The Bright Side (4/10)

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As we’re all going through the same global pandemic with various levels of “stay the F home,” I thought it would be fun to highlight the good things in each week, instead of dwelling on the negatives, the unknowns, and the uncertain future. I tend to do some kind of wrap-up or rundown of my week/month/etc. on Fridays each week (often linking up with Friday Favorites/Currently) so this isn’t too much of a diversion from that.

✨ Someone Great

3 Reasons to Stop What You're Doing and Watch Someone Great Right ...

I’d been really good about watching the Netflix rom-coms as they came out (Chris doesn’t care about watching them with me), but I kept putting this one off for no reason. I LOVED the chemistry of this cast! I decided to watch right before work one morning and it was a great way to start the day. It was a bright spot of the week; I laughed and smiled throughout the movie (a little less so at the ending but that’s okay).

✨ Spotify and YouTube

I’ve always enjoyed music but I haven’t been as focused on it post-college. I got back into reading and started listening to audiobooks, and then I added podcasts to my routine too. Music fell by the wayside except for during work hours. Now that I’m home all day, I can listen to music loudly when I’m not on calls. I can also keep some casual YouTube videos on in the background! Usually these are about fashion/Amazon, meal prep, ASMR and other lowkey videos. The playlist above has some super catchy songs I want to sing out loud. I usually take this playlist and do the Playlist Radio option to mix in even more similar songs.

✨ Wrestlemania

Waking Up Reaction GIF by WWE

This year’s Mania was absurd… in the best way. A lot of people were on the fence about what should happen, including me. I wanted Mania to have something fun to distract me/us during this time, but I also understood it would be so different. No live crowd, no major Mania moments for new champions who deserved the roaring crowd reaction, and the risk to the performers. I have to admit though, they totally pulled it off. There were mostly good-to-great matches, including two that were done “offsite” and were basically movies: the Boneyard Match and the Firefly Funhouse Match. Totally fascinating and enjoyable to watch – I really needed these two nights of fun!

✨ Connecticut Valley Brewing Spiked Smoothies

My favorite local brewery has been offering order-ahead curbside pickup for their beers and THANK GOD FOR THAT. They released a Mixed Berry Spiked Smoothie a couple of months ago and it’s truly the most delicious beer I’ve consumed. They’ve since released two new flavors: Peach Raspberry and Strawberry Banana. The Mixed Berry OG is still our ultimate favorite but they’re all pretty dang good. We’ve been enjoying a few each weekend, picking them up when we can every couple of weeks.

✨ Patio Time: Reading and Working

Believe it or not y’all, I am back in business on the reading front. I’ve been slumping hard for a couple of months but I have a lot of reading mojo going at the moment. It took an amazing read (BEACH READ) to get out of my slump and I managed to finish SAGA #8 and THE MALL in quick succession afterwards. I’ve just been feeling more in the mood to read, especially when the weather is nice and I can get out of the house onto the porch. It’s been really nice for my mental health to spend time working out there too. We have loungey chairs as well as a table with normal chairs, so I can sit anywhere to work in the sunny afternoons.

✨ Reelgood

I googled “is there a site that shows every place something is streaming?” (nice and eloquent, eh?) and came across a few options. The best one appeared to be and I’ve been using it ever since! When you sign up, you can choose all of the streaming platforms you use as well as the channels you have access to. You can see some of the ones I chose at the top of the image. I searched for Scrubs because the first four episodes have disappeared from Comedy Central and now Hulu is my only option to watch along with their Fake Doctors Real Friends podcast I mentioned this week. I’m SO excited to track down other movies and shows all in one place, find out what’s free, and then make the decision to pay/rent if needed. GAMECHANGER.

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