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As I shared in my August TBR, I’m participating in Disney-a-thon! More information can be found in this thread on Twitter. It goes the entire month of August and is based around joining specific teams, reading a set TBR, and moving through other teams’ TBRs if you have the chance!

Despite The Lion King and Mulan being my top two favorite Disney movies, I went with Team Tangled because the TBR most closely aligned with my own plans for ARC August. Truthfully, the “team books” that needed to be read were the biggest deciding factor. Team Tangled is reading A CURSE SO DARK AND LONELY, which is my book club selection for August and is an old ARC I desperately want/need to read. It was the only team read that I had on my TBR, period, let alone for ARC August. So there we go!


Well Met The Diviners (The Diviners, #1) The Last Resort We Came Here to Forget A Curse So Dark and Lonely (Cursebreakers, #1) 

Rapunzel – Read a book with glowing reviews (10)
For this one, because all of my books are review copies, there are plenty that haven’t been published yet. I went onto Goodreads and found which book had the highest rating and most positive reviews that I was able to reasonably see. WELL MET doesn’t come out for a little while but many friends have loved it already and it has a 4.27 rating on Goodreads. Yes, there are only 184 ratings, but it counts when most friends rated it 4 stars.

Flynn Ryder – Read a dark/mysterious book (10)
I originally put IRONSIDE for this one but based on when readalongs are scheduled for August, it made more sense for me to use THE DIVINERS for this prompt. That readalong begins on the 3rd and I want to get my Team Tangled prompts completed ASAP, instead of waiting for the IRONSIDE readalong mid-month.

The Snuggly Duckling Crew – Read a book with a dreamy cover (10)
I actually love many of the covers for my ARC August TBR! I could pick anything here, most likely, but THE LAST RESORT features a beach with palm trees. That’s pretty damn dreamy! (Let’s ignore that this book involves a tropical storm and the trees are moving sideways on the cover, okay?)

Mother Gothel – Read a book featuring a power-hungry character and out of your comfort zone (25)
I knew this would be a little harder for me because I could probably find books that fit either one of these categories, but it was challenging to find one that fit both. I usually only request review copies for books that are fully IN my comfort zone. I think that WE CAME HERE TO FORGET is most aligned here. The main character was a super driven athlete and the chapters alternate between her past and present. This is out of my comfort zone for various reasons and I’m not sure why I requested it!

Maximus – Read the group book (50)
As I said, the group book sealed the deal for me to be Team Tangled! I was already planning to read A CURSE SO DARK AND LONELY for a few reasons: the ARC is past due, we chose it for book club, and I need to get moving on my Retellings challenge. Boom, it also works here.

Special ability
Pascal allows you to blend in and stay hidden, so you can travel the map however you like and read the books in any order you please. I knew that this special ability would work well for me because I do still have some lingering mood reading tendencies! Unless a book has a strict due date, it’s hard for me to plot out the exact order of books to read. There’s no “map” for Tangled, meaning I can move to another team’s TBR whenever I want.

Tracking & Points

[Link to the Excel tracker HERE]

(1) A CURSE SO DARK AND LONELY – 8/1 through

(2) THE LAST RESORT – 8/1 through

(3) THE DIVINERS – 8/3 through 8/8

(4) WELL MET –


Other Challenges / Rules

Aside from my team’s TBR, I can count the OTHER books I read throughout August to get points! I thought I’d include these TBR lists for future reference in the scroll box below. I’m not including the team books for each because I know I won’t be reading any. You need one book per prompt for your own team, but you can double up on prompts for the other team TBRs to get more points.

Team Aladdin
  • Jasmine | Read a book that features royalty (10)
  • Aladdin | Read a book that contains romance (10)
  • The Magic Carpet | Read a fantasy book (10)
  • Jafar | Read a book that will suck you into its world – this book must be read at dark (25)
Team Mulan
  • Fa Mulan | Read a book with a powerful female lead (10)
  • Li Shang | Read a book that features a squad (10)
  • The Matchmaker | Read a YA romance (10)
  • Shan Yu | Read a book over 500 pages (25)
Team Lion King
  • Simba | Read a book featuring a male protagonist (10)
  • Mufasa | Read a book featuring war and politics (10)
  • Nala | Read an adult romance (10)
  • Scar | Read a book that will push your emotions over the edge – completed in one day (25)

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