Top Ten Tuesdays #226: Sequels

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Standalone Books That Need a Sequel
(or Full Series or Companion Novels)

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I’m always the kind of person who asks for MORE books in certain worlds (even contemporary worlds). I love sequels. I love companions where previous side characters become main characters. (Hello, Hundred Oaks!) I love reading a million books set in the same universe even if they’re not fully connected to each other in an actual sequel. (The Grishaverse is obviously the best example of this!) I didn’t want to make this about books that were supposed to get a sequel but it didn’t end up happening… but EFF IT, some will be that scenario. I also wrote a TTT a long time ago about characters I’d like to check in with, so you better believe I’d love some sequels for those books! (The best part of reading that post from 2015 is seeing that I DID get a sequel to 99 Days!)

The Heiresses  

The Heiresses by Shepard | Sequel/full series | I know this book was supposed to be a series-starter, but it never got picked up for some reason. There were recent rumors of a TV show in development but those may have stalled too. This book had an OKAY ending if there isn’t a sequel, but there were some cliffhanger-y bits that would have been nice to resolve.

Princess of Thorns by Jay | Sequel/full series | SIGH. I’m still so bitter about this one, guys. After all of the Kickstarter drama for a sequel, the author didn’t end up writing any more books… period. I really, really am sad about this, because this was such a promising potential series!!

The Last Summer of the Garrett Girls by Spotswood | Companion novels | I LOVED this small town setting and would read a million books about different characters from the town or high school. I wouldn’t love a direct sequel because I feel good about where the Garrett girls were, but I’d love to read more in this setting, a la Hundred Oaks.


Small Town Hearts by Vale | Companion novels | Like many books on this list, I’d love companion books set in Oar’s Rest. This tiny coastal Maine town was incredibly charming (albeit a little unrealistic!). I would definitely read about other recent grads spending their last summer there before college.

Love a la Mode by Strohm | Companion novels | This book reminded me a lot of the ANNA/LOLA/ISLA companion series, so I have to say – I’d love more books set in this cute French cooking school! There were so many wonderful side characters introduced and it would be amazing to see a certain cute famous boy get some love.

Dating Disasters of Emma Nash by Seager | Sequel | I’m reminded of the CHLOE SNOW series with this one. It makes me want to read a little bit of each year of Emma Nash’s high school years! Books in this kind of diary format, or “slice of life” books, always get stuck in my head. What happens next year?! What other dating disasters will we see?

Stay Sweet by Vivian | Companion novels | This picturesque lake town with the cutest ice cream shop in the world definitely needs more books. Let me read about the other girls who come up and work for Meade Creamery. Of course, I’d also be able to see how our girl is doing too 😉

  The Unlikelies

Emmy & Oliver by Benway | Companion novels | I loved this so much. I remember enjoying the side characters, Caro and Drew, quite a bit throughout the story, so I’d be curious to (a) read about them maybe and (b) check in on Emmy and Oliver after a while!

Alex, Approximately by Bennett | Companion novels | This is another one where the side characters (like Baily’s new friend, Grace, from the museum) stole my heart a little bit. I’d love to read more books about the employees of this incredibly unique museum in ANOTHER adorable coastal town (this time in California). I tend to fall in love with settings, as you can tell!

The Unlikelies by Firestone | Sequel/full series | When I finished this book, I definitely thought about how much I’d enjoy reading more adventures of the Unlikelies. They were small town superheros doing good deeds and the book was pretty heartwarming. I could definitely go for a sequel or series!

13 responses to “Top Ten Tuesdays #226: Sequels

  1. I almost put Emmy & Oliver on my list!!! I would love a sequel with the side characters. Also, I am running to put DATING DISASTERS on my TBR. Chloe Snow was an instant favorite for me– her voice was something I’d been missing in my reading life since the Ruby Oliver books.

    Great list!!

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