A Day in the Life // Work From Home (3/18/20)

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I thought given the current situation of staying home and isolating, I’d share what my day looked like once this week! I’m bad at remembering to take early morning pictures so I apologize we’re missing the coffee-and-Kindle situation from when I first woke up.

I fell asleep super early last night so I was really hoping to wake up around 5:30 to finish my book and relax with YouTube. As usual, I forgot to press snooze and woke up naturally at 6:15 instead. My boss and I had worked from home the day before since I had a cough in the morning. We were planning to kind of play it by ear since our office has two people in it and we could easily work from home. I expected to go in this morning when I woke up.

I got out of bed to make my coffee, eat some pistachio loaf, and go to the bathroom. Chris left for work a few minutes before. He works as a machinist so he has to go in. I spent the morning finishing up SUPER ADJACENT for a blog tour coming up in early April. I also watched Book Roast’s announcement for OWLS, which I’ve been meaning to do for a while, and hopped in the shower.

While showering, my boss texted that she would be working from home again today. I was surprised and a little mad I rushed myself in the morning, but overall happy to stay home for now. I got my laptop set up in the kitchen because my desk is stupid and I hate it. It’s easier to just work at the table we have. I spent all day yesterday working in bed and managed to get a lot done, but I felt gross by 2pm. Anyways, I posted up before my day started and did a bit of blogging before 9:00.

I decided to set up my iPad next to my computer so I could listen to some ASMR rooms while working and sometimes put on YouTube videos in the background. I have a job that involves browsing resumes, sending emails, and sometimes having phone calls/interviews, so I can keep on low-key stuff in the background during most of that. I watched some of Total Divas and Total Bellas yesterday because I’ve been wanting to catch up and it’s a PERFECT background noise situation.

I had a sweet potato taco bowl with sweet potatoes, taco meat/ground turkey, homemade cheese sauce, peppers, onions, and corn. It was so good! After finishing my food, I went to a trail a few minutes away from us to get out of the house. It was nice to just get outside and stretch my legs for 30 minutes. Chris gave me a call during his lunch break so we were able to chat while I finished up my walk. I otherwise listened to a podcast (CounterClock).

When I got back from my walk, I had a snack for a few minutes at my kitchen workspace… and then I got sick of that location. I got comfy on the couch with Netflix and YouTube alternating in the background while I got some work done until Chris got home around 4:45.

I had chili from dinner that I had prepared the day before. It was a new recipe and so good! Now that I’m not doing WW anymore, it’s nice to use other ingredients that aren’t zero points. Chris wanted to head to the local school’s pavement so he could get some skateboarding in. He’s not sure about going to the skatepark given the current situation out there – will kids be hanging out there all day and not talking precautions? Even though the park is outdoors, we figured we’d be safe and go to the unoccupied school parking lot. I set myself up with my Kindle and read while he skated until I got too cold and moved to the car.

When we got back to the house, Chris ate his dinner while I relaxed on the couch. We decided to use our new cast iron skillet to make a giant cookie! It was so good but not quite as gooey in the center as I personally prefer. We grabbed our cookie with some vanilla ice cream and settled in to watch AEW Dynamite. The wrestling shows we watch are doing empty arena shows with essential personnel to make sure we are all still entertained when on lockdown. We went up to bed to finish the second half of the episode and I basically fell asleep in the middle of the main event. Womp. And that was it for one of my first “work from home social distancing” days!

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  1. Your WFH schedule is so exciting/well planned! Mine is usually roll out of bed, work, maybe go for a walk (before the whole shelter in place thing happened), watch tv/read then go to bed hahaha. You’re inspiring me to fit more things into my day!

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