Inside & Out #14: Chris, Mr. Bookmark Lit

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Admiring book covers and bookmarks, shared by you!

Welcome to INSIDE AND OUT. This feature includes two of my absolute favorite book-related things: bookmarks (inside) and book covers (out)! I’ve invited guest posters to share their favorite book covers and bookmarks here on the second and fourth Mondays of each month. Sign-ups are always open (see bottom of post)! Check out past posts here.

the reader2

Chris, the wonderful boyfriend of Lauren from Bookmark Lit

Instagram: @thebrickbuddy | Flickr: thebrickbuddy

Tell me a little about yourself: I’m Chris and I’m a 23 year old old AFOL (adult fan of Lego). Lauren is my girlfriend and forced me to participate in this because someone bailed at the last minute. I like to read graphic novels set in the Marvel universe and build Lego in my spare time. I also like to play video games and watch football.

Talk about your blog (what you blog about/kinds of books, features, etc.): I don’t have a blog at the moment, but I take pictures of my Lego creations on my Flickr and Instagram pages. I’ve been reading comics lately, mostly Marvel. I also listen to audiobooks at work sometimes and am in the process of rereading Harry Potter, the Series of Unfortunate Events, Captain Underpants, and a couple of Lego books.

Favorite genre: I like fantasy, sci-fi, and superhero graphic novels.

Three books you recommend most often and why: 

  1. Lego: A Love Story by Jonathan Bender because I think it gives good insight into the Lego hobby and is kind of a “coming of age tale” into the community. It gives a lot of good information about the Lego company and its fans.
  2. The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien because I think it’s a really good adventure/quest story. The dwarves are really fun; my favorite is Bombar. I’ve read it three times so far.
  3. Civil War graphic novels because it’s a different spin on the superhero story. Instead of superheroes fighting villains, everyone is teamed up and fighting each other. Superheroes against superheroes. I think it makes you really think about which side you’d want to be on: should superheroes be masked or unmasked? You feel torn about which side to be on based on your favorite heroes.

2015-09-13 22.01.43

the cover2

What book do we have here?  The Infinity Gauntlet (Marvel comic)

Have you read it yet? If so, how was it?  I’m in the middle of reading it right now. It’s good so far. I always liked Marvel and never read the comics before, but I wanted to see how all of the new movies are connected. Learning the basic story behind everything helps tie the movies together. This one is about Thanos from Guardians of the Galaxy and how he ties into the universe.

What makes this cover a favorite? As much as I like superheroes, I like learning about villains too. It has a lot of my favorite characters on the cover and just think it’s really cool. The back cover is even cooler because it has a bunch of characters on it.

What kind/style of covers do you usually pine over (script fonts, bright colors, realistic, etc.)? I usually like covers with full print and big pictures – something that takes up the entire cover. I like it to be more complex and have cool artwork.

the bookmark2

What bookmark did you chose?  An Adventure Time bookmark

What makes this one special to you? Adventure Time is one of my favorite shows and Lauren let me borrow this one when I needed a bookmark. I actually don’t have any of my own bookmarks because I mostly read audiobooks or shorter comics that don’t need a bookmark.

Where’s it from?  Lauren got it from Morgan as a Christmas gift

What kind of bookmarks do you prefer (paper, magnetic, quotes, etc.)?  I like this one a lot because it’s from one of my favorite Adventure Time episodes. Like I mentioned, I don’t really have any of my own bookmarks. I prefer paper ones like this because you can just throw it in without a lot of effort. Something thin, discreet, and laminated.

Thanks so much for joining Inside & Out, Chris! And thanks for
featuring one of MY favorite bookmarks too. Love you!

Join in the fun!

Important: Sign-ups are always open and currently scheduled through the beginning of 2016.

10 responses to “Inside & Out #14: Chris, Mr. Bookmark Lit

  1. I love the post!! It’s fun to read about different hobbies other than book blogging 🙂 My sister and I had a ton of Legos as kids, we would build all the cities and really complicated ones… until my neighbor knocked them all over and the pieces got jumbled. End of my lego career haha.

    I loooooove Marvel and I haven’t read many of the comics either, but I want to for the same reason! To see how it connects/compares to the movies. I can’t wait for Civil War and The Infinity Gauntlet looks really good. I want to know more about Thanos! I’ve read volume 1 of Ms. Marvel, which I liked, and I have Captain Marvel. I just started the Winter Soldier collection too bc I love me some Bucky Barnes (and Cap!).

    Glad the bookmark could help out 😀 It’s one of my favorite episodes too!

    Morgan @ Gone with the Words recently posted: Review: First & Then by Emma Mills
    • HAHA Chris’s first Lego career ended when they moved houses… they had put all of his pieces in a trash bag for the move and his aunt accidentally thought they were trash and got rid of them! He’s still upset about it to this day…but we have PLENTY more around now for him to make up for it haha.

      The comics seem fun and I’ve been wanting to try them too! I have Ms. Marvel and have yet to read it.

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