Top Ten Tuesdays #215: Under My Tree

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My Christmas Wishlists

Top Ten Tuesdays were started by The Broke and the Bookish and are now hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl, where we make lists of our top ten books (or something else!) based on that week’s prompt. The topics are provided ahead of time and can be found here. Book links bring you to Goodreads or my review.

The original topic was BOOKS I hoped to find under my tree this morning, but I asked for shockingly few of them. I thought I’d highlight some of the items on my wishlists this year. I have one for my mom/stepdad and one for my dad/stepmom, but broke everything down by category. Also, don’t judge me for the amount of things on this list. First of all, my parents like a lot of options so I don’t know exactly everything I’ll be getting and they can choose what they think is most fun/interesting. Second of all, these lists/items make their way to four different parents, who also share with grandparents. [All of the images came from Amazon but I am way to lazy to link everything – comment below if you’re curious about something!]

Books / Planner

Happy Planner budget insert for my new planner, plus a Happy Planner sticker book with basic icons | Sightwitch by Susan Dennard | Hand lettering book so I can finally learn some more modern calligraphy |
I’ll Be There for You by Kelsie Miller (my mom, the Friends lover, will totally get this!) |
Cravings (both books) by Chrissy Tiegan


Phone case for my iPhone | Flag with flag pole for the front yard (plus I’ve been wanting a little flag pole to do seasonal flags, now that we have a yard) | Knife set (because why not have cool knives?) | Sweatpants – yes these are men’s sweats because the women’s are ugly | Storage bin

Practical Items / Home

Car windshield protector for the winter/ice | Gel pillows because we both have VERY old ones that need to be replaced in our bed | Headphone hanger for the underside of my nightstand or desk | Portable bathtub LOL because I sadly don’t have one | Car headrest hooks to hang my purse when I drive


Egg cooker because even hard boiling eggs is hard for me AND I can poach them in here too! | Instant Pot pressure cooker (finally jumping on the bandwagon) | Cold brew coffee maker so I can make iced coffee | Water/pot strainer attachment because I hate using the full sized strainer in the sink | French Press coffee maker for when I want hot coffee (can you tell I’m trying to get rid of my Keurig?) | Can strainer for draining small cans | Copper pan because ours are getting beat up | Programmable Crock-Pot because ours doesn’t have any timer settings (aside from high/low) and I want to be able to leave it while I’m at work


Sticky cabinet cosmetic organizers because I’m the worst and running out of space | Eyeshadow stamp for when I’m lazy or want to try a cut crease | Sailor Moon makeup brushes (who could resist?!) | Makeup brush color switcher / removal sponge | Argan oil hair mask for my pain in the ass hair


Various comfy swing dresses because I wear them all year, with leggings and boots in the winter | Champion joggers (two colors on my list) | Sweater for work and being comfy | Plain shirts because I always need more black and white shirts to wear under things/with patterned leggings… and all of mine are too big now | Sherpa fleece pullover (not sure why this trend interests me because they’re not super cute but they are SO soft and comfortable – gimme!) | Leggings because some of mine are too big; these are cheap with good reviews


Harry Potter jigsaw puzzles: Three Broomsticks and Christmas at Hogwarts | Pusheen surprise plush because SO CUTE | Laptop bag/purse with a good organizer/pockets inside for more structure than my current setup | Twinkly lights curtain for behind my headboard, I think | Macrame wall hanging – my mom will laugh at this and probably buy it because it reminds her of the 70s when she was a teenager

7 responses to “Top Ten Tuesdays #215: Under My Tree

  1. Between my parents, step-parents, and sister, I always have to come up with way too many ideas for myself and my husband. It gets harder every year! I try to keep a list going of stuff I would like but wouldn’t necessarily spend the money on myself during the year. Lots of great options up there!

  2. Amy

    I asked for books this Christmas because I spent the year mostly borrowing books from the Library. I would totally love some Happy Planner stickers though! I rarely use them in my planner, but I absolutely love stickers. Lol.

  3. I have been so curious about those happy planner stickers. Do you think they would work/fit in an erin condren planner? I love that they’re all so conveniently in one package rather than having to buy a million different sets on etsy!

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