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I’ve done a few Currently posts on the blog before but never really loved how they came out or the categories I chose. We’ll see how I do these going forward, but I’m drawing from Jamie’s recent Currently list of topics right now (with a few changes/additions)! Thanks girl ?  Also yes I realize this is posted on 11/22 but the answers to the questions are from 11/21.

Currently reading: Haunting the Deep by Adriana Mather and Perfect Scoundrels by Ally Carter. I haven’t been doing a great job of reading lately for various reasons but I’ll be back ahead on my GR goal once I finally finish these two!

Currently listening to on audiobook: I’m in the process of finishing The Becoming of Noah Shaw by Michelle Hodkin for book club. I probably won’t start up another one until we’re home again for Christmastime and I have a commute again. I just don’t make the time to listen as much anymore!

Currently listening to: Podcasts take up the majority of my listening time, in the shower or walking around the grocery store. I’m also definitely in the middle of my Christmas music binge!

Currently eating: Nothing at the moment but we’re having an office lunch sometime soon. Currently in the process of figuring out where we want to order from.

Currently drinking: Odwalla Caramel Apple Cider smoothie thing. I grabbed a couple of these at the store yesterday for workday snacks and this one is interesting. I can definitely taste the caramel mixed in with the apple cider, which is okay but not my favorite.

Currently wearing: LulaRoe Irma top with some kind of tribal print, a LulaRoe pink Lindsay sweater thing, Old Navy black pants, and my fave black flats from Payless. I don’t usually wear this much LLR at once but it’s a good outfit for a slightly casual workweek in the office.

Currently watching: I had a YouTube video up about Paige’s return to WWE last night, but paused it when my boss got to the office a few hours ago haha.

Currently waiting on my DVR: Ugh I’m behind on everything right now but the biggest ones are a few episodes of The Good Place and Will & Grace (reboot), plus the entire new season of This Is Us that I somehow haven’t started yet.

Currently looking at: My effing computer screen like I do all day, every day. I’m also looking at a huge stack of papers on my desk that I wish were eliminated.

Currently opened tabs: So many right now – Pandora with Christmas music, my Feedly feed, 4 blog posts from some of the blogs I follow on there, the YouTube video I mentioned earlier, 3 tabs from our Applicant Tracking Software at work, my LinkedIn Recruiter search, Hoopla with my current ebook read open. Woof.

Currently texting: Chris about last night’s RAW episode and theories going forward; my mom about Christmas ideas while she sits at home with a broken ankle 🙁

Currently on my library holds list: Winter Solstice by Elin Hildebrand is ready for me to pick up when we get home! EEEEEK. I also have They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera on the library’s ebook program.

Currently on my book to-buy list: I think the only one I’m really eager to buy is Foolish Hearts by Emma Mills. I thought I preordered it but apparently not? It comes out early next month though.

Currently waiting to be released: Between now and the end of the year I’m most excited about Life, Love, and the List by Kasie West because obviously. I have so many other 2018 releases I’m getting too excited for also.

Currently adding to my Goodreads TBR list: My latest Gimme the Books post can show a few new ones I’ve added to my unreleased TBR specifically. I have a big problem of getting too excited too early.

Currently adding to my physical TBR: The most recent book I added to my physical TBR is Renegades by Marissa Meyer. It’s pretty immense and I have no idea when I’ll actually read it, but she’s an auto-preorder author for me. I’ll probably get to it early 2018.

Currently recommending: Hmmm. My most recent highly rated book was Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Charlotte Butterfield. I loved the humor and England setting, so you can guess correctly that it reminded me a lot of Sophie Kinsella.

Currently talking about on the blog: This week so far brought you my Five Star Predictions post (about books I haven’t read yet but assume I’ll give five stars when I do) and the Thanksgiving TTT topic.

Currently coveting: Probably an Instant Pot! I’m very intrigued by this machine based on the sheer volume of Pinterest recipes that use it. I have a feeling I miiiight get it for Christmas? We’ll see. Otherwise I’ve been working on my Christmas lists in general and adding too many Panthers things. What else is new though?

Currently contemplating: Seriously, where are we getting lunch from today?! I told my coworkers the few ideas I had today and no one is making a decision.

Currently loving: My new coat from Old Navy! I haven’t had a good winter jacket in YEARS and I’ve never had a super nice LONG one that covers a lot of my legs… aka the biggest part of my body that gets cold in the winter. Whoops. I love this jacket because it’s super warm and was only like $50 when I got it on sale last weekend. It goes down to almost my knees, so when I wear boots with it I have very little exposed leg.

Currently learning: Hmmmm… I don’t think I’ve learned that much this week lol.

Currently dreaming of: Honestly, some kind of vacation. And a house. I love where we’re at right now but we’re definitely getting ready to settle in somewhere instead. I dream of a place I can decorate, a big porch with comfy seats and a table, and a skate park in the back for Chris. Oh and obviously a library.

Currently looking forward to: The holidays for sure. I can’t wait to get back to Maine this weekend and grab a mini Christmas tree. We started out with a tiny tree in our first place (ALWAYS a real tree) and they’ve slowly gotten bigger each year, but we’re going back to little again this year. Grocery stores have little trees in stands so we don’t have to lug our stand back up to Maine.

Currently craving: Everything? I have so many issues with food cravings. I always want pizza and Mexican; those are my biggest weaknesses. I did talk about pumpkin pie with my coworker this morning so now I want that too.

Currently procrastinating: Work lol. I feel like I get less work done in the office now because we spend so much time chatting and catching up. Of course right now I’m also working in this post during my “lunch break” because mine will otherwise consist of just picking up the food.

Currently griping about: Being here this week. It’s cold and I want to be cozy in bed instead of in the office. I can’t complain because I do have that option the vast majority of my days right now, but it doesn’t change the fact that I’m being a spoiled brat today/this week!

Currently need to do: Start Christmas shopping. My mom texting me for the lists reminded me I kind of need to get going on this. I usually do some Amazon orders over time since things come in two days, but I should at least start brainstorming what to get people. Oy!

Currently celebrating: The Panthers are back on this Sunday! Last week they had a Monday night game (where they fucking crushed it) so Sunday was lamer, and this week was their bye week. So yes, I’m ready for more Panthers football on Sunday. Especially because they’re on an upswing and one of their best players is coming back this weekend.

Currently feeling: Happy that I have a half day tomorrow! And my boss is leaving early today AND won’t be in tomorrow at all. I plan to hang with my coworker, get some work done, and otherwise enjoy Christmas music.

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