February Netflix and Books Challenge Check-In

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Erica and I introduced our Netflix and Books Challenge for 2017 as a way of making progress on books we want to read and TV shows we want to watch. The TBR lists were chosen by matching books up to various TV shows based on characters, plots, etc. You can learn all about the challenge and join in anytime here! Don’t forget, you can also still participate in our Netflix and Books Tag that we debuted in 2016; it’ll give you some points in this challenge too!

Reading Progress

I’m glad I managed to finish two more books so quickly! I’m now 1/3 of the way through the book portion of this challenge. Three more of the books haven’t been released yet, so they’re delayed regardless. The final three books here include two rereads and one already published book. I won’t be too mad if I don’t finish one next month because I’m already ahead!

Completed books so far:


Take the Key and Lock Her Up (Embassy Row, #3) Will & Grace Poster

Book main character has the same
name as a TV show MC:

Book: Take the Key & Lock Her Up
TV Show: Will & Grace
Connection: MC named Grace


Fireworks Fresh Off the Boat Poster

Book has the same (not today)
time period as a TV show:

Book: Fireworks
TV Show: Fresh off the Boat
Connection: 1990s Orlando, FL

Image result 

Book and show have bad ratings but you’re still interested:

Book: Reunion
Show: Divorce
Connection: 3.33 rating, 5/10 rating

Still to read:

Royce Rolls Keeping Up with the Kardashians Poster

Book has the same trope as a TV show: 

Book: Royce Rolls
TV show: KUWTK
Connection: reality TV/ rich people

The Great Gatsby Gilmore Girls Poster

Book title is mentioned in a TV show:

Book: The Great Gatsby
TV show: Gilmore Girls
Connection: mentioned in it

The Fallen Kingdom (The Falconer, #3) The 10th Kingdom Poster

Book title has a common word as a TV show title:

Book: The Fallen Kingdom
TV Show: The 10th Kingdom
Connection: both have “kingdom”

Truly, Madly, Famously (Famous in Love, #2) Famous in Love Poster

Book inspired a TV show:

Book: Truly Madly Famously
TV Show: Famous in Love
Connection: book series → TV show

Always and Forever, Lara Jean (To All the Boys I've Loved Before, #3) Finding Carter Poster

Book had same setting as a TV show:

Book: Always & Forever, Lara Jean
TV Show: Finding Carter
Connection: take place in Virginia

Gossip Girl (Gossip Girl, #1) 

Book has a spin-off and the TV show has a spin-off:

Book: Gossip Girl
Show: Degrassi
Connection: spin-offs for both

TV Watching Progress

Dang. I’m terrible. I have no idea if and when I’ll get to some of these shows! I know Chris and I will likely focus on finishing off Community and catching up on Atlanta once we’re doing binge-watching Shameless. I need to work on Sailor Moon and Bob’s Burgers! I’m on the fence about actually watching Parenthood, to be honest. I think if I push past the pilot I might like it, but we’ll see.

From the TBW list:

Community Poster

Season 6

No progress

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon poster

Sailor Moon
Seasons 2-5

No progress

Friday Night Lights Poster

Fri. Night Lights
Seasons 2-5

No progress

Parenthood Poster

Seasons 1-6

No progress

Bob's Burgers Poster

Bob’s Burgers
Seasons 1-7

A few episodes

Atlanta poster

Season 1

No progress

Other shows watched:

We’re pretty much only watching Shameless at this point, with the occasional episode of Workaholics or The Mick thrown in as they air. Chris has wanted to take it a little slower with Shameless so we can stretch it out more, so we’ll see how many other shows we end up squeezing in during upcoming months. I also binged the first four episodes of Riverdale to catch up to them as they air.

Shameless Poster Riverdale Poster The Mick Poster Workaholics Poster Devious Maids Poster

Shameless | Finished seasons 2, 3, and 4 in February
Riverdale | Started season 1, still in progress
The Mick | Started season 1, still in progress
Workaholics | Final season in progress 🙁 wahhh
Devious Maids | Finished season 4, show complete

My point totals:

Read Fireworks
336 pages = 30 points

Read Reunion
288 pages = 20 points

Finished 3 seasons of Shameless 
60+ minute show = 20 points per season = 60 points

Finished final season of Devious Maids
60+ minute show = 20 points per season = 20 points
Finished series = 50 points

Total points for February: 180
Total points so far: 450

February Link-Up and Check-In

Regardless of your level of participation, join in the linky below! Tell us your progress for the challenge. How many points did you end up with so far, competitive people!? Tell us in the comments too!

6 responses to “February Netflix and Books Challenge Check-In

  1. Go, Lauren! Props to you on your progress so far. 🙂 I had no idea Fireworks was set in the 90’s– I’m super inclined to read it now. I love Atlanta so much (the city and the show, haha)– I hope you get to catch up soon!

  2. Oh, fun challenge! I’m so bad when it come to TV shows. I need to get caught up on this season of The Flash. I love Shameless, but I’ve never watched a full season. I should really do that sometime, but there are so many already, I get intimidated! haa


  3. Yay Lauren! I think you’re making great progress! It’s definitely easier to fit books in than whole seasons of tv shows so I get the struggle. You’ll catch up 🙂 I’m shocked that I’m caught up on 5 currently airing tv shows, that is so rare for me. I’m always behind haha! This challenge is so cool, I like seeing your progress.

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