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I tried to share some bullet journal posts last year and got lazy for the final pages of the year. I think I was not giving myself enough ability to be creative with it and just lost steam. I ended up putting a lot of thought and effort into my layouts for this year, so I thought I would share my bullet journal setup for 2020! This includes all of the yearly pages (reading tracking overall, challenges, etc.) but not the monthly layouts. I kept some layouts the same, moved stuff around, and came up with brand new ideas for my new challenges. I also ended up using the same bullet journal from 2019 and just setting up a 2020 section because I barely made a dent in it last year haha. So, here we go!

2020 Divider

Because I’m continuing in the same bullet journal from last year, I decided to make a 2020 divider page so I know where the new year starts. I’m keeping the little bookmark there as well.

Year in reading and dates completed/read

These pages are similar from last year’s setup as well. I made a large book where I color in one stripe/line across for every five books I finish. By the end of the year, the book should be full of stripes and colored in! The second page here features a year-long calendar. If I finish a book on a specific day, I circle that date in the calendar. If I finish a second book, I draw a line through it as well.

Read by rating and format bookshelf

I had a bookshelf last year where I colored in the book based on rating alone, but I thought it would be interesting to track the book’s format as well with some codes. Every time I finish a book, I color it in according to the proper rating. There will be more variety in colors this year since I added half-star colors instead of rounding. I developed a key for book format too. (I since realized I forgot ARCs so that will be “AR.”) Each book spine will have one of the markers to designate the format too.

Monthly reading stats and books read by genre

I had a stat graph last year with some other things underneath but I didn’t feel the need to include those, since it was basically just copying from a spreadsheet. For this one, I make a line graph to see which months I read, reread, or DNFed the most throughout the year. On the other page, I made some boxes that I can just color in with the genre of the book I read. I didn’t like last year’s page that much and I’m still not sure I like this one, but it’ll look better and more colorful as the year goes on.

Resolutions and blog calendar

I didn’t include a lot of other resolutions (only reading ones) for now but I may add something to the second half of this page. Maybe I’ll leave it open to include a check-in around the halfway mark of the year. On the other page, I have my blog calendar. This is where I include blog tour dates and other things to remember.

Book clubs’ TBRs and RTACU challenge

I’m in a few book clubs but some don’t meet every month, so I wanted this to be a casual place to record the books we pick when we do meet. I drew some books on the bottom to designate the different groups and will write the book titles up with each month. My Rainbow Try a Chapter Unhaul personal challenge tracking will go on the next page. I’ll write the name of the two books I select and designate if I read them or unhauled them.

Calendar of Crime and Monthly Key Word challenges

A couple of yearly challenge layouts coming up. I’m participating in Calendar of Crime so I recorded the months as well as the related prompts underneath, plus some fun mystery-related doodles. The other page has the monthly key words for that challenge, and I can fill in the books read under each one.

Popsugar reading challenge

I’m also participating in this one again and decided to dedicate two pages to it instead, so I can actually track the prompt names this year! I love how this one turned out. I went with a star/cloud theme and just wrote the prompts underneath the title section.


I feel like a lot of us just discovered this challenge! I’m excited to participate with the neat game board-style challenge. I drew out the game board and traced the script from their game board version on one side. On the first page, I’ll be recording the dice rolls, prompts/squares, and books read.

Best books of 2020

And finally, my final year-long-related page before I got into January layouts! I decided to designate two pages to this one so I’m able to highlight both the five-star and 4.5-star reads from my year. I’m planning on just drawing small book covers, keeping five stars on the left page and 4.5 on the right.

8 responses to “2020 Reading Bullet Journal

  1. I love this post so much!! I have a bullet journal and I’ve been toying with the idea of starting a reading journal. After seeing your spreads, I think I’m going to go ahead and do it 🙂 I especially love your bookshelf and blog calendar spreads!

    claire @ clairefy

    claire recently posted: My 2020 Resolutions
  2. shooting

    Your pages are so pretty! I’m not very artistic, so I have a tough time making things look really cute but I’m trying. LOL Good luck with all of your challenges. Want to come link up with Keep It Together? It’s the Third Thursday of every month (so today, as I write this) and we share all posts related to scrapbooks, planning, memory keeping, etc.


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