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I recently started a monthly TBR feature, where I try to pin down which books I plan to read in the upcoming month. It also helps remind me throughout the month which books I’m supposed to be reading, for various reasons. I add a little poll at the bottom too, so you guys can vote and help me narrow down some of my options as well. Here are my top TBR choices for this month and how I did last month…

October Progress

There's Someone Inside Your HouseKissing Max Holden

I feel pretty good about this, even though I didn’t do a great job at reading my physical copies. I did, however, get KISSING MAX HOLDEN done to return to my sister when I’m home (aka now). I read a good portion of my library books and only had to return one unread (it was a summery book anyways so I wasn’t in the mood). Otherwise, banged out an ARC from my list and two new fall releases.

On Deck for November

Netgalley November

I’ve decided to give myself a mini challenge for November, which I am calling NETGALLEY NOVEMBER. This basically is me forcing myself to read alllll of my backlist review copies on NG this month. Not gonna lie, my percentage on there is around 75% so I don’t have too much to do to get it past 80%. However, I don’t think I’ve ever crossed that “ideal” threshold and THIS month I will do it. There are honestly a handful on here that I don’t have a real interest in, so there’s a good chance I read a few pages and then slap them with the DNF. I don’t mind doing this, as tastes change, but I sometimes feel bad about giving the publisher a mini DNF review on there. Oh well. Here are all of the books on my NG account that haven’t been read yet…


Clearly my main goal for this challenge is to get above 80%, but I would also LOVE to legitimately bang out as many books as I can. I’ve been mostly in the mood for reading on my Kindle over the last couple of weeks, so this is a great time to capitalize on that feeling.

Physical Books

At least two of these babies!

Yes, clearly I’m going to keep using this picture of my effing books until I finally start reading them. I’ve been too addicted to my Kindle and library books! It’s time to bang some out and bring new ones back with me.

6 responses to “November TBR | Netgalley November!

  1. That’s an admirable quest 🙂 last month I made a Goodreads group that’s all about reading old ARCs, and I can’t believe I finished 3 old NetGalley ARCs because of that! So happy. BTW I have more than you, believe it or not 😀 it’s awesome you have Noteworthy, though! You think you’ll power through all of them, or just some part? Cause I feel like 3 backlist ones for e are already a huge win 😀 the group should soon pick a theme, so I’ll be able to pick my backlist ARCs as well. I hope I can do at least 3 next month 🙂

  2. Good luck with your Netgalley November!! You have some good ones there _ been There All ALong (and it’s quick), Noteworthy, and All Things New. I didn’t love Sister Pact and Never Never. I have some old ones I want to get to but I have a few I have no interest. I need to try and get them done next year. Happy reading!

  3. Good luck with your goal! A Thousand Salt Kisses was really good and makes you want to move permanently to a tropical island, despite being very cheesy and feels very young for me. Noteworthy is one of my favorite read this year! 😀

  4. NetGalley November. How fun! I read some of the books you have there. I liked Noteworthy, Been Here All Along, and All Things New. I thought Just Fly Away was meh. I read three from your physical book stack (I Believe in a Thing Called Love, By Your Side, and Kissing Max Holden), and I liked all three. So many choices. Good luck with your challenge.

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