Top Ten Tuesdays #410: Auto-Reads

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Things That Make Me Automatically
Want to Read a Book (Read-Bait!)

Top Ten Tuesdays were started by The Broke and the Bookish and are now hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl, where we make lists of our top ten books (or something else!) based on that week’s prompt. The topics are provided ahead of time and can be found here. Book links bring you to Goodreads or my review.

I’ve written a ton of posts like this that you can find in my Read-Bait series and in various TTTs over the years. I’ve also talked about my auto-buy authors. I won’t reinvent the wheel here too much but these are some worth highlighting now. (I’m super tempted to just paste in my TTT from 2019 about this because it’s a great summary, but instead feel free to check out the link.)


Timey things: parallel worlds/lives/choices, multiverse, Groundhog day

I always include this as the first one on these lists because it’s arguably what I’m most excited to read about. It’s an all-encompassing category (on Goodreads my shelf is “parallel timey type“) to just discuss messing with time. (Time travel is included here although it’s not top-tier like the other ones listed here.) Books that involve parallel universes or the multiverse are some of my favorites. I love when a character makes a decision between two things and the book splits into two different plots to see how the world works for them depending on their choice. Groundhog Day books where the person repeats the same day over and over are always fun, especially because it’s not always the same idea that “breaks the curse” in each book. I’ve talked about this time and time again on the blog because I just love books like these that mess with our universe and time.

Missing person or disappearance

This is primarily (obviously) for mystery/thrillers but I’ve definitely read some more contemporary-leaning ones (like the book shown above). I prefer missing person true crime podcasts above all others because to me, there’s still hope the person will be found and the podcast did some good. I don’t ever listen to “solved” cases because ethically I feel like sharing unsolved cases makes more of a difference. ANYWAYS, missing person books or books about people who have disappeared (in any format or genre) will definitely make it on my TBR list.

Mixed media or epistolary (especially mystery/thrillers with podcasts)

Any books involving letters, emails, text messages, interview or podcast transcripts… these all end up on my TBR. I love mixed media in books because it ends up being a super quick read and very engaging/unique. This is especially true for books that specifically involve true crime podcasts or podcasters. I love reading them. Epistolary definitely can work in multiple genres and I’ve enjoyed plenty of contemporary books with this format too.


I know this is broad and specific at the same time. I’ve been into faeries or fairies since I was a kid. Any book that involves them will likely end up on my list – it could be darker fantasy, light historical fiction, and everything in between. I just love reading books that make me nostalgic for childhood and believing that fae are real.

Stuck in limbo (between life and death, heaven/hell, etc.)

This is fun category that has a few options but usually has to do with the person being kind of stuck between life and death. Not quite in the afterlife yet but also not alive. I enjoy books where the character is floating around, either trying to figure out how they died or trying to help people who are still alive.

Vacation spots: resorts, beach houses, camps, ski resorts, B&Bs

This could be broken in to a few things but I decided to lump it all together. Any book involving a vacation spot will definitely intrigue me enough to put on my TBR. There is nothing better than reading a book on the beach in the summer that’s set in a cute beach town or resort. I love summer camp books – these are geared more YA so I haven’t read them as much lately but still tend to gravitate toward them. On the flip side seasonally, I really love books set at ski resorts and cute winter towns too. Holiday books in an adorable small town with a decked out Christmassy main street? Sign me up. Bed and breakfasts, family lake or beach houses, hotels on the water…  I want all of them.

Boarding school (and sometimes college)

This goes back to my young adult/teen days when I read super long mystery series set at boarding school. Literally any book in this setting will end up on my TBR immediately. I just love the fact that everyone is stuck together in one place, living and going to class and eating together. These are fun contemporary books but also make for great mysteries, especially if there are creepy old buildings or dark secrets being hidden.

Small town romance companion series

This probably doesn’t surprise anyone reading this lol I love me a small town romance companion series! I’ve talked about this *endlessly* on the blog so I won’t bore you again here. Love getting to know the townspeople, exploring main street, and learning each businessowner that may have their own story.

Carnivals or circuses

The final two categories on here are probably the ones I’ve read the least amount of books about because they’re a bit more specific, but again – still end up on my TBR! I love reading books set in carnivals or circuses, especially if/when there’s some kind of magic involved!

Winning the lottery (or rich people drama)

And finally – clearly I just like books involving obscene amounts of money. I’ve always loved reading about rich people or teens and their drama (seriously – I read and loved The Clique in middle school). “Rich people drama” books are definitely read-bait for me usually, but books where the MC wins the lottery? Even more so. I love imagining that I could win someday and what I would do if I were in their shoes.

12 responses to “Top Ten Tuesdays #410: Auto-Reads

  1. I love epistolary and mixed media books too. I’m more likely to try reading out of my comfort zone if I hear either of those are present. I don’t read a lot of mystery/thrillers but I’m willing to try them whenever I hear something like that is present.

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