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Image result for goodreads logoLike the vast majority of bloggers I know, I LOVE Goodreads. I don’t think I’ve really ever sat here and explained why though. A while back Kate posted a list about this and I was inspired… then kept a post sitting in my drafts for months. I wanted to revisit it today because I wrote a few Goodreads-related posts back in January that people seemed to like, about how I get ahead on my goal for the year and why I reduce that goal each year.

Reasons I’m Addicted to Goodreads
100% bookish things all the time

This is definitely the biggest factor for me. I love other social networks for various reasons, but I can get bogged down and distracted very easily. I need to find a better way to balance staying up-to-date on current events and maintaining self-care. In any case, when I need to avoid other social network sites (like Twitter and Facebook when I team I absolutely despise wins the Super Bowl and countless fake fans in my region take to the internet to celebrate), I know I can stay in a happy bookish bubble on Goodreads. I still feel connected to my bloggers and reader-friends, but I won’t see things that will annoy me when I choose to avoid them.

Adding books to my TBR and other shelves

Keeping track of books is the sole purpose of Goodreads, really, aside from connecting with other book lovers. I aggressively use their shelving system to track books I want to read or have read. I love keeping track of everything I read and everything I want to read in one place. I keep up with new releases and upcoming releases. My shelving process helps me with TTT posts because I can categorize them based on things that are important to me. I can move books I plan on reading soon to my “up next” TBR so I don’t forget. There are countless ways to use Goodreads to organize your reading throughout all stages of the book finding, buying, reading, and reviewing process.

Keeping track of covers I love

This goes without saying probably. Because I love book covers so much, my “cover love” shelf helps me keep track of all of those. I have so many cover-related features on my blog that I always need easy access to a list of my favorite book covers. Having them all in one spot to feature makes my life so much easier. Again, this really wouldn’t be possible or easily accessible without Goodreads.

The process of updating statuses and writing reviews

I have to say, I love reading books and updating progress on Goodreads. It’s become a key part of my reading process. It feels really weird to read something and not change my progress/status when I put the book down to do something else. I don’t write full reviews on Goodreads but I like that I can share my gut, instant reaction on there when I finish. It’s the first place I go when I complete a book because I need to pour my immediate thoughts somewhere. I’ll never wait until later that day or the next morning. This process really helps me remember what to include in my full-length blog review too.

Goodreads Challenge

The one challenge that most bloggers participate in is the Goodreads challenge. You know that I always participate in a lot more reading challenges than just this one, but this is the largest one that guides my reading. Having a set goal number of books to read is really important for me, for some reason. I never used to quantify my reading in the pre-blogging days. I used Goodreads in college when I was barely reading, but I never participated in challenges like this. I love seeing my progress and “4 books ahead” throughout the year. It makes me feel like I’m really accomplishing my goals!

Reading other ratings and reviews

There’s nothing better than seeing a random book in the bookstore and quickly checking Goodreads for reviews. I sometimes miss certain releases that flew under the radar, so I like checking to see if any friends and bloggers read the book in question. I have their recommendations in my pocket every time I browse the store… literally! Aside from those reviews, I like reading other users’ status updates too. Knowing what my friends are reading all the time is awesome. I can comment on their status to share my thoughts too or even just say “omg DM me when you finish!” because I loved/hated the book too. It really creates even more interaction than just using blog commenting. I can get real-time updates and mini reviews via status updates, which help me decide which books to prioritize or take off my TBR.

Do you use Goodreads obsessively like me?
What are your favorite aspects?

21 responses to “Why I Love Goodreads

  1. I’m also a huge fan of goodreads! A lot of YouTubers have recently talked about how they dislike it and don’t want to use it anymore and I’m just completely on the opposite side of that spectrum. It’s the perfect place to discover new stories, keep track of new releases, see what your friends are reading and if they’re enjoying it and to keep track of your own personal reading stats! In fact, I just got my copy of Cure for the Common Breakup in the mail on Wednesday after seeing you post about it and loving the cover!

    • Exactly!! I honestly have no idea how I could blog or read without it at this point haha. It’s my favorite social media site most of the time!

      Eeeek I’m so glad you got it! I’m loving the series and binging all of them right now 🙂

  2. I think 90% of my time spent online is spent on Goodreads. It’s definitely where I get most of my book news from and I love that I can organize and keep track pretty effortlessly. And of course, I love discovering/stalking what my friends are reading so I can bother them with spoilers and flails!

  3. I also adore Goodreads! It’s wonderful to have one spot to keep track of nearly every aspect of my reading, as well as keep up with all kinds of book news! Reading ratings and reviews is definitely my favorite part of using Goodreads– it’s saved me from many an impulse buy when I see a gorgeous cover in a bookstore. Speaking of which, I love that you have a shelf for covers you love!

  4. Goodreads is my Facebook! I have pretty much no presence in Facebook but I’ve found I share even real-life things on Goodreads.
    I also really love it for the groups. Although I barely ever participate anymore, cause MOAR TIME PLS, but groups are totally awesome, if not even for discussion – then for their incredible choices of books that I would have never found any other way!

  5. I spend WAY too much time on Goodreads, and hardly any time on any other social media sites. But I still get distracted there! Because BOOKS! And people reading books! And reviewing books. And talking about books. And wanting to read books. And, and, and, lol.

    Great post!

  6. I remember a few years ago when bloggers got mad at Goodreads about something (I can’t remember what?? Maybe it was when Amazon bought them?? Maybe it was something to do with deleting reviews?)– anyway, I was like WHAT?? NO! I can’t blog without Goodreads, I just can’t. It keeps track of all my books and keeps me in the know about new books better than any other medium. AND it’s the thing that got me in to blogging in the first place! Just– GOODREADS FOREVER!!

  7. Goodreads makes my heart happy! I love keeping track of the books I read. I also use it at work sometimes when a patron is looking for a certain book and all of a sudden I can’t remember a single title on my own. haha If only Goodreads had a half star rating. 😉

  8. I don’t post full reviews on goodreads but like you, I love keeping track of new releases, new books by my favorite authors or just simply discovering new great authors. If someone mentions a book I can quickly find out what book she or he is talking about. Plus, a place where I can meet new readers/bloggers. 😀

  9. I love Goodreads so so soooo much! I couldn’t blog without it! Even though I started blogging before I had a Goodreads account lol. It wasn’t very popular back then. Shelfari was the thing, but Goodreads was much more streamlined and user friendly. I never looked back after I switched.

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