Fall TV Plans and New England Bucket List

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I’ve used this little September graphic for the past few years because I just love it so much. September is my favorite month of the year for so many reasons – my birthday, football season, my anniversary, New England activities and fairs, perfect weather and sweaters, new TV shows, and what feels like a clean slate (even though I’m not going “back to school” anymore). I’m here again with another fall bucket list, including what TV shows I need to finish off, start, binge, and keep up with weekly.

Fall/Winter TV – To Be Watched

When the weather gets cooler, I’m able to hole up inside and binge shows. I feel like I need to get back into my habit of waking up early and knocking out my hobbies, like reading or watching shows. Chris and I spend so much time together that we struggle to separate and watch our own stuff sometimes. I really need to do a better job of organizing my time now that I’m commuting again.

Shows to finish up:

Most of the season/show to watch:

Younger PosterGirlfriends' Guide to Divorce PosterWill & Grace Poster

Younger has been one of my favorites for a while but I tend to go through spurts of binge-watching, then forgetting about it and saving them up, and then binge-watching again. Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce started its final season recently but I’ve honestly been sad it’s ending and don’t want to finish it yet. Sorry not sorry. I started the reboot of Will & Grace and it’s been pretty good. It’s a show I completely binge when I START watching but never am in the mood to sit down and watch.

The Bold Type PosterThe Good Place PosterShameless Poster

The Bold Type is a surprising one because I haven’t watched any, even though I loved season one so much. These girls are badass. I do like binging these episodes too though… The Good Place has been so fascinating in season two but again, I just haven’t made time for it. Chris and I watch Shameless together and he hasn’t been in the mood at all for the most recent season. The new season starts this week and we have all of the previous one to get to still!

Arrested Development PosterRiverdale PosterThis Is Us Poster

Arrested Development‘s newest season has been on the back-burner since Chris is still finishing up the previous Netflix original season of it. I’ve been rewatching with him. Hopefully we finish soon! Riverdale is another show that I enjoy while I’m watching but never am in the mood to put on. I’ve heard it gets kinda crazy so here’s hoping it hooks me enough to catch up again! I don’t know why but I totally sat out on season two of This Is Us. I never stopped liking the show or anything, but it got to the point where a few episodes came out and I STILL didn’t watch. I need to binge the whole season before it starts again, or soonafter.

Only a couple of episodes left:

Total Bellas PosterThe Staircase PosterQueer Eye Poster

I literally have just the season finale left of Total Bellas but I’m afraid to watch. I know Nikki and John have broken up (currently and in the show) but I’m not mentally prepared for it. I’ll probably watch it right before I pick up on the next season of Divas. I watched The Staircase almost exclusively on the plane ride to and from California last month and I have like two episodes left. It’s not as compelling as I hoped but I’d love to cross it off my list for once. Queer Eye season one was binged in one night, but I’ve been spreading season two out more!

Shows to potentially binge (alone):

Brooklyn Nine-Nine PosterDegrassi: The Next Generation PosterTrial & Error Poster

 Brooklyn Nine-Nine when it first came out but he kind of lost interest (he doesn’t like Andy Samberg and can’t get past it yet). I know that I want to binge it at some point, so this could be a solo one for me. I watched Degrassi for many years before losing steam but I’ve been wanting to watch the show from the beginning again. I was recommended Trial & Error a long time ago and this might be a quick comedy I could binge and feel productive.

Shows to potentially binge (with Chris):

The Punisher PosterLuke Cage PosterJessica Jones Poster

Yes, we’re very behind on Marvel shows. We just started The Punisher (only episode one of season one) and want to complete that before moving on to season twos of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones. We were doing really well with watching them as they came out but for some reason just haven’t had the gusto.

Iron Fist PosterGame of Thrones PosterDisenchantment Poster

Iron Fist season two just came out, unfortunately, and we have to watch it to continue after the other shows I mentioned. I have zero interest in this but I’m a completist when it comes to Marvel! We started Game of Thrones a few years ago and stopped watching for some reason. I recently told Chris that I wanted to watch again so I think we’ll be giving it another shot. Disenchantment is a new Netflix animated show that we’re both interested in watching.

Fall shows coming back:

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia PosterAmerican Vandal PosterImage result for total divas

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is one of my all-time favorite shows and I’m PUMPED it’s back again. This is a show we watch every single week religiously, so I’m definitely ready. It just premiered this week. American Vandal is also coming back for another season and I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect from it. When I saw the trailer, I knew it had the potential to be just as good/funny as the first season with all the dick drawings. Total Divas is the companion show to Total Bellas and I’m puuuumped that Paige is back for this season! There have been some crazzzy things behind the scenes that I’m sure will be revealed in the new season, both about Paige and about everyone else. I’m so excited.

