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In follow-up to my other podcast recommendation post, I wanted to share a few more that I’ve been enjoying. It’s not going to be as detailed as my last one because they’re all still ongoing; I don’t want to rate them without actually completing them.

Image result for unconcluded podcastUnconcluded

What it’s about: Jennifer Kesse disappeared from her Orlando home in 2006. There is very little evidence, except some security footage of a hooded man and the fact that her car was left in a nearby apartment building lot.

Why I love it: The production definitely gets better as the podcast goes on, so don’t let the first episode or two deter you. The case is really interesting here because there is some evidence, but not enough to draw any major conclusions. I love that it’s a real-time podcast, so they’re investigating as we listen. Most of the others have been produced AFTER they fact-checked everything. In this case, we get ALL the same information as the hosts. It feels like you’re really helping with figuring things out. A few people have come forward and been interviewed throughout because they feel like they may have seen Jennifer. I hope there’s a resolution to this one, like Up and Vanished, because they’re working hard to gather the facts and spread the word.

The Fall Line

What it’s about: Twins Dannette and Jeannette Millbrook disappeared from Augusta, GA in 1990. They were sent out by their mom to borrow money from their uncle and were last seen at a convenience store. Misinformation (like the spelling of their last name) from police and other organizations has definitely led to a lack of conlcusion in this case. The first season is “finished” for now, but there’s a mini season now about other young black children that went missing.

Why I love it: This story definitely fascinates me. The later episodes are repetitive interviews with the twins’ older sister and I didn’t love those, but the overall case is very interesting. Where did these girls go? The timeline before they disappeared is pretty airtight, so what happened next? I don’t think they disappeared, so who kidnapped them and why have they never been found? I’m intrigued to see what happens in the mini season 1.5 too.

Image result for my favorite murderMy Favorite Murder

What it’s about: Karen and Georgia get together to talk about their favorite murders each week. (They started the first handful of episodes with themes and then moved away from that format.) They share stories that have always fascinated them.

Why I love it: This podcast really just sounds like you and your best friend swapping stories about murders and disappearances. It’s really fun and often funny, for a podcast with such a serious topic overall. I liked it so much and binged a LOT of episodes in a row, but started to get really tired of it. I decided to move on to just listening to the newest episodes as they came out, but I was never in the mood for them. I decided to just put this one on hold for now. I’d guess that I may be more interested in a couple of months to hop back on board. Overall though, definitely listen to this one if you want a “lighter” true crime podcast.

Image result for thin air podcastThin Air

What it’s about: Thin Air shares a new story each episode (for the most part – some of them have multiple parts) about people who have gone missing… vanished into thin air, if you will. They cover many different time periods, circumstances, and ages of people who disappeared. All of the stories are unsolved at the time of airing the show.

Why I love it: I love this because it’s definitely different than the murdery ones I usually listen to. The idea of people just going missing has always fascinated me, which is why some of my other podcasts do have this theme. I think the variety of stories that Thin Air features is what interests me the most. There are so many different circumstances when people go missing. Were they taken? Did they run away? Are they even still alive? I love thinking about these cases and where the people may be. A lot of the time there is barely any evidence, so it makes you think…

Image result for dirty john podcastDirty John

What it’s about: This podcast is a little different, but I was so curious when I first heard about it. Basically, a man nicknamed “Dirty John” finds his way into the life of an assuming, too-forgiving woman named Deborah. This is the story of how things got incredibly out of hand with his conning and manipulative ways.

Why I love it: Yes, this was definitely a little different than some of my other podcasts! It’s still true crime-related for sure, but was not the same as the murdery ones I loved. I couldn’t believe how forgiving (and often stupid) Deborah was to let this man take over her life. If a partner turns you away from the family that’s done nothing but love and support you, he’s the problem. Not them. Anyways, I loved waiting to see the crazy things we would learn next about John. The final episode was a WHIRLWIND. I can’t get over all of the insane foreshadowing throughout the podcast (once I realized it in hindsight!). Masterful storytelling.

What do you think? Any of these interest you?
Have any recommendations for me, now that you know what I like?

6 responses to “More Podcast Recommendations: True Crime

  1. Thanks for this! I’m currently listening to Dirty John, and man, that story is completely wild! I’m with you on Deborah. She is so naive and I want to shake her by the shoulders. I need to check out Thin Air. All of these sound good honestly!

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