Top Ten Tuesdays #169: Old TBR

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Books from Way Back on my Goodreads TBR
that I STILL Haven’t Read Somehow

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I’m sure I’ve discussed this a few times in the past, but it’s always good to come back and remind myself! I think about the books I couldn’t wait for and HAD to buy but didn’t read right away ALL THE TIME. I’m not including purchased books because I have definitely purged a lot recently; I’ll just be using my Goodreads TBR today. I started my Goodreads account in 2010, so some of the earliest books are from back then.

The Secret (The Secret, #1)  Perfect Mistake (Privilege, #3)  Ominous (Private, #13)  The Diviners (The Diviners, #1)  3 Willows: The Sisterhood Grows

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne | Added to Goodreads: September 2010

My friend’s mom told me about this book back in the day and if I’m being honest, I think it’s the reason I even made a Goodreads account?? I remember that I didn’t want to forget the title so I was looking up book tracking sites, and Goodreads popped up. It’s the first book I ever added to my TBR on there. I own a copy, I think, but I haven’t read the whole thing.

Perfect Mistake & Ominous by Kate Brian | Added to Goodreads: September 2010

Kate Brian was my number one back in the day, and I still read her books (and the alias Kieran Scott). I still need to finish two of her series: Private and Privilege. These books were added back in 2010 to track the series as I was reading both of them, since one is a spin-off of the other.

The Diviners by Libba Bray | Added to Goodreads: September 2010

I think this is the first book I ever added before it was published. I loved the Gemma Doyle books in high school (right before I made my Goodreads account), so I must have looked up her books on Goodreads to add them to my TBR. This was two years before the book was published! It looks like I had bloggy habits before I even had a blog… or thought of making one!

3 Willows by Ann Brashares | Added to Goodreads: September 2010

I clearly did the same thing with Ann Brashares that I did with Libba Bray. I added this book to my TBR by seeing what other books a favorite author had out there. I don’t know that I’ll ever read this one because I’ve lost interest, but it’s still on here for some reason. I liked SISTERHOOD obviously but meh.

  Where'd You Go, Bernadette  Vampire Academy (Vampire Academy #1)  The Rosie Project (Don Tillman, #1)  Dangerous Girls  The Museum of Intangible Things

Where’d You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple | Added to Goodreads: March 2014

I jump ahead FOUR years because clearly I forgot Goodreads was a thing? I remember being in a bookstore, being intrigued by this book, and probably remembered GR right away. I added it and still haven’t read it. I think I probably will someday (isn’t it becoming a movie?).

Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead | Added to Goodreads: April 2014

I feel like this is one of those books I saw in B&N as well and decided to remember it. I liked TWILIGHT enough and maybe thought more vampires could be fun. I think a lot of people love this series and maybe it holds up, so I’ll probably do a binge of it at some point in my life.

The Rosie Project by Graeme Simson | Added to Goodreads: May 2014

I definitely want to read this one. I saw some buzz on Goodreads or something and bought the ebook forever ago. I think this might be a movie at some point too? It’s not exactly a book for me, I’d say, but so many people loved it that I would have to give it a try. It seems like a cute concept though.

Dangerous Girls by Abigail Haas | Added to Goodreads: May 2014

I don’t remember the circumstances for adding this one – probably read a Pinterest article about upcoming YA books, since it was around the same time as the book below – and added it to my TBR. I ended up reading DANGEROUS BOYS before GIRLS, so here it remains on my TBR. I liked BOYS and I’ve heard quite a few people enjoyed this one even more. I own it too.

The Museum of Intangible Things by Wendy Wunder | Added to Goodreads: May 2014

I definitely remember there being some kind of list on Pinterest about books to read over the summer, and this was on it. I recently got a paperback of it too; I think it was on sale and I thought the new cover was kinda cute. I will totally read this when I’m in the mood and have my full library back together. Now, it’s hard to imagine getting a book list from Pinterest!

6 responses to “Top Ten Tuesdays #169: Old TBR

  1. Lauren, Dangerous Girls is right up your alley! You definitely need to read it.
    VA too! It’s a series that only got better for me.
    The Diviners is on my list too! Just thinking about all the books I want to read makes me want to go weep in a corner. I’ll never catch up.

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