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Lots of lifestyle bloggers share posts about things they’re currently up to: things they’re feeling, stuff they’re working on, and even what music they’re listening to at the moment. (I also love the “what I’m doing now” tag on Instagram!) I’m taking a cue from them and giving you a slice of my life.


anticipatingmy pedicure after work. It’s not exactly NEEDED or anything, because my previous one from a few months ago is actually in good shape… But I just really need the massage chair. I won’t lie, I would literally sit in that chair all day instead of even get anything done to my toes/legs.

doingnot any work, that’s for sure. We have so many things in process right now and it’s not leaving me with a lot of actual THINGS to do at work. Since I’m a recruiter, we do a lot of waiting around for people to respond to us, companies to give us feedback, and interviews to happen. I’m definitely in a spot right now where I can do nothing but wait.

drinkingraspberry lemonade. I love this shit. Simply Lemonade makes the best drinks and their raspberry kind is the absolute best. I bought a container to leave in the fridge at work for the next week or two!

eatingChinese food. My friend and I met up for lunch at the Chinese restaurant down the road. We had to discuss some Jack & Jill plans for my friend’s wedding coming up! We surprisingly don’t have a lot of work to do for it, but it was fun to get lunch with her and chit chat about everything.

feelingsleeeeepy. I’ve been doing an okay job of going to bad at a reasonable hour, but some books are keeping me up reading kind of late! I think I’m mostly tired from staring at the computer screen all day but I can probably blame it a little bit on the fact that reading > sleeping.

lovingmy Goodreads reading challenge progress. I shared a tweet this morning that showed that I was 5 books ahead on my GR goal. Wooo! …Then an hour later, I finished another book at my desk (whoops). So, at the time of this post, I’m feeling pretty good about being 6 books ahead. It gives me a lot of wiggle room that will probably continue throughout the rest of the year. I’ve been hoping to get ahead so I can spend time watching some of my shows instead of reading. I do have a few ARC tour books due to be sent out within the next week though, so I won’t be able to utilize that extra wiggle room for another week or so…


my new planner (tonight)! I got a Day Designer from Target and am SO excited. I really liked the Erin Condren but it wasn’t exactly working for me. I never was in the mood to fill it out for some reason and it’s REALLY thick. I started to use that one for blog and book planning – just marking when I start/finish books and will wrote posts/reviews. My Day Designer will definitely get highlighted on Instagram at some point tonight, because it’s SO CUTE.

planningvacation time! My boss made us all take out our calendars during today’s meeting in order to figure out when we all need vacation time between now and the end of the year. I’m usually the one who saves things for the last minute, so I told them I need more time to think on it!

readingTwo Truths and a Lie by Sara Shepard, covertly at my desk. I finished Never Have I Ever right at the start of work and haven’t been able to stop reading the rest of this series! I’ve been mixing the audio with the eBooks on Scribd and it’s been pretty fucking excellent.

swooningover Matt McGorry is. But seriously, this post on Buzzfeed is making me love him even more. His views on women’s rights just make my ovaries explode in the best way possible. It’s also making me want to binge the rest of season three so I can see his cute face!

tryingto better organize my books and reading stats. I started following a blog with a lot of great spreadsheet resources. I used the 2015 Books one to start organizing a little better. I had made my own sheet up, but it’s pretty awful and doesn’t give me any stats. This one is fully loaded and I spent an afternoon filling in all of the books I’ve read so far this year. Some of my stats are interesting! Like, I’ve only read ONE book by a male author so far this year…

watchingArrested Development. Well, not right now. Chris and I are watching it at night before bed. It’s a rewatch for me and the first time for Chris. This show is so perfect; you don’t realize how many jokes pass you by the first time around! Absolutely the best.

wearinga very black and white outfit with a maxi skirt. I used to be obsessed with matching… like way too much. This outfit feels like my old days: black tank top, white sweater, black and white tribal print maxi skirt, and black and white beaded sandals. Lauren from 7th grade would be proud AF.

want to make your own

Feel free to link up and write your own posts whenever you want, if you’re feeling inspired! Most of my posts will only feature the categories that are currently applicable in my life, so here’s the full list that I came up with:

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  1. I love reading these posts, and it always makes me want to do this myself! I might have to one of these days — it’s such a nice, quick snapshot into what’s going on in your life. Yay for being ahead of your Goodreads Challenge and for finding a planner that works for you! You know I love hearing that 😉

    Hannah @ So Obsessed With recently posted: July 2015: Recap + On My Shelves

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