2022 End of Year Wrap-Up and Stats

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75 Books Read

I managed to absolutely crank through my reading in December – I read way more books in order to meet my challenge. You’d think that would deter me from choosing the same amount of books for 2023 but believe it or not, I’ve added five MORE books to my goal for the year. Regardless, here’s my usual wrap-up for the year!

Books Read

I continued my path of reading slightly less than 50% contemporary! I’m also thinking of splitting out true romance books but I’m not great about determining what’s truly romance compared to just contemporary fiction, which is why I lump everything together. Either way, 49% contemporary! Not surprised to see my mystery/thriller category around a quarter of my reads for the year.

I like seeing a more even split here. Not super even but closer than usual, I’d say. I also did a lot more mixed reading this year because Scribd is a lifesaver when I want to crank through a book in multiple ways. I read more owned/purchased books and ebooks this year but egalleys are still my top format.

Not an abnormal split here. Most of my reading happens with my Kindle and/or via audiobooks. If I read a physical book and also listen to an audiobook, I’ll choose the format I utilized more while reading. This chart actually just inspired me to add another category (mixed) for when I read a little bit of each.

Not surprising again! Most contemporary romance books are within the 300ish page range. I also read a good amount of novellas, comics, and shorter novels this year to make sure I met my challenge. I’m actually pretty impressed I managed to read 10 books in the 400+ page range!

I just took a quick look at last year’s graph and I’m pretty consistent here with publishers. Most of the percentages are similar! Still getting a lot of review copies from Penguin, Hachette, and Macmillan.

My review copy percentage is down, which is kind of nice – it’s good to know I’m requesting less books in general. I’ve been reading more physical books that I’ve purchased or borrowed from somewhere (this is usually Scribd, I think).

More than 50% on Kindle books, which isn’t surprising. I really enjoy that a quarter of my books were “owned” books because that shows I’m reading better from my shelves… either that or I’m buying more books! At least I’m reading them in that case 😉

I did a bad job here – I got worse! More free books than purchased. At least that could include library books, right? I keep up with egalleys as best as I can too.

Good to know that the vast majority of my reads are by women, but the number of men certainly creeped up here! I think it partly has to do with reading 7 graphic novels by one dude.

I like seeing ensemble casts represented here! I love when romance books in particular have both POVs. Still mostly female protagonists, which makes sense. Very few male leads, which is again not surprising at all.

Dang, definitely a lot more adult books happening here! No new adult or childrens books in 2022 either, I guess. Pretty much 3/4 of my books were for adults instead of YA. Truly crazy to see how far I’ve come.

Finally! More than half of the books I read had some diversity. This is probably due to authors intentionally including diversity overall but I’ve done a decent job of seeking out more diverse books. I’d love to see myself increase these numbers more and more each year as I have been.

I think I’ll leave last year’s comment here because it’s still true: I read a lot more standalones because I’m a contemporary fiction reader, but I’m loving all of the companion series within the contemporary genre these days. That probably accounts for most of the series I read.

Very interesting this year – it looks like I continued series way more than I started or finished them. Last year was nearly a three-way tie between all three categories. I guess that means 2021 involved finishing select series, continuing some, and then beginning some. This year, I continued some of the series I started in 2021, started less of them, and completed a bit more.


This chart makes sense too. I do a lot of contemporary reading and still gravitate towards it the most. I’ve also been acquiring more mystery books compared to any other genres.

Still a similar breakdown here. I’m more likely to acquire egalleys than anything else since I have limited house and shelf space. I still have BOTM and buy books by my favorite authors though.

My digital acquisitions are down 10% compared to last year – probably because I did choose more BOTM selections this year and bought my own books a bit more often.

I think Penguin is usually my number one publisher, followed by Macmillan. Hachette publishes Forever Romance and I read/acquire a ton of books from them so it makes sense that would be in third place here. I request a lot of egalleys from Berkley Publishing within Penguin too.

I definitely need to slow down my review copy requests. There are some older/backlist requests that I still haven’t read because my reading has slowed down so much. Let’s hope I can make that a real goal for this year!

This is a better breakdown – I’ve been buying a bit more books rather than relying on review copies. This also includes library books though.

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