Top Ten Tuesdays #223: Under 2,000 Ratings

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Books I Loved with Under 2K Ratings on Goodreads

(Actually, these ended up around 500 ratings or less!)

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I feel like most of my books with a low number of ratings are because the books aren’t out yet, but I was able to peel through some of those low-rated (numbers-wise, not rating-wise) books on GR and highlight some hidden gems! I also am skipping over novellas and sequels since those tend to not have a lot of ratings. In general, I’m a huge fan of pushing books that are deserving of praise but otherwise don’t get enough attention.

Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Charlotte Butterfield | “This book somewhat reminded me of a Sophie Kinsella novel, but maybe a little tamer. (Maybe it’s because it’s an English book set in London too…) I did laugh out loud a few times and immediately added her other book to my TBR!”

Pretty Fierce by Kieran Scott | “The first step in this story? Suspend your disbelief. You really have to just let yourself enjoy it and not think about how ridiculously crazy the idea of this story is. There are so many wild twists that happen later on that you can’t believe you’re reading in a YA novel instead of watching a soap opera.”

The Leading Edge of Now by Marci Lyn Curtis | “I’m honestly not one for heavier contemporaries because I head straight for the fluff, but this one had such an excellent balance of humor and sadness and feels of all kinds. Seriously, Grace (and the reader) run through the full gamut of emotions throughout the story. Can’t recommend Marci’s words enough.”

Hello, Sunshine by Leila Howland | “GUYS. I absolutely couldn’t put this book down. I read over 60 pages on my lunch break to start the book and then ended up completely binging it at home after work. I LOVED IT… Becca was driven to be an actress and she was on her grind in Hollywood to have her dreams come true. She worked as a waitress, made friends, got over her ex, and started a new romance. She made connections wherever she went and really never quit.”

Love a la Mode by Stephanie Kate Strohm | “Overall, this was such a sweet story, with a cute romance, adorable main characters, delicious food, and a fun French culinary boarding school setting. I loved the friend group that developed; they all felt real. The final 10% or so of the book REALLY caught me by surprise. I was enjoying it quite a bit but it wasn’t until then that the feels caught right up to me and I knew this was a favorite.”

Three Day Summer by Sarvenaz Tash | “I thought the atmosphere felt really well-done and representative of the time. I’ve seen countless Woodstock movies and read articles, so I feel like it was definitely historically accurate. I actually believed that these two characters could have been real concertgoers at Woodstock.”

Christmas on Mistletoe Lane by Annie Rains | “I was addicted to this one and read more than half of it in one sitting. Annie Rains has a nice writing style and I have to say, I can’t wait to return to Sweetwater Springs in book two. Even better? It features two side characters from this book that I am VERY intrigued to know more about (and see paired together!!).”

The Last Summer of the Garrett Girls by Jessica Spotswood | “I enjoy flawed characters who make mistakes and grow. I could understand why each girl acted how they did and I was supporting them through all the bad behavior, because I knew they’d work it out. This was the kind of book and small town you don’t want to leave; there should totally be companion stories with side characters from this book! I would love it so much.”

Sometimes We Tell the Truth by Kim Zarins | “I wish I reread The Canterbury Tales before reading this because I would have better remembered each story. In any case, I can tell how thoroughly researched this story was. The author did a fantastic job of connecting all the stories to the original source. I loved reading each person’s tale and seeing the glimpses of life on the school bus in between them.”

Unclaimed Baggage by Jen Doll | “This book was great! A quiet, heartwarming, and quirky story. I had high hopes for this one because I love when people meet in weird circumstances and come together to be friends/fall in love/etc… Overall, I highly enjoyed this story and would definitely recommend it if you thought the premise sounded interesting.”

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  1. PHEW, I just gained so many new books to look into. They all sound wonderful and gorgeous in their own ways. I’ll admit, I was a little surprised that The Last Summer of the Garrett Girls was just under 500 ratings It’s been on my radar for a while. Thank you for sharing! (Also, swoon, the cover art on basically ALL OF THESE has me all kinds of hearts-in-my-eyes.)

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