Celebrating WINTER with Lunar Chronicles Games

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I can’t resist all of the fun games Brittany put together for The Lunar Chronicles Readalong! (Above photo courtesy of her blog.) Now that Winter is here, the readalong will be coming to an official close at the end of the month. I’m so so glad I decided to read this series and participate in some of the challenges/games. I also started reading the book at midnight when it was delivered to my Kindle. It made me want to stay up way too late but I somehow managed to pull myself away and get some sleep.

The Lunar Chronicles Games & Challenges

Kiss Marry Kill

I figured I would do the simplest game first! Of the three main boys (Kai, Thorne, and Wolf), who would I kiss, marry or kill? My answer:

Marry Thorne
Kiss Kai
Kill Wolf

Even though Thorne would probably annoy me a lot, I would have to marry him. He’s so funny and amazing and I just straight up love him. Kai is apparently hot but he doesn’t get me going quite like Thorne does, so I’d have no problem kissing him. Aaaand Wolf is fine, but he’s too aggressive and protective for me!


In case you don’t remember how to play one of the BEST games ever, you just pick a number (or do the circle/counting lines thing) and cross off each as you go. For example, I started in the MARRY category and worked my way down, then moved to the right. Every 9th item got crossed off until there was only one item left per category. Here are my results!


I’m going to marry Wolf (wahhh he’s my least favorite!), be best friends with Cress (excellent! She IS my favorite), work as a cage fighter (well I guess at least my husband and I have the same risky career), live in New Beijing (sounds cool), have some sweet hacker skills (word), and drive a pod ship (I guess fly would be a better word?).


Another fun one! Usually you roll to see what letter you get, but that can be hard. In this case, Brittany suggested that we pick our own letters. She chose C, which was a great one, but mentioned S or L would be other good options. I decided to go with L for my first name! 😉 Here’s what I came up with…

  1. A Character’s Name: (Queen) Levana, Linh Cinder, Luc Benoit
  2. A place in the book: Luna, laboratory
  3. A piece of technology or scientific data: Lunar shell, Letumosis
  4. Occupation/Character role: Lunar Thaumaturge, Lunar Guard

I know I totally cheated by using the “Lunar” descriptor on everything, but I have the worst memory ever. I’m lucky I even remembered a couple of things from the books lol.

Character Personality Quiz

I took the quiz over on Brittany’s blog and got…

You’re Iko! Outgoing, friendly, spirited. You love life and just want to have fun! Always the bright spirit in the room. 

I love this! Iko is one of my favorite characters and I could agree with some of this 🙂

Book Tag


In case you missed it, I also participated in the book tag that Brittany created! It was so much fun and I’m really impressed with my graphics, if I may toot my own horn a little bit. Check out my tag!

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