Far

Top Ten Tuesdays were started by The Broke and the Bookish and are now hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl, where we make lists of our top ten books (or something else!) based on that week’s prompt. The topics are provided ahead of time and can be found here. Book links bring you to Goodreads or my review.

I decided to go non-bookish with this TTT! I hope you don’t mind 😉 I thought it would be fun to do a round-up of my top ten favorite purchases from Amazon so far this year, now that we’re over halfway through. I do monthly posts including my purchases from the month but they’re never exclusive to Amazon. Here we go!

Reusable makeup remover bamboo cotton rounds

I love these! I used microfiber towels before, which were nice, but these work way better with my facial oil. I remove my face makeup with the oil, wet one of these rounds, and then use it to remove the oil and makeup from my face. There’s 16 of them so you can use them for a few weeks straight, one per day, without having to wash them ASAP because you ran out.

Ear hooks for headphones

I bought a pair of these over a year ago and they got smashed in my purse, so I bought a new pair. These are amazing for me. Headphones (like the Apple ones) don’t fit correctly in my ears and constantly fall out. These clip right on so I can wrap them around my ears and hold the headphones in.

Silicone baking/muffin cups

I make a lot of egg cups in muffin pans and my biggest annoyance is having to aggressively clean the muffin pan afterwards. We don’t have a dishwasher in our current house so it’s a pain in the ass. With these, we can make muffins or egg cups or mini meatloaves in the pan with way less cleanup. The bonus for these is that you can warm the item up in the microwave right in the silicone cup so you don’t need a plate.

Buttoned maxi dress (multiple patterns)

I adore this maxi dress. My friend got one a couple of years ago and loved it, then bought another pattern for our trip to California this year. She urged me to buy one so we could match for the winery and luckily my favorite pattern was actually the cheapest one too 😉 I need to buy more though! LOVE.

Packing cubes

Perhaps I’m the last person on earth to use these, but these were awesome for the SF trip this year too! We used carry-ons only for luggage so these did a nice job of squishing everything down enough to pack everything we could need.

Shampoo brush/scalp massager

I read somewhere that these kinds of head brushes can stimulate hair growth and really clean your hair beautifully. This was super cheap and I love the feeling! It feels weird to wash my hair with my fingers when I travel now. I packed it once and it broke but got a replacement easily, so I may just keep it at home next time. Either way, I think it has done a nice job of helping my baby hair grow a little.

Makeup sponges (Beauty Blender dupe)

I LOVE these. Even more than the original Beauty Blender. It’s $9 for 5 sponges in cute colors and they apply makeup like a dream. I use a different sponge for my foundation because I like to apply to a wider area at once, but these are nice and precise for concealer and powder afterwards. For the price, they are better than the original for sure.

Velvet hair scrunchies

I bought this 50 pack for Jen’s bridal shower a few months ago and got to keep all the extras. I’m OBSESESED with these. I love that scrunchies have come back into prominence because these work really well (even friends with super thick hair have been loving them, they said!) and look adorable. I have probably 10 of these shades still in my possession and am tempted to buy another pack just to get all the colors.

Makeup brush cleansing shampoo

There are a lot of cheaper options for cleaning makeup brushes but this one works well for me at the moment. I need a GOOD cleaning method or solution in order to be motivated to clean my brushes more often than once in an eternity (whoops). So, this has definitely helped! I also got one of those brush pads you can rub them on with the shampoo and that helps.

Silicone shower brush/scrubber

Chris and I were sick of the gross loofahs we’d always buy so I looked into cleaner options. These are so nice! There’s really no bacteria buildup on them based on the material (especially compared to cloths or poofs) and I love how they exfoliate gently when I wash up in the shower. The two-pack is great for us and we’ll probably replace them every few months or something? I have to research this part.

5 responses to “Top Ten Tuesdays #246: Freebie – Amazon

  1. I got my dad one of those electric scalp massagers and he’s having way too much fun with it! I’m such a scrunchie person, so I’m going to need that 50 pack!!

    Nick recently posted: ARC August TBR
  2. awesome list!! I have that hair scrubber thing on my wishlist for my kid. I figured this would help him really scrub his scalp since he can be lazy in the shower, and being an athlete he sweats a lot. I LOVE the dress and I just saved the beauty sponges. I don’t know how I ever put on makeup without them!!!

  3. I need those ear hooks! How handy is that?! I also really love the packing cubes. I keep saying I should get some – I don’t travel a ton, but it would be handy I’m sure.


  4. Omg so much love for many of these items on your list! I’ve actually really been thinking about trying out the bamboo cotton rounds because they just seem really handy. Think I might just pick one up now 🙂 Also a huge yaas to buttoned maxi dresses! They’re so comfy and pretty ?

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