Top Ten Tuesdays #45: Best of TTT

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top 10 tues watercolorTen Favorite TTT Topics

Top Ten Tuesdays are hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, where we make lists of our top ten books (or something else!) based on that week’s prompt. The topics are provided ahead of time and can be found here. Book links bring you to Goodreads or my review.

(Top Ten Favorite TTT Topics I’ve Done Since Starting Bookmark Lit)

The topic for this week reads, “In honor of 5 years of Top Ten Tuesday ( our first Top Ten Tuesday debuted June 21, 2010) — My Ten Favorite Top Ten Topics We’ve Ever Done In The Past 5 Years.” Because this is my 45th TTT since starting my blog, I’m going to give you my favorite TTTs that I’ve done since starting with this meme. I tried to choose some of the more unique topics, or the ones I thought I did really well. I generally love the TBR topics that pop up throughout the year, but they happen so often that I don’t feel like I can list them as favorites. I also avoided the “freebie” weeks because isn’t it kind of cheating if I invented the topic myself? 😉 Regardless, here are my favorite TTTs that I’ve participated in and why!

before cantTop 10 Inspirational Book Quotes  Things That Books Have Inspired Me to Do [#36]

I had just posted my own list of favorite book quotes, so I changed up the topic a little for this one. I really enjoyed this TTT because it featured books and what they inspired me to do. Beore I Fall was the book that got me started into book blogging, and I think that’s what inspired me to create this TTT. There have been so many books that have made me think harder about things, live my life differently, or get up and do something. It’s possible that this is my actual favorite out of all of these posts, just because I came up with a lot of interesting examples.

Top 10 Book-Related Problems I Have [#29]book probs

I feel like there are always posts circulating about book nerd problems, and I love reading them! It’s fun to see who has the same “issues” that I have when reading. I realized, when I went back into the post, that I ended up with 11 problems and accidentally numbered them wrong… so I eliminated one and got it down to a reasonable 10 😉  Pretty much all of these are super true still. I’ve tried to cut back on making myself feel shitty when I decide to watch TV instead of read, but it does still happen. I’m really trying to reach my Goodreads goal, man! I also started using a Series Tracker in one of the YA Goodreads groups I’m in, so that’s helped with tracking series a lot better! I just need to do better about remembering which series I want to start… (there are way too many out there that I plan to read at some point!) The biggest issue still is my mood reading. It completely throws me off each month when I force myself to read the books I have to read (for publishers, book club, book buddies, etc.).

Top 10 Books I’d Love to See as Movies or TV Shows [#42]

hamiltonI’m generally pretty awful with coming up with “dream cast” posts for books, which is why you’ve never seen one on my blog. Some people are spot on, but I’m just terrible. I don’t know why. This topic, though, ended up being awesome for me! I had no trouble at all coming up with ten books/series that I thought would make great movies and TV shows. I was pretty impressed with my idea to turn Kody Keplinger’s books into a TV show. It would be somewhat like Degrassi, where the characters grow up and new ones are introduced over time. I still need to read two out of the four books pictured here, and I plan to get on that ASAP, but I’m sure that they all would fit well into a show!

Top 10 Books I Plan to Have in my Beach Bag This Summer [#41]

road tripsBEACH READDDDSSSSS. You know these are my favorite! I loved compiling this post. It definitely helped me prioritize some of the reading I’m hoping to do this summer. I’m not a beach fan, but I usually end up there once or twice. Nothing better than a fluffy contemporary, especially if it’s set at a beach/vacation town. There was some overlap with this Summer TBR TTT as well. I categorized this post into different types of summer books, like road trips, summer locations/stories, summer rereads, binge-reads, etc. I’m hoping to stick with this TBR this summer, even though I feel like my reading committments end up messing it all up… and I need to get going on planning a beachy vacation to knock some off my list!

