Top Ten Tuesdays #28: Romance

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top10tuesdayHow do I like my romance?

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This week’s topic is top ten things I like and dislike when it comes to romance in books. This is a great topic that relates to a topic I’ve covered on here in the past: my favorite and least favorite tropes that appear in YA books. Here’s my list for this week!

swoon romanceLikes

I’m a big fan of some of the usual tropes in romance. The classic best-friends-turned-lovers saga is one I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of. This is probably because I totally used to think I was going to marry the boy next door. Granted that definitely isn’t going to happen (and I don’t have any desire anymore – he turned into kind of a jerk), but it’s still fun to read about the stories where it does. This is especially sweet when it’s a childhood best friend who comes back into your life after being away for a long time. I also love the slow-burn romances – the ones where it takes a while for the character to even realize it’s happening. It just feels so much more real than love that happens too quickly. (You can see the opposite situation below in my dislike section, obviously.) Couples who constantly argue, banter, and make fun of each other are at the very top of my list. I love it. Making me laugh during a book in general is a huge selling point, but if it’s because of some major sexual tension and/or relationship-building, I’m happy. I need my couples to kind of dislike each other a little bit; they realize their love interest isn’t perfect and will devote some time to showing them that. If you further that idea a little bit to a hate-to-love storyline, I’m definitely sold. Experiencing the couple as they go through little fights and disagreements makes for a funny and relatable book. The two characters start out as enemies and then realize that there are some feelings there. Adding in a bit of sex-positivity makes me a very happy reader. I hate when authors tiptoe around the intimacy issues and pretend it’s not happening. I know that YA is geared towards somewhat younger readers, but most high schoolers that I knew were doing ~intimate~ things! I’m not saying the book needs to be rauncy or detailed, but it’s refreshing when it’s actually realistic when it comes to sex.


There are lots of YA books that feature characters who have been hurt in the past (or seen family members get hurt), so they guard their heart too much. It’s a struggle to get them to open themselves up to the idea of a boyfriend. Generally this trope annoys me because the MC tends to be more stubborn than necessary. OR – they end up completely changing their thoughts on the issue because of one ~special~ guy. Either way, I can’t win. Both outcomes irritate me in some way. On the opposite end of the spectrum, insta-love is very bothersome. It’s so unrealistic! I could see some initial attraction and lust coming up right away, but some characters are saying those three words by the end of the book – when they’ve only known each other a few days/weeks. When you combine that insta-love with an unnecessary love triangle, you can assume I’ll step away from that book and/or not give it a very high rating. When done well, love triangles don’t bother me that much. It completely depends on the situation and kind of relationship(s) they have to each other. In some books, though, the second love interest is thrown in for drama (usually with a healthy dose of insta-love) and ruins everything. Blogging completely changed my opinion on love triangles; I didn’t get too bothered by them before. Now I am incredibly picky about them. In some books that insta-love element can also be paired with someone who becomes a bit too possessive too quickly. This is the kind of anti-feminist book I’d like to stay away from, especially when the girl tries to convince herself she likes to be controlled by the guy… especially when they’ve only known each other for a little while. It’s stupid. Lastly, I know this is a common one as far as YA romances go – but I’m sick of miscommunication causing a breakup. The girl finds the guy doing something or saying something wrong, she runs out on him as he yells “let me explain!!!!!” and she ignores him. Cue the tiny violins for a chapter or two, until she pulls her head out of her butt and/or he forces her to listen. It’s an annoying trope that makes me want to reach into the book and push the two characters together. JUST HEAR EACH OTHER OUT and stop jumping to damn conclusions, girl! PLEASE.

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16 responses to “Top Ten Tuesdays #28: Romance

  1. Love love love the best friends turned more trope! And yeah for the same reasons, I was convinced I would fall in love with whatever best guy friend I had hahah. Whoops! Slow burn, banter, you are speaking my language with these books eeeeep. I’ve read every one you’ve mentioned so far except Breathe, Annie, Breathe, so I guess I need to read that!!

    God yes, the miscommunication one is so annoying *cough* JOSS *cough*. And love triangles can definitely be done well but it’s so so rare. I think my favorite is on the Vampire Diaries show. Stefan-Elena-Damon is as close to perfect as a triangle can get to me. I change my mind all the time and they bring out different sides of Elena. Same goes for Celaena in ToG too!

    Aww I love Since You’ve Been Gone, it didn’t bother me too much just because of Emily’s character. But Open Road Summer bothered me lol.

    Great topic!!

    Morgan @ Gone with the Words recently posted: Morgan’s January Challenge Updates!
    • Thank you <33
      YESS read Breathe Annie Breathe. Those Hundred Oaks books are so good.
      I need to keep watching Vampire Diaries.. I'm probably somewhere in season two.
      I love Since You've Been Gone too and it didn't bug me TOO much - just grasping at straws for some examples hahah

    • YUP. It always happens. It’s especially annoying if one character is lying to protect the other one, and eventually that lie comes out… you know there’s going to be a huge blowout before they kiss and make up.

  2. This whole post was done so well! I love how you sort-of paragraphed it out, rather than just a numbered list. And I adore your graphics!

    I also really like the best friend turned lovers; and you said it perfectly – it’s the absolute best when they come back from somewhere far away. I can also definitely get down with banter, as long as both parties know that it is done in fun. I get a little peeved when somebody, girl or guy, picks on their crush in a spiteful way because they know they can get away with it. 😉

    Lovely list, Lauren 😀

    Lindsey @ Bring My Books recently posted: Top Ten Tuesdays: My Top Likes/Dislikes in Romances

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