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I loved Jamie’s New to the Queue feature because it highlighted new things she added to her different “to do/ read/ watch/ etc.” lists. This feature on my blog – called On My List – will show off the most recent books, movies, shows, podcasts, recipes, crafts, and other things that have made it onto my to-do list. These are the things I’m hoping to get to in the near future.

I haven’t done one of these in a VERY long time. I won’t feature all of the usual categories outside of reading because I want to focus a lot more on the books I’ve added to my TBR. I have a few categories around this as well since there are backstories to each category (for the most part).

Mystery Books of All Types

I’ve been watching a lot of booktube lately so most recommendations come from people like Meg With Books or Books and Lala. They’re mystery/thriller queens and I’ve decided to follow their advice for the majority of these books on my TBR! A few of these could certainly be in the second category about hype, since they are, but I wanted to keep the mysteries and thrillers separate.

CONFESSIONS // I’ve heard nothing but exceptional things about this book but it took me a really long time to add it to my TBR for some reason. I think I’m intimidated by it, which is kind of silly. I finally took the plunge and even got it out from the library this past month!

WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME // This is another book I avoided for a while and I’m not sure why. I think I read the beginning of the synopsis a few times and didn’t think it sounded up my alley, and then I changed my mind lol. The premise is unique and it seems like it’s universally liked too.

NIGHT FILM // I thought I already had this on my TBR but I think I was mixing it up with TRUE CRIME STORY. Either way, is it obvious by that sentence that I’m super into mixed media mysteries right now? I just posted about some of my favorite mystery/thriller books (both YA and adult) and that’s a clear thread through a lot of books.

THE TWYFORD CODE // Refer back to the previous book. Mixed media mysteries coming right up. I enjoyed THE APPEAL, which I read this year, and hope to get to her next two releases as soon as possible.

EIGHT PERFECT MURDERS // I’ve been curious about Peter Swanson and wanted to read his newest release but it’s gotten horrible reviews lol. I think going back to this one is the right move to start with his work. I also found a used copy when I went on my big book buying trip recently.

WHAT HAVE WE DONE // This is another book that could get moved into another category but I really think it’s time I finally read an Alex Finlay novel. I’ve seen mostly good things but some mixed things too, so I just haven’t taken the plunge. We’ll see where this one lands. I may scope out which book my friends like the most and go from there 😉

MARPLE // I went to a book event down at RJ Julia and decided to snag this book while I was there. I like the occasional anthology and thought some Agatha Christie “retellings” (aka short stories featuring Jane Marple written by amazing authors) would be a good grab. I think I’ll probably read one a week or day and slowly work my way through. I didn’t even hear about this one until I saw it on the shelf and noticed some great names!

Hype Got Me

Along with those two booktubers above, there’s a lot of hype around certain books (below) that I’ve finally decided to give in to. I’m drafting a post about this soon because I’m just finding myself more interested in hyped books than ever before, for some reason?

MARY JANE // This is a super random one but enough booktubers and people online talked about it and I decided to give it a go. I don’t do a lot of historical fiction but the 1960s and 70s are the era I’m most likely to read about. I love the idea of this one now that I’ve finally read the synopsis haha.

SEVEN DAYS IN JUNE // I read the synopsis of this so many times and never pressed “want to read” – I don’t know why! I’ve seen a ton of people love this story and it’s time to make it officially a part of my TBR.

HALF A SOUL // I’m back on my faerie bullshit right now so I couldn’t resist requesting this from the library. I’ve seen pretty positive reviews across the board and started hyping it up for myself. I’m not a big Regency England girlie but the fae elements have me interested.

LEGENDS & LATTES // Yes I too have succumbed to the hype on this one. I enjoy fantasy books but get lost in the world-building and often confused by everything. A high fantasy novel with low stakes sounds right up my alley and I’m intrigued by the fact that people say there’s really no drama or plot haha.

HONEY & SPICE // This book has been recommended by a lot of people I trust so it’s finally on my list!

Brand New or Upcoming Releases

This category doesn’t really need an explanation but I thought I would highlight some new and upcoming (soon-to-be released) books in this section.

THE SOULMATE // This could go in the mystery category above but it’s technically a new release for the US and my BOTM pick for March. I was on the fence about it but rereading the synopsis made me curious. I think it’s more domestic suspense.

IN NIGHTFALL // To be fair, this is not really a new book on my TBR, but I need to highlight everything Suzanne Young does because I love her writing. I never want her to stop writing books. So, here we are with her upcoming release in March!

PARIS // Like many people around my age, I’ve been into Paris Hilton since The Simple Life. I think she’s shown a more soft and vulnerable side lately, which I enjoy and appreciate, so I think I’d give her memoir a try!

PINEAPPLE STREET // I was actually going to skip BOTM for March because I wasn’t super interested in the main titles but seeing this as an add-on pushed me over the edge to grabbing a box. Definitely ready for more rich people drama in my life.

WHAT HAPPENED TO RUTHY RAMIREZ // The premise of this one really intrigued me but I have no idea what to expect from this book. Is it a missing person/true crime story with a literary fiction bent? or vise versa? Who knows, but I’d like to give it a try.

THE GOLDEN SPOON // I’ve been jacked up about this one for a couple of months. I hope it doesn’t suffer from the classic “wow I hyped this up too much for myself” fate but we’ll see. I have a feeling this is a release day B&N trip kind of book!

I HAVE SOME QUESTIONS FOR YOU // I added this one to my TBR a little while ago but decided to add it on to my latest BOTM as well. Looks like an intriguing one! I also hope there’s an audiobook version on Scribd or somewhere soon because I saw Julia Whalen narrates aka my fave.

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