Top 10 Books I’d Like Santa to Bring  [#21]

The best thing about my dad – er, Santa – is that he is the BEST at following Christmas lists… especially for books. He usually gets all of them and it makes me so happy. Spoiler: he actually gave me 6 out of the 9 books included here. He’s the damn best. (The 10th book was the collector’s edition of Harry Potter that I was afraid to ask for and eventually bought myself, lol) It was helpful that I literally had a list of books I wanted for Christmas because I was able to put it together pretty quickly. The sad part is, I’ve read only three of the books that I got for Christmas. I’m SO BAD AT THIS. For the record, it’s the first three books on here… and they were all amazing! Truth be told I’m pretty glad he didn’t get me The Moon and More because I ended up DNFing the audiobook last month. (Very sad.) It looks like my dad is also a little psychic.

aspenTop 10 Book Characters That Would Be Sitting At My Lunch Table [#6]

This post was a lot of fun too! I loved thinking about the characters I loved and seeing who I thought I’d be friends with IRL. The top people on this list are definitely Aspen and her friends (from Aspen). They were such a fun and hilarious group of people…  I really want to be a beta particle. Read the book and understand that reference please – it’s so underrated, it’s ridiculous. Their inside jokes made me crack up and her hippy, pot-smoking mom was awesome. I had a lot of good characters on this list and would definitely want to hang out with them at lunch.

ttt more about storyTop 10 Characters I Wish Would Get Their Own Book [#15]

I had fun with this one too, because sometime supporting characters are just as awesome as the main ones! I took this TTT to be kind of the books and characters that are worthy of spin-offs, and I broke them into three major reasons: because I loved them and need more of them, because I want to know what happens next, and because I want to learn more about their story. 3/4 of the ones highlighted on the left show that I would have loved some prequels from other character’s perspectives.

class of 98Top 10 Books I’d Give to Adult Readers
that have Never Read YA [#2]

I think this is a really important topic in general, because so many adults overlook YA! Class of ’98 is technically a mix between young adult and adult, because the book is about two adults who time travel back to high school. I loved that it could appeal to both audiences pretty easily, and it was an obvious choice for this topic.

Top 10 Books I’d Love to Read In a Book Club [#26]

may mtgI made this TTT when I was really dying to start a book club in my area. I ended up taking the plunge and making a meetup group. We’ve had a couple of meetings so far and have discussed one book. I’ve found that half of the regulars are more into fantasy books, while the others are more open to other genres. I’m going to have to try to break some of them out of their fantasy mold because I really created the book club to read books I really want to read. I’m going to take some cues from this list (that I totally forgot I made) and try to open them up to trying new books. We All Looked Up actually could be a really interesting one about the end of the world and the final hours.

Top 10 Things I Like and Dislike for Romance in Books [#21]

romanceI’m actually not sure what the topic was for this, but my title on the page says “How do I like my romance?” so I’m assuming it was something like that. Regardless, I included my major likes and dislikes for romance in books. I had fun making this list and made some nifty charts. It’s so funny looking at my older graphics because they’re so cartoony and not my style anymore. I did like the fact that I made them all point to each other and stuff like that. My tastes are essentially the same, if I’m following what I shared on this list.

What are your favorite TTTs that
you’ve done? Link me up!

I started this book blog with the intention of doing more lists and bookish recommendations. I kind of fell off that wagon, since I hadn’t read a lot of books at that point. I hope to get going on writing more of them, so other past TTT topics are a great source of inspiration!

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  1. I totally agree that ‘characters that would be sitting at my lunch table’ was a totally fun and unique post. Though, sadly, I don’t know any of the people that were on your list. Maybe we’re on separate sides of the cafeteria? 😉 I also have so many of the same ‘reader problems’ as you do. Especially the first three and they each tend to drive me just a little nuts!

    Amy @ Pages of Starlight recently posted: Top Ten Favorite TTT Topics
  2. Anne

    The characters who should get their own books sounds fun, and I love a good pros & cons list so the romance in books one is quite creative! It looks like you’ve had great graphics for all of these too, super impressive!

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