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I thought this was going to be a more common series on my blog but I basically wrote one post and never tried it again! The idea came from the late Grace at Rebel Mommy Book Blog. I still miss her positivity in the book community and hope I can keep doing this post justice! The first volume was for Sandhya Menon. Today I’m here to rank Rachel Lynn Solomon’s books, because she’s quickly become a favorite… both for her YA and adult titles! These books will be listed in order from favorite to least favorite and grouped by rating.

5 Stars

The Ex Talk // My review for this one is minimal for some reason but it was my first adult book by RLS after reading and loving TODAY TONIGHT TOMORROW, the first YA I read by her. I had high expectations but ended up loving this one. The MCs work at a public radio station and, because they bicker and dislike each other a lot, think they can pull of this radio show where two exes talk about what went wrong in their relationship. The only problem is that they’re not actually exes… and then they begin to fall for each other. Amazing banter in this one!

Today Tonight Tomorrow // Again, my first book by her. I really loved this one too. It’s another enemies-to-lovers where the top two people in their graduating class slowly realize that maybe they aren’t actually enemies. They had so many cute heart-to-hearts and I’m a sucker for book that take place in one day, especially around a graduation. I smiled the entire time I was reading it and stayed up way too late, as I always do with her books.

4.5 Stars

Weather Girl // I wrote in my review how – again – I stayed up until 2am reading 90% of this book in one sitting. I don’t know why her books have this effect on me but they just do! I loved how this one was set at a newsroom in Seattle. The two main characters are trying to get their bosses back together to help make their workplace better for everyone. The MMC was such a soft amazing single dad. This book covered some heavier topics and the FMC was tough to deal with at times, but still an amazing romance.

See You Yesterday // I’m a huge sucker for Groundhog Day stories and this was a fun take on the concept! Two college students realize they’re both caught in the same time loop and have to figure out how to leave it. These books can sometimes get repetitive but good authors know how to mix it up. The characters tried so many different things that it didn’t feel like the same day over and over again. It was intriguing to get into the science/physics aspects with this too.

4 and 3.5 Stars

Business or Pleasure // I just finished this one a few weeks ago and realized RLS was a great author to write this post about! This story follows a ghostwriter and the actor she’s working on a memoir for. The only hitch is that the two of them had a disastrous (for her) hookup the night before their first business meeting. The MMC is devastated to know how inept he is in the bedroom so the FMC takes time to teach him how it’s done! Very sex positive with a lot of worthwhile convos about mental health, abortion, and sexuality.

We Can’t Keep Meeting Like This // This is the lowest rated RLS book at 3.5 stars but I still enjoyed it. This is another YA book in her backlist. The characters were sweet and like many of Solomon’s books, there was a lot of discussion around mental health and heavier topics. The miscommunication between the characters got to me more than some of her other books but I liked the premise a lot. In this one, two teens are reunited for the summer because their parents work the wedding circuit together… after the FMC sent a rambling love letter to the MMC the year before with no response.

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