The Bright Side (6/12)

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It didn’t feel right to post a “bright side” kind of post last Friday, so I skipped it. While there is still a LONG way to go and I don’t think we need to “get back to normalcy” like others seem to want, I am going to begin posting more on the blog again and continuing to share relevant information to the Black Lives Matter movement wherever applicable, whenever needed. I’ve been sharing information frequently on my  still if you’d like to check things out there. 

As we’re all going through the same global pandemic with various levels of “stay the F home,” I thought it would be fun to highlight the good things in each week, instead of dwelling on the negatives, the unknowns, and the uncertain future. I tend to do some kind of wrap-up or rundown of my week/month/etc. on Fridays each week (often linking up with Friday Favorites/Currently) so this isn’t too much of a diversion from that.

✨ Black Lives Matter

It’s clear that the protesting is working – so many pieces of legislation are getting started (finally) and some cities are defunding police (want to see more of that). I can keep hoping, supporting, donating, signing, and maybe even protesting (like I said the other day, I’m extremely anxious in crowds so I’m not sure on this yet but I really hope I can soon). I’m donating $5 for every protest I could attend but choose not to for that reason. Keep checking HERE for more information on donating, protesting, and more.

✨ Favoreats

There’s a chance I do a full post on this app because I’m really enjoying it. It’s basically for meal planning and it connects with your Pinterest boards! I find it really helpful because you can move things around and my meal plans always get shifted when we decide to randomly do takeout instead 😉 Above you can see what the meal plan area looks like based on each day. If you don’t have a recipe to link, you can type in a placeholder (I do this for my Cravings cookbook recipes). The second image shows what the recipes look like.

✨ Planting and “Gardening”

Chris has been really into gardening and planting things lately. I’ve shown some of our herbs and lettuce, as well as the new tomato plant, but he also got lemon and lime trees! I don’t mess with these too much in less he needs me to water them when he’s at work.

✨ Notes and To-Do Planner

I keep thinking I find a good groove with my planner system and I just… haven’t. I randomly ordered this cute little Notes, Goals, and To-Dos planner from Bloom the other day… and I love it so far! I use my Artful Agenda for the calendar things (which is the biggest reason I haven’t used my Blogilates planner as much), so it feels unnecessary to have the calendars/weekly views in my paper planner. This one has pages you can rip off if needed when the day is over. The sections include: date, top priorities, to-do list, meals, water, exercise and self-care, notes/ideas, and what you’re grateful for. More on this planner in a dedicated post too, probably!

✨ Homemade Kimchi

Chris’s mom knows how much I love her kimchi so she dropped some off last week and we’ve been enjoying it! I made some Korean-style chicken thighs with gochujang sauce to pair with the kimchi, as well as rice and cucumbers for something cool and refreshing alongside the spicy!

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