Requesting Review Copies as Motivation

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Okay, this could be an absurd topic, but I need to talk about this. I’m finding myself doing it more and more and it’s NOT a good thing but also kind of a good thing???? I’ve talked a lot about authors that I keep adding to my TBR and never actually read. It’s a bad habit and I keep getting stuck on it. I recently noticed that there IS a way to “force” me into reading these authors – request or receive a review copy. Let me clarify again that (a) these are authors I WANT to read but keep putting off for reasons I’m not sure about; I’m not actually forcing myself to read authors just for shits and giggles, and (b) I’m not saying this is a GOOD STRATEGY but it happens to be working for me, so I want to talk about it… and see if anyone else is as garbage as me.

When I like the sound of an author and their stories, I keep adding things and telling myself to just READ one of their books, for gods sake. I don’t know why I drag my feet or get nervous about trying new authors (honestly it could just be me getting crushed my review deadlines and blog tours and the never-ending TBR pile in general). I’ve found that the best way for me to finally get around to reading these authors is just requesting a review copy. Or joining a blog tour. Or borrow an ARC from a friend.

Success Stories

Stephanie Kate Strohm

SKS was the first author I thought of because I have a trillion of her books on my TBR and showed no signs of actually reading any of them for way too long. Like, years. How??? I finally requested Love a la Mode because it sounded so cute and I was here for it. I was approved, read the book ASAP, and loved it so much. After this, I even signed up for a blog tour for That’s Not What I Heard… aka further motivation to keep reading! Spoiler alert, this book was also excellent.

Jessica Spotswood

I’ve been aware of Spotswood for a while now and always kind of casually added her books to my TBR. When I saw The Last Summer of the Garrett Girls, I knew I needed it in my life. I read the book immediately once approved on Netgalley and loved it. I also then requested Toil & Trouble, which was primarily edited by her but also had a story by her, and enjoyed that as well. So far, so good.

Courtney Summers

I was on the fence about Summers for a while because her books always seemed too heavy for me. My contemporary mood is usually light, with the very occasional serious book. It didn’t stop me from adding a lot of her books to my TBR though. However, Sadie, was an immediate draw for me. A book based around true crime podcasting? Sign me up. I’m still not 100% sure about her other heavy books, but this one was too Lauren-y to pass up and I was NOT disappointed.

Still in Process – Will it Work?

Christina Lauren

I asked people on Twitter for Christina Lauren recommendations because everyone loves this author duo… and I had no idea where to start. I knew I was not interested in one of their series, but the standalone rom-com style books ALL sounded great. I decided to pull a Lauren (insert Friends reference about “pulling a Monica” here) and request their latest upcoming release instead of working the backlist – The Unhoneymooners. This one publishes in a few months and the cover was enough to excite me! Here’s to my first book by these gals.

Eileen Cook

I’ve owned a copy of With Malice for years and even shamefully carted it to Maine with me when I moved for a year. I still haven’t gotten around to reading it… but decided I NEEDED to request You Owe Me a Murder. This book sounds so fascinating. It’s now on my Kindle, waiting to be read as my first Eileen Cook book.

What do you guys think? Is there anyone else out there who does this? Or do you only request review copies from tried-and-true favorite authors? Let me know in the comments and the poll below! I’m so curious. Check off all the ones that apply to you.

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9 responses to “Requesting Review Copies as Motivation

  1. I can definitely see how requesting ARCs is a helpful way to read authors you wouldn’t get around to otherwise. I get so picky about what I read and when that I normally stick to ARCs that sound super interesting or else I might end up ignoring them (and feeling terrible and guilty for not reviewing it on time)!

    Rachel @ Never Enough Novels recently posted: Winter Favorites – 2019
  2. I loved Sadie! I need more podcast style book recommendations – I did watch a BookTube video by BooksandLala where she recommended some so I need those!

    Christina Lauren was never on my radar, but I keep seeing the books everywhere so I might need to try.

    I suppose having ARCs is motivation to finally read new to you books since there is that feeling of needing to get to them quicker.pve this post!


    Also, I just finished The Unhoneymooners and was telling Max about it and he pointed out that their author name is our two names combined which is so obvious but I never realized it before and got really excited lolololol

    Cristina (Girl in the Pages) recently posted: January 2019 Month in Review

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