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reading recap

Because my reviews are usually posted at least a month after I finish the book, I never really talk about what I’m currently reading or just finished reading. This Reading Recap feature will let you know the the books I just finished reading and listening to, as well as the books I’m currently reading and listening to. Past recaps here!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted one of these! I won’t bore you with all of the books I’ve read, but I’ve been kind of itching to share some of my reading stats. These posts usually just talk about alllll the books happening in my life. Because my reading challenge is looking wonderful AND I started keeping track of specifics, I want to share some statistics before the end of the year. I just can’t wait, okay? September is my birthday month so I’ll do whateva I want.

reading stats2015 has easily been my best reading year of all time. Before blogging, I would be lucky to read a few books a year. Now? My Goodreads challenge is 11 books ahead with a grand total of 129 books read this year, out of my goal of 175 books. Here’s how it’s broken down by types of read and how many books per month I’ve read:statsBest month: July with 25 books (holy shit) | Worst month: March with 10 books
Best month by average rating: January, 4.2 | Worst month by average rating: February & April, 3.67
Most pages read in a month: 7,641 in July | Least pages read in a month: 3,773 in April

averagesOn average, I’ve read 177 pages per day, 14.3 books per month, and 4,853 pages per month.
The average amount of pages per book I’ve read is 338.59 and overall average rating between all of the books I’ve read so far is 3.92 (I’ve always skewed higher than most people!)

ratings                                                    formats
five-stars 22 books – 17%                      Physical ARC – 22 books – 17%
four-half-stars 26 books – 20%                           eARC – 13 books – 10%
four-stars 39 books – 30%                         Paperback – 26 books – 20%
three-half-stars 20 books – 16%                Hardcover – 21 books – 16%
three-stars 11 books – 9%                          Audio/Mix – 14 books – 11%
two-half-stars 5 books – 4%                                eBook – 12 books – 9%
two-stars 3 books – 2%                      Novella or Comic – 8 books – 6%

target                                        authors
Adult – 9 books – 7%                                     Female – 125 books – 96%
Young Adult – 116 books – 90%                             Male – 5 books – 4%
New Adult – 6 books – 5%                                      Both – 1 book – <1%
genresContemporary / Romance – 75 books – 58%           Fantasy or Paranormal – 19 books – 14%
New Adult Romance – 5 books – 4%                                    Mystery / Thriller – 15 books – 12%
Memoir Nonfiction – 1 book – <1%                    Retelling or Fairytale Retelling – 4 books – 3%
General (Uncategorizable) – 4 books – 3%                               Literary Fiction – 1 book – <1%
Science Fiction – 2 books – 2%                                     Graphic Novel/Comics – 2 books – 2%
Dystopia – 2 books – 2%                                        Women’s Studies Nonfiction – 1 book – <1%
series                                                                                   type
Started a series –  27 books – 21%                                Advanced copy – 35 books – 27%
Finished a series – 12 books – 9%                               Already published – 73 books – 57%
Middle book in a series – 27 books – 21%                                       Novella – 7 books – 5%
Standalone books – 65 books – 50%                                   Graphic Novel – 1 book – <1%

summers bestOf the books I’ve read this summer (June, July, and August), there have been quite a few really great ones. Since it’s been a while since my last recap, I figured I’d share what some of my favorite books of the summer were…

jesses girldumplinunder the lightsrevenge playbook this is where it endsthe lying gamethe lies about truthanatomical shape of a heart sagaeverything everythingsimon vs theRed, vintage, neon motel sign on blue sky; Shutterstock ID 95002717maybe in another lifewhat happened to goodbyekeeping the mooonmy life next door

recently readanne and henrymost likely to succeedbroken homes and gardenswe all looked up

Anne & Henry by Dawn Ius four-stars This was a pleasant surprise for me, actually. I had seen a lot of not-so-good reviews for this one and was nervous about it. I truthfully don’t know much about the whole history of Anne Boleyn and Henry Tudor, so I think I was able to be more open-minded? I’m not sure how to describe it. I really enjoyed this book nonetheless.

Most Likely to Succeed by Jennifer Echols three-half-stars Meh. The final book in the trilogy got the same exact rating from me: 3.5 stars. Not bad but not great. Kaye didn’t have a lot of common sense when it came to certain things, even though she’s ridiculously smart. I don’t remember much about the book to be completely honest and I just finished it a few days ago.

Broken Homes & Gardens by Rebecca Kelley four-stars This is a more indie book that I was presented with for a blog tour. I really ended up liking it a lot! The story was quieter and more character-driven, which was fine with me. I related to Joanna, the main character, quite a bit. I think the comparison about “When Harry Met Sally for the millennial generation” actually works, even though I haven’t seen the movie… It reads like a rom-com where friends dance around the idea of becoming more.

We All Looked Up by Tommy Wallach four-stars My IRL book club picked this one for August and I enjoyed it a lot. The biggest issue with book club, for me, is that we kind of pick apart the book a bit more than I would. I loved this book…until we all started talking about it! Some of the characters (okay, most of them) fell flat for me, but the story itself was interesting.

books up nextCurrently Reading
Six of Crows (Six of Crows, #1)The Boy Most Likely To

Upcoming TBR
The Islanders: Volume 1: Zoey Fools Around and Jake Finds OutHeat of the Moment (Moment of Truth, #1)The Isle of the Lost (Descendants, #1)Scarlet (The Lunar Chronicles, #2)

7 responses to “Reading Recap #5

  1. i love how detailed you are in your recap posts! i love reading posts like these just for the stats that others post about their reading year. i don’t know, it’s super strange but i just find it so interesting to see the breakdown. you’ve definitely read a lot this year! i think my july was my best month so far as well. maybe it’s the warm weather then that gets everyone in a reading mood? i read i’ll meet you there during the summer and really enjoyed that too! hopefully you’re enjoying the boy most likely to! and have another great reading month! 🙂

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