Top Ten Tuesdays #383: Freebie

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Freebie: Highly Anticipated Books
Which Have I Read?

Top Ten Tuesdays were started by The Broke and the Bookish and are now hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl, where we make lists of our top ten books (or something else!) based on that week’s prompt. The topics are provided ahead of time and can be found here. Book links bring you to Goodreads or my review.

I used to do posts about books publishing a far, far way away that I was super excited for. I thought first about doing another post like this to feature books in 2023 and possibly beyond, but thought it would be actually fun to call myself out for not reading some of these books I was so jazzed up about. I made two posts (one in 2019 and one in 2020) highlighting books coming out in the far future, so most of them should have published by now. Let’s see the state of my anticipated reads! The titles below are directly from my previous posts, so the titles and pub years may have changed.

Books Unread

Mary series by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton, Jodi Meadows (2021-3)

I’m lame and haven’t started this one yet. These books (the Janies at least) are ones I don’t love or get addicted to until I’m reading them. They’re usually super funny and engaging! I hope to read MY CONTRARY MARY before MY ATOMIC MARY comes out. Ugh.

Doomed by Laura Pohl (2021)

This book actually became THE GRIMROSE GIRLS, which explains why the previous title above didn’t ring a bell! Reviews have been all over the place but it does seem like people have enjoyed it, so hopefully I’ll consider it at some point.

The Way Back List by Lily Anderson (2021)

This book became THE THROWBACK LIST. And no, I haven’t read it. Whoops. I love a sleepy beach town though – this one remains on my “priority” TBR.

A Taste for Love by Jennifer Yen (2021)

My love for baking-related shows definitely waned since writing this post, but I do still want to read this one. I have it on my TBR still but who knows when I’ll ever get to it. Big sigh.

Instant Karma by Marissa Meyer (2020)

Yeah this one is probably the most surprising on here because its by an author I love. It’s just suuuuch a huge book! I should mix in the audiobook and just crank through this big boy at some point. I even own the physical copy!

These Vengeful Hearts by Katherine Laurin (2020)

I don’t really remember much about this one so I’m not surprised it wasn’t a priority read for me.

Where There’s a Whisk by Sarah J. Schmitt (2020)

I was excited to read her sophomore novel but I just haven’t gotten to it yet, which is lame. I have a review copy too. This is one of those backlist ARCs that haunts me.

The Book of Living Secrets by Madeleine Roux (2021)

The cover for this one turned out creepy and gorgeous, wow! Most of Roux’s previous books seemed to horror-ish and creepy for me and it looks like this one wasn’t highly rated. Not sure this will be a priority for me.

Your Life Has Been Delayed by Michelle Mason (2021)

Blew it with this one – I checked it out from the library and just never read it. I actually ended up buying it on audio for some reason so hopefully I’ll get to this at some point.

Lucky Caller by Emma Mills (2020)

Believe it or not, this is the one Emma Mils book I haven’t read still. Go figure I have to fess up here. I actually don’t know what the hold-up is? I suspect it’s mostly because I used to have or borrow review copies and read her books every year on New Years but I didn’t have that option for this book.

If You Should Ever Leave Me by Phoebe North (2020)

Definitely another book I didn’t keep track of because the current/new name is STRANGE CREATURES. Yes, this remains on my TBR. It doesn’t have a ton of reviews but all of them are overwhelmingly positive, so that’s a good sign. I’d love to get back into portal fantasy.

Books Read

This is Not the Jess Show by Anna Carey (2020)

Phew, it took me a really long time to find a book I read when I started reading my post! I’m pleased that I read this one – I really enjoyed it and definitely need to figure out when the sequel is happening. (Edited to add: omg it already came out??? What is wrong with me!!) I recommend it if you like Truman Show vibes.

St. Rosetta’s Academy series by Sandhya Menon (2020)

Not only have I read the initial book, I’m currently up to date on this series! I know, it’s shocking. I haven’t LOVED this series as much as I expected/hoped unfortunately but the fairy tale boarding school vibes are still a good time. I’ll definitely keep reading more books in this world.

Four Days in May by Miranda Kenneally (2020)

It’s a post-Hundred Oaks world, y’all, and I was hoping for the same magic from Kenneally. This book was pretty good but not as good as I wanted it to be! I hate how that happens for freakin books like this.

A Pho Love Story by Loan Le (2020)

I don’t know that this book completely lived up to the hype I created in my own head, but I super enjoyed it overall. The characters were cute and I loved all of the Vietnamese cultural references since they’re very familiar to me. Definitely need more from Le!

Today Tonight Tomorrow by Rachel Lynn Solomon (2020)

Okay FINALLY a book that lived up to my own hype. This book was fucking perfection, and in many ways was my favorite of 2020. Totally loved and adored it, think about it all the time, etc. – you get the picture. Kind of amazing how Rachel Lynn Solomon was an unknown quantity at the time of this post and now I’ve read almost all of her perfect books.

Beach Read by Emily Henry (2020)

I did a lot better on 2020 releases, apparently. This book was obviously another favorite! Thank god these two came in to redeem me a little tiny bit. Big fan of everything Henry writes, honestly, and this is my favorite of her three adult contemporary romances.

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