Musing Mondays #9

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musingmonday Describe one of your reading habits.

why get a library cardI’ve talked before about how long I went without a library card, but I’ve been thinking lately about how amazing and important library cards actually are. One of my reading habits over the past five years has been to just buy books. When I was younger (elementary school and middle school), the library was an amazingly huge part of my life. I would spend summer days at my grandma’s house walking to the library with my stepsister, getting ten books, and reading them outside in the shade all day. I would go with my mom and check out a bunch of books to read by the pool. I would go to the library after school and read books in comfy chairs until my mom would pick me up on her way home from work.

I spent my college years not reading (and buying books when I did sit down to read). My library card expired and I didn’t see the sense in renewing it when I was hardly home anyways. This continued after college, to when I moved into a new town and didn’t get a library card there either. Now that I’ve settled a little more into another town, I FINALLY went to get a library card. Now that I have one, I’m addicted to the library.

I made excuses for YEARS because I was too lazy to go get a new library card. I spent I-don’t-even-want-to-know-how-much-money on books that I could have gotten for free. Totally and completely free. I know, I can’t add the book to my collection. But as someone who doesn’t re-read books, do I really even need to add the book to my collection? If it becomes a favorite, I can buy the book afterwards! Authors aren’t going to get mad at you if you read their book from a library. They just want you to read it! This is especially the case for book bloggers. If I get a book from the library and then post a review, lots of people will read the review and a few people may actually go out and buy that book. If I didn’t share my thoughts, they may have never done that.

Do you take advantage of your local library? If not, September is Library Card Sign-Up Month – so do it!!

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  1. I have had a library card for most of my life and still do but I have to admit over the last three or so years I have only visited the library rarely for a couple of reasons 1) I now have to make a concerted effort to go to the library as it isn’t near my house, work or anywhere else I go regularly, it used to be a 15 minute walk from my house and 2) I have more disposable income and a kindle and prefer to buy a book and have it immediately rather than wait for my name to come to the top of a list. That said I am a big library advocate and have fond memories of the many I have visited and borrowed books from over the years. As you say the books are free!

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