Top Ten Tuesdays #409: Other Hobbies

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Things Getting in the Way of Reading
(aka My Other Hobbies!)

Top Ten Tuesdays were started by The Broke and the Bookish and are now hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl, where we make lists of our top ten books (or something else!) based on that week’s prompt. The topics are provided ahead of time and can be found here. Book links bring you to Goodreads or my review.

This is a fun one! I don’t spend a lot of time writing personal posts on here anymore because my blogging mojo has been pretty strictly around books, but here are some of the major things that take up my time!

1. Sports-watching (especially Panthers football)

I’ve been a Panthers fan forever and I don’t have to tell you about that any more than I already have 😉 I love watching football during the season. I watch any and all games available to me on Thursday, Sunday, and Monday, but pay very close attention to the screen when it’s a Panthers game! We’ve also recently gotten into watching some playoff games for hockey and basketball. We watch March Madness when that’s happening too. Overall, just a big fan of watching sports on TV and sometimes in person.

2. Podcasts

If there’s one thing that’s gotten in the way of audiobooks lately, it’s podcasts. I listen pretty regularly even though my commute doesn’t exist anymore! I prefer true crime but will sometimes listen to a wrestling or book-related podcast. I’ve written a lot of favorites lists about them if you search around on the blog a bit.

3. YouTube (Booktube)

In addition to booktube sucking up my reading time, it also has completely ruined my TV watching time! I really don’t watch a lot of TV anymore and find myself (when alone and left to my own devices) watching booktube instead of catching up on a show. I really love the process of finding new books from my favorites on there and seeing them complete wild reading challenges.

4. Watching wrestling

Okay so to be fair, I will totally read my book during the boring matches! But in general, us watching wrestling can definitely eat up my reading time. We used to watch shows like 3 nights a week! Lately we focus on just AEW Dynamite but we also watch the pay-per-views and get together with friends when appropriate. We sometimes get to see live shows when they come to our area too.

5. Book shopping, browsing, blogging, and planning

I know this is still book-related but I find myself browsing Barnes and Noble (and other local indies) more and more these days. I love heading to a book event for the evening or walking through the store on a Sunday morning. I plan my content, I write blog posts, and I determine my upcoming TBRs. I love taking trips to the library (in fact, my library is undergoing construction right now and will finally be back next week… cannot wait!).

6. My pup

As you can see from the pictures above, he does let me read sometimes 😉 He’s a good companion later in the evening when he just wants to lay on the couch. Otherwise? He wants attention. He wants his toys thrown in the house. He wants to go outside and run after balls. (Luckily I can also listen to an audiobook while outside playing with him lol.) Overall, he’s the best and so cute, but definitely demanding!

7. Scrolling on my phone

Let’s be real – my biggest issue with reading these days is that I get addicted to scrolling social media on my phone. Luckily I’m not SUPER into Tiktok like many people but I still do get on their occasionally. I like to check out Twitter and Instagram and get sucked into that hole for way too many hours a day.

8. TV shows and movies

We aren’t always in the middle of a TV show binge (in fact, we’re barely watching anything right now because of all the playoffs happening in sports), but it does get in the way of reading sometimes! We have a lot of shows we’re attempting to watch as well as movies whenever they come out.

9. Cooking and meal planning

I love a good cookbook, which does count at reading, but I spend a lot of time thinking about food, cooking it, planning our meals, and grocery shopping. Sometimes I’ll put my headphones on and listen to an audiobook while I cook but most of the time I put on booktube or listen to a podcast while cooking instead.

10. Spending time with my family/friends

I love sitting on the couch at night and reading while Chris watches YouTube but sometimes you just need to hang out and chat to actually spend time together lol. I also like to visit with my family or go out to eat with a friend, which obviously can cut into reading time 😉

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