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I did a post like this back in 2017 but haven’t done many since – I usually am watching wrestling and a few TV episodes in between everything, plus I have my monthly wrap-ups for things like this. Since life has been mostly the same and I’ve been doing more weekly “positive things” posts instead of monthlies, I thought it would be a good time to bring this back around. Here are some of the shows and movies we’ve been watching since I last updated you, or in general during quarantine!

Watching Solo

I’ll Be Gone in the Dark

I loved McNamara’s book about the Golden State Killer and the adaptation on HBO has been pretty great so far too. It mixes in older interviews with her (she unexpectedly passed away a few years ago), snippets from the book, and interviews with people close to her. It focuses a good balance between the killer, his many victims, and McNamara’s true crime writing.

Call Me Hello GIF by NETFLIX

The Baby-Sitter’s Club

I cannot emphasize enough how much joy this show brought me while on vacation this week. I quickly blazed through the episodes and it’s SO happy-making. Seriously, if you have read any BSC books in your life, I would be shocked if you don’t love this heartwarming show. Really good diverse characters with the same personalities and hobbies, direct adaptations from early books in the series, and solid episodes from start to finish. PLEASE watch this because I want a million more seasons.

Pin on TV

Sweet Magnolias

Did I already talk about this? I enjoyed it more than VIRGIN RIVER but it’s the same kind of idea – romance books turned into a super watchable TV series on Netflix. The friendship between the lead characters was really sweet and holy shit was there a cliffhanger! I need season two!

Watching with Chris

Scooby Doo Fist Bump GIF by Best Friends Animal Society


I wanted to rent this when it came out but we waited long enough for it to appear on HBO Max! I really enjoyed it. The voice actor casting was great and the animation style was fun too. We kind of lost focus toward the end when we were messing with our pup but we saw the “big reveal” and really enjoyed it.

press your luck show GIF

Supermarket Sweep

We found this on Netflix a few days ago and it’s been so fun to watch on nights we don’t have energy to think about something more serious haha. There are 15 random episodes on there so I’m really hoping they add more “collections” there.

twilight zone deedee deedee deedee deedee GIF

Twilight Zone

We watched some episodes of the new series on CBS and we’re not overly in love with it. We’re huge Jordan Peele fans but I think we feel like we don’t fully understand the messages sometimes lol or the episodes get boring and we lose interest. We hope to watch more of them though because I’ve heard some in the second half of season one get better. Season two recently came out as well.

the rock fight GIF by Hobbs and Shaw

Hobbs and Shaw

We went through all of the FAST movies a few months ago and finally got around to the most recent movie “in the series.” No one appears except for obviously Hobbs and Shaw, so the movie has a very different vibe from the rest. It’s essentially a spin-off movie. We mostly liked it I guess but definitely had different expectations.

Be Our Chef | Disney Wiki | Fandom

Be Our Chef

We’ve been listening to the Office Ladies podcast and Angela mentioned hosting this family cooking competition show on Disney+. We randomly gave it a try on another night when we didn’t have the energy to focus on a “real” show and it was so cute! We quickly had a few favorite families we rooted for and one of them won the whole thing! It was a very sweet little show and I’d recommend it if you like GBBO or other fun/nice cooking shows.

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