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I couldn’t resist signing up for this one when I saw it! I love creeping on other people’s shelves. I have to admit, mine aren’t as great as they could be. I plan on making a library the second I get a house instead of an apartment. As of right now, my books are kind of all over the place… with a bit of organization. Regardless, I hope you enjoy them! Be sure to check out everyone else on the hop at the bottom too.

entertainment centerWe have shelf cubes in our entertainment center, with the TV in the center. We have 15 cubes and split them up between Chris and I. My books are in some and his Lego things are in the others! This entertainment center is mostly for holding my pretty books or the ones I want to display!

1 2(1) Favorites | I keep some of my all-time favorites (that I own physical copies of) right here. I know this shelf will continue to expand and I’ll be moving them again, but this works for now.

(2) Series | These are all series that I’ve read and enjoyed. Paperbacks only.

(3) Nonfiction | My collection of 3 4humor or nonfiction books goes here. I don’t have too many of them in general, but I keep them next to my little football glass I made at a pottery place. It also stores bookmarks.

(4) Paperbacks | Some of my newer paperbacks are on this shelf. I’ve only read one of these so far actually! Yikes.

(5) Harry Potter | I 5 6 had been pining over that HP boxed set for a while and decided to just go for it a few months ago. I also have my new HP coloring book, Funko Pop, and a few Lego Harry Potter things.

(6) Friends | I know this isn’t a bookish shelf, but I have to show off my new boxed set. Chris got 7 8it for me when I wore the discs out on my old one. Awkward.

(7) Hardcovers | A few pretty newer hardcovers have a home here. I’ve read a few of them but most are still on my TBR because I’m terrible.

(8) Black & white | I tried to be a bit more decorative with this shelf by choosing only black and white books.
standalone shelfThis one is my biggest bookshelf in the apartment. I still have so many books at my parents’ houses, so my collection is so much smaller here. Regardless, I got this shelf at Ikea on sale and it’s excellent. I also keep a little stack of books that haven’t found a home yet. This is mostly some of the newer books I’ve gotten as well as ARCs from BEA.9 10

11 12 13(11) Chris’s shelf | I let Chris have one shelf for his books, hehe. He keeps his Lego Campervan up here as well as a few other Lego items. His books are mostly humor (Jackass, Captain Underpants, etc.) and a few others. He never reads physical books but he does do audiobooks while he’s working. I should really move some more books onto this shelf but I don’t want to disturb one of his favorite Lego sets…

(12) Nonfiction & others | I keep my college yearbook and some other random, bigger books on this one. I have nonfiction books involving consulting, women artists, humor, and feminism on this shelf too. There’s also a few pictures of Chris and I – one from a trip to Boston for his 21st birthday and another from my college Senior Ball. AND a few Panthers minifigures 🙂

(13) Mostly adult fiction | I tried to keep all of my women’s fiction books on one shelf. I haven’t read most of them (and there are a few non-adult books on here as well). These are all so pretty and I liked alternating some of the stacking. Chris made this shark at the paint-your-own-pottery place that I made my football glass at. I also have a photo of us from a restaurant during one of our first dates, and a little jar of flowers.

(14) Paperbacks & graphic novels | Thi14 15s shelf has older paperbacks, some from before I started blogging. I don’t think I’ve read any of these (whoops). I also have my random Six of Crows ARC here because it’s signed and I have no idea what else to do with it, besides keep it safe from all of the BEA ARCs on the floor. I also have a stack of some graphic novels on this shelf – all 5 Saga comics as well as two others. I bought that little heart marquee at Target a few weeks ago and it’s right in front of the TBR jar I never use. Plus a random picture of Chris and I eating cake in Maine lol.

(15) Older books already read | Finally a shelf with books I’ve read, eh? Most of them are kind of older or from my pre-blogging days, I think. They’re not the prettiest so I have a few things covering them. One is a little drawing we had made from our trip to Boston (mentioned above). Another is a mermaid print thing that we got at a craft fair last year. Underneath this bookshelf are a few random books I bought at the Book Barn that haven’t really found a home yet.

tall shelvesWe have a DVD rack on the small wall in the living room, with two white bookshelves flanking it. Chris got these for his shoes when he was still living at home, but they work a bit better for my books. There are some random stuffed animals and Lego guys on there too.16 17 18 19 2021 22 2324

(17) Some series | I have the first few Burn for Burn books on this shelf, as well as the Precious Stone trilogy, The Program, and the first Queen of the Tearling book. Kind of a random one, but oh well. I also have a coconut with the Panthers logo painted on it that my mom brought back for me from Key West.

(18) New paperbacks | I’ve read most of these but a few are on my TBR. Honestly these white shelves are more random than the rest, but they get the job done.

(19) Sarah Dessen and Miranda Kenneally | A few of my older Sarah Dessen books plus all of Miranda Kenneally’s books. (And a couple more random ones!)

(20) ARCs | Pretty self-explanatory, eh?

(21) Fantasy | A lot of random fantasy and paranormal books are housed here. I’ve read two of them lol. Plus my Pooh that Chris won for me at a fair! On top of this shelf is a cute sign my friend got me for my birthday. Chris also made a Lego vignette for me. It’s me sitting in a library, reading a book with a coffee in my hand. I love it so much.

(22) Paperbacks | Yet another random shelf with paperbacks. This is where I keep my John Green books.

(23) Seasonal | My Christmas books (plus one summery trilogy) is kept here. Some of my smaller paperback books that I’ve owned for a looong time are here too. You can tell that they’re older because they’re short and fat!

(24) Borrowed and/or older | I still am holding on to my sister’s Percy Jackson books. She’s a big rereader so I’m surprised she hasn’t bugged me to get those back sooner! I also have my Kate Brian books and a couple I won in a giveaway. The stuffed animal is from a trip to the zoo that Chris and I took.

Those are my shelves, folks! What do you think? I know the organization is not the best but hey, they do the job!

giveawayI wanted to give away something based on the books I own, but didn’t want to give away a used book… or one that I love and have no reason to part with! For this giveaway (US ONLY), you can take a peek at my shelves and choose a book based on what I own. I’ll buy you a new copy of that book and send it your way. If for some reason you can’t see all the books or would like a written list, you can check out my “own physical” shelf on Goodreads! That’s also fair game.

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38 responses to “#TheShelfieHop + Giveaway

  1. Wow. That’s a lot of books! I am not really a collector of actual books. I use the library a lot and when I buy books, they’re usually Kindle versions. I only have 2 shelves of books (not bookshelves, just 2 shelves on one bookshelf). I have then arranged by author and by size, so they look nice. 🙂

    Kate @ Mom's Radius recently posted: Book Review: Winter (YA) & Giveaway!
  2. Cali W.

    Thanks for the giveaway! I love your shelves and the mermaid print! I love mermaids. I would pick Wither by Lauren D. 😉

  3. Alisha Sienkiel

    I like how you categorized your books and I really like those tall thin white bookshelves! I might be able to fit another bookshelf in my room if they were skinny like that. lol

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