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I’ve chatted before about some of my favorite places to read (please ignore the utterly terrible graphics from my early days! Good god.) Today I’ll be sharing a little update to that post featuring a few Instagram pictures over the years. I’m highlighting my favorite places to read during the summertime, because there’s nothing better than reading outside! Check out some of my pictures and let me know where YOU like to read during the summer!summer reading spots


Chris’s parents have a gorgeous pool at their house and I spend a LOT of time reading there and floating around. I grew up reading in the pool with my mom every summer, so I’m experienced at not getting my book wet! I like to lounge on a float and read, but sometimes I walk around inside the pool with book above water.

#Sunday ??☀️

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Let’s see how many of these I can read while floating around the pool all day ☀️? #15beautifuldays

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We moved out of our old apartment because I needed a porch to read on. I love having the ability to go outside and sit in the (mostly) shade. I always have some kind of coffee or alcoholic beverage out there too 😉  There’s just nothing better than reading on the porch. I just wish we had more comfortable chairs!

The hype is real for this one. I’m ready… I think. #boutofbooks #holdontosummer

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While I’m not really a fan of the beach in general, I love reading on my towel in the shade. It’s not super comfortable but it’s my favorite place to be if I have to go there. When I’d go to Maine each summer with my family, I’d always end up sitting under the canopy and just reading for hours.

Beach read ☀️?

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Happy happy happy.

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Library Grass

The town library is about two seconds away from my work, so I tend to read there during my lunch breaks (if I don’t have errands to run!). I found a nice shady section to sit on the grass. Once I sat at the picnic table and got paint all over my dress, soooo you can understand why I switched to the grass.

Another lunch break in the sun, featuring HISTORY IS ALL YOU LEFT ME and a chicken caesar salad ?

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Lunch reads outside at the library ?? starting yet another book because apparently three isn’t enough to be reading at one time

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Land Preserve

There’s a land preserve and little hiking trail also near my office… with a picnic table that DOESN’T get paint on your clothes. I have a tendency of bringing my lunch and/or a smoothie or iced coffee there. It’s a really pretty view and is one of the times I don’t mind living in Connecticut!

My favorite kind of lunch break ☀️

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Late lunch with my book, a smoothie, and Lego Harry Potter bookmark ? #LOVEmyDQ

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I’m allowing myself a Chicken Bacon Ranch and blueberry iced coffee because its Friday. #lunchbreak

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Even though it’s summertime, it’s still a weekend ritual for me to take a bath. Sometimes I’ll watch Netflix on my iPad in the water, but most of the time I bring a book in there. I love bath bombs and bubbles, so I always make sure to have those on hand! Reading in the tub is just a nice, relaxing way to hang out on a Saturday or Sunday morning.


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Skate Park

Chris loves to skate… and I love watching skateboarders! If I had a “type,” skaters would be it. I usually go to the park with him and sit on the top of the mini ramp with my book. If more people are there I’ll sit on the decrepit bench on the side near the garbage. *eye roll emoji*  Needless to say, I prefer when we’re alone in the park! It’s nice to spend time together but do different hobbies simultaneously.

Watching Chris skate while I read Fables Vol. 2 and eat Sour Patch Watermelons ?

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Where do you like to read in the summer??

24 responses to “Reading in the Summer

  1. Fun! I love all these pictures. I like reading on our back deck. And reading in my car in the work parking lot with the windows down. We don’t have any comfortable outdoor spots at my current job, but I start a new job next month, so fingers crossed that they have grass or tables that I can read on/at. 🙂

  2. I am so very jealous of your porch! I’ve ALWAYS wanted one! Andrew’s parents have a porch and I told him early on that we NEED one when we buy a house because we have to grow old reading there in the morning (his response was that by that point in the future he’s going to be deeply involved in some really advanced video game but he’ll sit outside next to me if I want lol). And that pool looks incredible!!! Also I was so curious to look at your “bad” graphics since you’re site is probably my favorite aesthetically of all the blogs I follow and it still looked wonderful<3

    • Hahaha, I love that! Chris tends to sit inside playing video games as I read too 😉 Porches are such a must-have though!

      I LOVE THEIR POOL. We try to go at least weekly during the summer haha.

      Awww thank you that means so much!! <333

  3. I’m in agreement with Kristin – I’m very jealous of your porch! It’s something I’ve always dreamed of having one in my future home, along with a reading nook by a window. Those are the two spots I DREAM of reading by, and I’m determined to have them one day. I’m also wishing I were much closer to a pool and a beach; it would be lovely to get some reading done out in the sunshine!

  4. Wow, that pool looks so gorgeous! I think it’d be fun to read by a pool, I’ve only ever listened to music in the shade. It’s cool that you grew up reading in pools, I’m a bit of a klutz, so I would probably drop my book in the water and cry. Lol.

    I have been thinking about how it would be nice to read outside on the porch. Unfortunately there’s no good chairs out there, sad! Drinks are of course a must.

    Aw, it sounds like fun to read outside at the beach and by the library too.

    The thought of reading a book while in a bathtub sounds so alarming to me! I’d like to watch Netflix while in there (or a shower), but gah, I’d drop my iPod and scream, then cry.

    I really love all of your reading spots! I never have any good spots to read, so I’m typically just in my house. I’d love to read on a nice porch or on a balcony or by a pool though.

    Also, fantastic pictures! I need to see if I follow you on Instagram now.

    • Haha thank you!!

      I am surprisingly good with reading in and around water.. it’s taken lots of practice haha. I do it ALL the time and really have since I was a kid. I got that from my mom. I’m pretty sure she’s dropped maybe 2 or 3 in the water in her 50+ year lifetime, so that’s not terrible odds hahah

  5. That pool looks really summer-y! And your work has really near reading-appropriate places, I’d spend my time reading too if I work there xD I always afraid I’d drop my book if I read in the bathtub… My friend dropped his phone once :/ I think my bedroom and porch will always be my favorite place to read<33

  6. I love reading by the pool, but today, I mayyyyy have gotten my book wet. Only a little of it though, so it’s okay hahahha.

    I’m also jealous of all your Dunkin Donuts coffees 🙂

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