Read-Bait: “Fairy”

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Here’s another post in a new series here at the blog: Read-Bait! Over the coming weeks, I’ll be featuring different words or phrases that catch my eye in book descriptions, the books I’ve read under those categories, and the books I plan on reading. I hope it shares some insight about my reading preferences and interests. As always, feel free to recommend any books you’d think I like!

read bait definitionYou know how it goes: you’re browsing Goodreads, clicking on books that look interesting, and checking out their summaries. All of a sudden you see a certain word or phrase in the synopsis that triggers an automatic reaction to click that “Want to Read” button. I call this “read-bait” – any word(s) that make you instantly think that you MUST read this book. One example for me is…

fae definition headerI think in general fairy books can be VERY hit or miss for some people. I’ve always been fascinated by the possible existence of faeries. (Yes I’m probably going to switch between different spellings throughout this. Sorry. Not sure why this happens to me.) My cousins and I used to run around looking for them and literally talk about them nonstop. Some of the first fae stories I read were Tithe by Holly Black and Faerie Wars by Herbie Brennan. I read them SO long ago that I genuinely don’t remember much about them. In fact, I recently mixed the two series up and ended up buying quite a few books in one series when I meant the other. I mean, honestly, those covers are WAY too similar. ANYWAYS I plan to reread at some point. I just remember being utterly fascinated by those books but don’t know if I finished either series. Another old-school series I started and probably never finished was The Faerie Path by Frewin Jones. This one is also foggy, which just goes to show how long ago I fell in love with these kinds of stories. In more recent history, I had the pleasure of borrowing A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas from Andi, and it was GLORIOUS. My review is coming soon for this one; the book isn’t out until May. And finally, as usual, Holly Black is a queen in the faerie world with The Darkest Part of the Forest. I loved this one; her magical realism and world-building is just awesome. Imagine if there were faerie people co-existing in your town? Kind of crazy.

faeSome of these books are definitely older, comparatively, but I still hope to get to them someday! Regardless here’s my list of faerie books I have on my TBR:

formula read baitFAERIESSS
= Add to TBR

8 responses to “Read-Bait: “Fairy”

  1. You’re right, fairy books are hit or miss for me! But I love the idea of them too. I haven’t read many but I have an eARC of ACOTAR and Darkest Part of the Forest from the library 😀 Have you read The Falconer? That’s my favorite fae book, soooo good! I also read half of The Queen’s Choice. It was slowish but enjoyable- library book though so I had to return it. Oooooh and The Treachery of Beautiful Things is another favorite, have you read that?? Magical realism, fairy tale feel, love. This is a fun post series, I really like it Lauren!!! 🙂

    Morgan @ Gone with the Words recently posted: Morgan’s February Challenge Updates!
    • Omg I didn’t know The Falconer was a fae book!!! I’m definitely going to look into that one. I haven’t heard of Treachery of Beautiful Things but I’m going to Goodreads ASAP.
      And thank you <33

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