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friday finds

I find new books in a variety of ways. I head to Goodreads and do some browsing – sometimes I check out other people’s feeds or Read shelves; sometimes I look at their recommendations for me. I love going to Barnes & Noble and browsing the YA shelves to see new releases or find books by authors I like. I immediately add them to my Goodreads shelf so I don’t forget them (thank god for iPhones)…or I buy them on the spot. Lately, as I’ve gotten deeper in the book blogging world, I check out people’s blogs that I follow and see some of the reviews they’ve done recently. If any of the books sound interesting, I’ll add them to my shelf. Here are the ten latest books I’ve added to my shelf, where I found the book, and why it sounds interesting.





Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Page
Where I saw it: Review at Chrissi Reads
Why I added it:
 I’ve seen this book many times at B&N and always thought it looked semi-interesting. Based on the title and cover, I could tell it was Wizard of Oz-related. I typically don’t like spin-offs like this, but there are a few exceptions. I’ve found myself becoming increasingly interested in  books like this, but wasn’t completely sold and never even bothered to read the plot summary. Then, I saw a review by Chrissi Reads and decided to check out her thoughts. She seemed to like it a lot. I’ve added it to my shelf but probably won’t give it a read until later, when the price drops or maybe the paperback comes out.


11614718Delirium by Lauren Oliver
Where I saw it: On the shelf at B&N; all over Goodreads; just finished another Lauren Oliver book and was interested in the rest of her novels
Why I added it:
 I just recently finished (and LOVED) Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver. I did some looking around and found this other series by her. It got some favorable reviews on Goodreads. I have seen it numerous times at the bookstore and was always interested in the cover. I’ve just recently started to get back into paranormal/dystopia books and this one seems like it’s on my wavelength right now. Once I get in the mood for a certain genre, that’s all I want to read!


16431540Thin Space by Jody Casella
Where I saw it: Recommended to me by Goodreads
Why I added it:
  As I’ve said, beyond the paranormal and dystopia types of books I’ve been into, I’ve really enjoyed books about the afterlife. Some recent books/series I’ve read touch on this topic. I don’t want to give away which ones, because that is the “twist” at the end of one of them. Regardless, this book seems up my alley. It is about a boy who loses his brother in an accident and needs to find a “thin space” (place between this world and the next) in order to move on.


18309670The Secrets We Keep by Trisha Leaver
Where I saw it: Starry Eyed Revue listed under their “Waiting On Wednesday”
Why I added it:
  Unfortunately this book won’t be out until next year. It is the story of a girl constantly living the shadow of her popular twin sister. When they are involved in an accident and her sister dies, everyone believes that the wrong sister survived. Now she is compelled to live as her sister and assume her position within her family and school. The full description for this book sounds awesome; I can’t wait for it to come out!



Landline by Rainbow Rowell
Where I saw it: Blogs everywhere!
Why I added it:
  I read and really enjoyed Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell, but hadn’t felt too compelled to read many more of her books. This one, however, has a cool paranormal feel to it that I think I can get on board with. I’ve seen this book reviewed and featured on many, many of the book blogs I follow. It seems that no one really has a negative opinion about it. I like her writing style and can’t imagine this not being a great book. Definitely in my to-read pile now.


16160797The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith, aka JK Rowling
Where I saw it: B&N at first
Why I added it:  Yes, I’ll read anything written by JK Rowling until the day I die. That goes without saying. The plot of this book is definitely not something I would read if it wasn’t written by her (well, technically her alias Robert Galbraith). I’ve seen mixed reviews from bloggers that I respect, so who knows how this will end up turning out for me. This will likely be a book I sit down with and start reading, before purchasing, at the bookstore – just so I can be sure that I’ll enjoy it.


15715847The Ruining by Anna Collomore
Where I saw it: Recommended by Goodreads
Why I added it:  This book sounds so intriguing. Apparently I’m going to keep getting suggestions for creepy books like this since I read the Shadowlands trilogy by Kate Brian. I generally love stories about girls moving away to islands and working for rich families, but those are typically very fluffy and super-young-adult. This one sounds more sinister than that, which (hopefully) will be a cool spin on a concept I normally enjoy a lot. I am a little nervous because the summary implies that there is most likely something crazy going on, but people’s reviews are implying that this book is VERY chilling. Looks like one I’ll be reading in the daylight only.



Effortless with You by Lizzy Charles
Where I saw it: Book review (don’t remember which site unfortunately)
Why I added it:  The plot summary of this book definitely sounds like something I would usually enjoy. Typical summer romance where the girl meets a cocky, popular guy who isn’t what he seems. Sounds pretty familiar. However, a lot of reviewers seemed to really enjoy this one and it has a good rating on Goodreads. Once I’m out of my paranormal mood, I’ll get back into the romance YA I normally know and love. I really like that cover, too.


18144115All Fall Down by Jennifer Weiner
Where I saw it: Literally everywhere
Why I added it:  I bought a Jennifer Weiner book a looooong time ago and still haven’t gotten around to reading it. I’m pretty sure I was too young for her books at that point and I don’t even know where it is anymore. Regardless, there’s been a lot of hype around this book. I also follow her on Twitter and she’s pretty hilarious. The plot sounds really appealing and makes me want to read more adult books sometime in the future. This is not a book I’d buy in hardcover, so we’ll have to see what the Kindle price is and/or when it comes out in paperback. Jennifer Weiner is pretty much the poster child for chick lit.



The Art of Wishing by Lindsay Ribar
Where I saw it: I don’t remember
Why I added it:  I’ll admit that the plot summary seems a little weird to me. The idea of genies and wish-granting is a cool concept and I would definitely read books with that idea. But, the genie is a kid at her high school? And he’s on the run from a murderer? I guess that makes things a little more interesting. I would probably prefer a more typical genie-related book, where the person makes three wishes and fucks stuff up and has to try to make it all better again, but who knows – maybe this weird twist will make it less predictable.



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  1. I LOVED Delirium! Unfortunately, I wan’t impressed with the next two books in the series 🙁

    I haven’t heard of Effortless with You before–I’ll have to check that one out!

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