The Bright Side (4/24)

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As we’re all going through the same global pandemic with various levels of “stay the F home,” I thought it would be fun to highlight the good things in each week, instead of dwelling on the negatives, the unknowns, and the uncertain future. I tend to do some kind of wrap-up or rundown of my week/month/etc. on Fridays each week (often linking up with Friday Favorites/Currently) so this isn’t too much of a diversion from that.

✨ Too Hot to Handle

Too Hot To Handle David GIF by NETFLIX

Good lord. We were inspired on Saturday to randomly start this show. Chris promised we’d watch ONE EPISODE ONLY and we immediately watched three. We essentially watched 2-3 per day until we finished up the show on Monday. Woof. It’s interesting and addicting like Love is Blind but it’s about singles who apparently just love having sex and can’t control themselves. They did a few workshops, which were fun, and tried to get them all to find meaningful relationships instead of just hooking up. Each time people hooked up, money would be deducted from the prize fund. It was so frustrating to watch people constantly fuck it up for everyone else!!!

✨ Erasable Pens for Planning

I’ve been really trying to get better about using my paper planner. I still love the digital planner I’m using because it syncs my calendars and includes a lot of my blog-related to-do’s, which I don’t keep in my paper planner. This planner is more about meal planning, prep, and workouts. With everything in the world happening and trying to plan out groceries more heavily than ever before, it’s the perfect time to use this planner and printables! However, things change food-wise if we’re in the mood for takeout and stuff quite a bit. So, I ordered these erasable pens that will DEF make me plan more. I won’t mind erasing when things change, but I hate crossing things out – and that’s what makes me stop using my planner. I can plot out my workout schedule and erase it if rain comes or my mood changes.

✨ Meal Delivery Kits / Recipe Binder

I’m a huge fan of finding recipes on my own via Pinterest or other blogs and developing meal plans myself, so I’ve never been a big meal kit person. I totally appreciate that they’re amazing for a lot of people who don’t like cooking as much, finding meals, and/or grocery shopping, so that’s awesome. I thought this would be a good time to get a few options delivered though, so I can do less shopping. I did Marley Spoon one week (3 meals) and Dinnerly another (5 meals) through discount sign-up codes. I’m enjoying the recipes a lot so far and have added them to my new recipe binder. I bought a small binder, dividers, and plastic page protectors so I can organize the recipe cards (plus others from the ones we’ve tried in the past).

✨ Birthday Drop-Offs

My mom and my sister both share the same birthday (yesterday) so I did a social distancing drop-off of birthday presents and other things for each of them! I hung out standing in the driveway or on the front porch while my family stayed inside and/or 6+ feet away from me while we chatted. It was really nice to see them from a distance and share some brightness in everyone’s day (myself included!).

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