Top Ten Tuesdays #256: Character Traits

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Character Traits I Love & Dislike

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I have to say, I’m not the best at this! There are plenty of TROPES I love (and many of those have character traits kind of involved?) but I can’t think of things I love in my heroines or heroes. I thought it would be good to include some character traits I also hate because those came to mind much faster lol. ALSO I managed to write over and demolish this post accidentally so I had to rewrite it and forgot things. Oh well. Here’s a half-assed TTT.

Traits I Love

(1) Feminist

This goes without saying and the character doesn’t need to run around yelling that they are a feminist, but it’s important to me that general principles of feminism are on display for YA readers, IMO. I love when the characters are very ~*girl power*~ (but inclusive – you know what I mean) etc.

(2) Imperfect

I love when I read about imperfect main characters because I made so many mistakes in high school. I did  a lot of dumb shit for whatever good or bad reasons/intentions. I like to put myself in the shoes of people who are confused and make mistakes, because I have been there. And done that. It’s important for YA readers especially to read about characters who do “bad” things (in whatever sense of the word) and rise up from them.

(3) Sassy / sarcastic

One of my favorite traits that usually come along with a hate-to-love, banter-filled romance is when the lead character is sassy or sarcastic. They’re quick to make a joke at the others’ expense (within reason) and have excellent comebacks. Someone quick-witted is always so fun to read.

Traits I Dislike

(1) Too guarded or doesn’t trust

I understand why people have issues with trusting or guard their heart a little more, but I’ve been reading a lot of books lately where this is the main problem area for why the MC won’t pursue the romance. Even when the other person in the relationship has done nothing wrong whatsoever, the person continues to bring their past into it. There are plenty of reasons why this would be the case and I’m not talking about the more serious ones. It’s harder for me to relate to because I tend to trust too easily.

(2) Jumps to conclusions or doesn’t communicate

I loathe when miscommunication is the reason for the romance breakup within the story. It’s SO EASY to open your mouth and talk. I hate when the one of the characters jumps to a ridiculous conclusion without talking to the other person first. Just ASK what’s going on. This can connect into my first pet peeve above, where the person automatically assumes the worst and doesn’t trust them. I just prefer when the black moment in a romance is about something more serious

(3) ~Not like most girls~

This is an annoying trait for the female character to have, where she exclaims how she’s unlike any other girl because she has guy friends only or doesn’t get mad at little things or ANY other example of her putting other women down. Not here for it. Honestly, it’s even worse when the lead male constantly says this about the love interest. He’s just being a turd.

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