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I’m coming to you with yet another tag today, because clearly I am uninspired at the moment. I saw this one on Books for a Delicate Eternity and am not sure who created it. This one is alllll about TV shows!

 elmo GIF

1) First TV show you ever watched

My mom specifically remembers me falling in love with Elmo when he “appeared’ on The Frugal Gourmet when I was a baby. I quickly became obsessed with Elmo and started watching Sesame Street. I love that this show is still on (and keeping up with the times, in terms of showing diverse people and families).

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2) All-time favorite TV show

Maybe this isn’t an easy question for some people (like having to pick your all-time favorite book), but for me… There’s no question. I’ve talked about it before on the blog so I won’t repeat myself, but Friends will absolutely always be my #1. I’ve watched it when I’m happy or sad or anywhere in between and it’s done nothing but make me feel All The Things over the years.

Greek wallpaper titled Casey and Cappie <3

3) Your character crush

I don’t know why this is so tough for me! I feel like there are so many answers that I’m not even thinking about right now. I fell in love with Greek over the course of one summer, watching so many episodes every single day that I could. I LOVED Cappie so much that I pretty much have watched any show Scott Michael Foster has appeared in since then.

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4) Favorite OTP

I’m not sorry that I’m repeating my answer here, but it’s necessary. Those of you partaking in the Joey/Rachel vs. Ross/Rachel arguments are totally missing the more important thing – that Chandler and Monica are the OTP of this fucking show. They’re perfect together and the kind of goofy relationship that I’ve always admired.

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5) Most disappointing ending or cancellation

I’m always sad when shows are cancelled, even if they have a great ending, but there’s nothing worse than not seeing how everything turned out on Brothers & Sisters. I LOVED this show so much and the fact that it abruptly ended without my consent was NOT COOL. So many questions!!!

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6) A show you would like to be on

This is hard! I love so many shows but I think I would definitely have loved to be on Parks and Rec. So many of my favorite actors and actresses were on the show and I would have laughed my ass off. I am definitely overdue for a rewatch of this show.

Schitt's Creek schitts creek #funny david rose GIF

7) A character you would love to take out on a date

So many cute boys are parts of my OTPs so this is a challenge! I think my current thought for this would be David from Schitt’s Creek. He’s pansexual so it wouldn’t be fruitless if I were looking for romance, but I really just think he would be a hilarious dinner partner.

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8) A popular TV show you can’t stand

I don’t even want to include a stupid GIF from this show, but I have to keep it up for formatting’s sake. Big Bang Theory is, first of all, not fucking funny at all. It relies on horrible stereotypes about all kinds of people and I genuinely can’t understand why any human would enjoy watching this.

9) A scene that made you cry like a baby

There are obviously many answers to this question because I AM a baby when it comes to TV shows. (I even cry during Total Divas, which is a reality show about professional wrestlers. Yeah. Get your shit together, Lauren.) I had to include Friends yet again because even though I’ve seen everything one BILLION times, I still cry during so many scenes… this one the most.

 leighton meester shopping gossip girl blair waldorf GIF

10) A character with a killer wardrobe

I love everyone on Gossip Girl – so New York and fashionable! I honestly wouldn’t wear much from this show myself, but admiring their clothes in the show was so much fun.

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  1. AHH THIS IS SUCH AN AMAZING TAG! I also don’t understand why people debating who Rachel should end up with and totally ignores Monica and Chandler’s amazing relationship. I’ve watched a few episodes of Schitt’s Creek and I can’t wait to see more! And yeah, I couldn’t understand why people enjoy Big Bang Theory too.

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