Brand new fall TV shows:

You PosterA Million Little Things PosterGod Friended Me Poster

I was always tempted to read this book, but the trailer for the TV show definitely sold me. I plan to read You and then watch the show ASAP. Another new show that intrigued me was A Million Little Things. It’s about a group of friends who met when they got stuck on an elevator and come back together when one of them passes away. You know how I feel about weird “meet cutes” by now! God Friended Me looks like a cool show where, you guessed it, God literally friends an atheist on Facebook and wants him to do certain things. Not 100% sold on this one yet but we’ll see how it does for ratings…

New-to-me Netflix/Hulu shows:

Future Man PosterTravelers PosterThe Forest Poster

We’ve been meaning to watch Future Man but honestly I’m running out of excuses? I love time travel so naturally Travelers automatically made it onto my list. However, I saw that it had a few more elements that don’t usually interest me, so I’ve put it off. The Forest is one of two missing person/creepy shows I plan on watching from Netflix…

Dark PosterImage result for reboot netflixBloodline Poster

Dark is the other one. I don’t know what it’s about but just know it’s creepy AF. We’ll see. ReBoot: The Guardian Code is a reboot of an old show called ReBoot (yes I know) that Chris and I investigated a while ago after he remembered it from childhood. We’re definitely intrigued. And finally, I’ve had Bloodline on my watch list forever and maybe 2018 is the year I give it a shot.

Fall New England Bucket List

(1) Attend at least one local fair

Some of the upcoming ones I could attend are Berlin, Orange, Guilford, Durham, Harwinton, and Portland. We don’t want to go to the one in our hometown because yes we mostly avoid seeing people from high school. A good New England fair has fried dough, stupid games and rides, and more food than we could ever actually eat. That’s pretty much it.

(2) Pick pumpkins and apples

We’ve explored a few new pumpkin field and apple orchards in the last couple of years, so this year is no exception. I like to get a pumpkin around Halloween and try to get apples sometime in September or October. We’re close to more farms in our new area of the state.

(3) Go to a winery/cidery

I don’t like wine but I’m trying hard to train myself. I want to go to a winery (bonus points if it also has cider like ONE of them in Connecticut does), have snacks, and hang out with Chris and/or friends. I know many of them close for the season soon(?) so hopefully I can make that happen.

(4) Try a restaurant from the CT Eats Out blog

I recently found and followed this account and am loving it so far. There are great lists about local restaurants throughout the states, so I hope to find something appealing for a little road trip before the weather gets cold. There are still some lobster places open for the season…

(5) Hike a few new places and/or ride a bike trail

We actually have a LOT of paths nearby that we still haven’t tried. I sort of hate hiking in the summer because it’s too hot for life but September through December are the best. We have bike and walking trails everywhere, so hopefully we can get my bike rack on and use the bikes too.

(6) Work my crockpot like nobody’s business

I’m a huge fan of my crockpot and I use it during all seasons honestly. I’m constantly looking for new recipes and there’s really no better time of year to find them than the fall (and winter obvs). I like to test out new soups or stews or even full-on dinners in there as much as possible.

(7) Go to Vermont and/or Portland for 1-2 nights

We’ve been talking about this Vermont trip for years but never make it happen. There are so many factories up there to check out, the fall foliage, and the whole “city” of Burlington. I hope we can work something at the end of September or early October to celebrate our birthdays/anniversary. We’ve also been missing Portland a lot, so we’re hoping we can spend some time up there in the late fall?

(8) Find new pumpkin-related foods and football snacks

Just like my crockpot gets overused during the autumn months, so does pumpkin spice anything. I don’t buy coffee out as much as I used to but I definitely want to eat MORE pumpkin things this year. On a similar note, I’d love to find some good football snack recipes and maybe even have people over for some games if possible. I like snacky food on Sundays for wrestling events and football, so it’s time to find more dips and munchies.

(9) Plan for and cross off items on my 101 in 1001 list

I kind of forgot about this thing for a few months but I’m determined to complete it! I have a lot of seasonal ideas on here that need to get done before its over, so hopefully the end of 2018 will involve crossing many items off the list. These are some I’m thinking of for September through December:

  • Go to a Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives restaurant
  • Host a dinner party
  • Open a cookbook to a random page and make whatever is on it
  • Treat myself to a full spa day
  • Go to the dinosaur museum
  • Go to Bryant alumni weekend

7 responses to “Fall TV Plans and New England Bucket List

  1. Oh you have some great shows to catch up on! I love Younger and The Bold Type so much. Great summer shows. The Good Place, Shameless and GoT are favorites. Travelers was awesome although a little confusing at times. I am super excited for You!

  2. So many awesome-sounding shows! I watched the first season of Younger and really liked it, so I have to catch up on that one though. I love the sound of The Bold Type too, so that’s also on my list.

    I can’t wait for you to finish catching up on The Good Place. I’m dying for the new upcoming season already. Also yes, pleaassse watch Brooklyn 99! You’re going to love that show. I feel your bf on Andy Samberg, but he ended up growing on me. I really enjoyed the book for YOU but I’m a little wary of the show because I don’t like that actor.

    Also, I know you already have a ton of shows on your list, but you need to add Superstore and One Day at a Time to your list! 🙂 Superstore is especially a Lauren show, in my opinion!

  3. Riverdale really does get INSANE. I’m almost caught up on season 2 and looking forward to season 3! Season 2 of The Bold Type was pretty good and The Good Place was incredible! I really want to watch Future Man and I need to catch up on Younger! Brooklyn 99 is one of my favorite sitcoms of all time. Tied with The IT Crowd!

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