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After sharing that I’ve been waaaayyy too into YouTube lately in my last LL post (and Kristin being interested in who I watch), I decided to do a quick round-up of my current favorites. I think most of them are fairly well-known in their niche, so I won’t go crazy talking about them. I am currently subscribed to less than 40 channels (and many of them I don’t watch), so I’ll focus on some of my current favorites. I’m also going to embed a video that’s either a recent favorite of mine, or encapsulates who they are as a channel!


I used to watch a lot of these back in the day, then stopped, and recently started again. It’s important for me to watch videos where people have the same skin type as me (meaning, oily ones!) because obviously they’re the most helpful to me. I love all of these channels A LOT and they’ve gotten me right back into beauty YouTube as a result.

Nikkia Joy

I have to put my girl Nikkia first because she is my absolute favorite. She’s SO funny and genuine. She is also the absolute master at combating oily skin. She has how-to videos about keeping your skin matte, reducing pores and cakey foundation, etc. that have been viewed millions of times. I love videos like this one because then I learn what she’s loving lately… and go buy the same stuff!

Casey Holmes

She’s another favorite oily girl. She also has rosacea and I have a bit of redness on my face too, so there’s another bonus. I really like her tutorials and the types of videos she shows, like testing out new products and always staying matte. She’s less high-energy than Nikkia, but puts out the same quality content for sure.


I love Rachel’s videos because they’re always so unique! She does basic round-ups of favorites and tries new products, but she always has some with different spins on them. The video below where she tests out Amazon makeup is definitely one of my favorites. These kinds of different beauty videos makes up for the fact that she has more normal skin than me (I just don’t follow much of her foundation/priming information).

Tati / GlamLifeGuru

So Tati is pretty much considered the OG of beauty YouTube and I can see why. I didn’t follow her until recently because I was just uninterested for some reason, but I like her videos. I don’t watch every single one but definitely click on many that interest me. I click on haul videos or special ones where Siri picks her makeup. I like that she does a lot of drugstore-related videos too.

Lifestyle & Vlogs

You’ll notice that two of these are just vlog or lifestyle channels from beauty favorites above. Oh well! I’m not very originally. Once I find a YouTuber to be obsessed with, I’ll watch everything they put out… definitely including vlogs and more.


Rachel also does a life channel where she tests out alllll sorts of Pinterest hacks, Tasty videos, and organizational techniques from the Dollar Store. I have to implement some of these for sure. Her Tasty videos are funny because she says she’s not the best cook… and they always turn out interesting haha.

Casey Holmes Vlogs

Another beauty YouTuber with a fun vlog channel! She doesn’t post as often as Rachel does and her content is very different, but I like them both. She talks about her clothing shop, brings you shopping for home goods, and hangs out with her husband and dogs. They’re all fun!

But First, Coffee

I went on a binge of Connecticut-based bloggers and learned that this blog also had a YouTube channel! I have only watched a few right now but I do like what she posts. She goes shopping, offers hacks and money-saving tips, and DIYs.


I don’t watch a lot of booktube for various reasons, but I have been working on watching the channels of my actual friends — because they’re excellent and deserve the support! I like kind of knowing the booktuber (even just online lol) to get invested in their videos.


I’ve been friends with Kristin online for a very long time now (probably not long after I started blogging), but I have been SO BAD about watching Booktube. Not just hers! Everyone’s channels! This is something I’m working on for sure. However, I did recently start watching her videos because OBVIOUSLY. This News & Stuff video was so neat because she rounds up bookish news that you may have missed.

Novel Ink

I started watching Madalyn’s channel when she posted her reading vlog, so that’s what I’m including here. I love seeing people read… which is probably weird… but it could also be because I generally enjoy vlogs! Hers was really well-done and timed up perfectly with a Sob-a-Thon reading challenge.


It should come as no surprise that I have a few wrestling YouTube channels I watch. Chris and I typically watch WrestleTalk together and other videos, but these are the only ones I actually subscribe to.

Bella Twins

I definitely don’t watch every video they post, but I like to see the behind-the-scenes ones. This usually involves wrestling things or their TV show. All of the other videos are not AS interesting to me because we have very different lifestyles. In any case, I’m including them here from a wrestling perspective since that’s the content I watch the most from them!


This is maaaaybe the channel I watch the absolute most; I never miss a video. They talk about various wrestling news, opinions, and RAW/Smackdown wrap-ups. The two guys that put the show on are really funny and there are a lot of inside jokes that get developed over time. Love these guys so much.


This section is called “Miscellaneous” because they’re all quite different. One set of channels involves multiple YouTubers but I don’t want to write about them individually. The second is true crime-related.

Shane Dawson (and Friends)

Ryland Adams, Garrett Watts, Morgan Adams

Okay so I know he’s one of the OG YouTubers and I honestly never liked him before. His recent content has been VERY refreshing and heartwarming. I’m a huge fan of this group of people and I seriously am addicted to everything they put out on their individual channels as well. I didn’t want to put videos for all of them though. Ryland is Shane’s boyfriend, Garrett is one of their best friends, and Morgan is Ryland’s sister. All of their channels are entertaining in different ways. Also, this video seems very boujee based on the title but it’s not actually like that haha.

Danelle Hallan

As you know, I’m kind of obsessed with true crime things. Danelle’s channel is all about unsolved missing person cases. She also does update videos if/when things are solved too. The videos are a bit long and I can’t binge them (or watch at night!) but they’re definitely intriguing if you like these kind of stories!

Do you have any good YouTube recs for me?!

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  1. Ahh yay! I’m so glad you did this post! I’ve always wanted to get into beauty YouTubers but I had no idea where to start because there’s just so many! I’m definitely going to check out Rachel and Casey! And I also love But First, Coffee! I’ve been following her blog for a while! Thank you so much for including me<3! And I love Madalyn's videos too!

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