Five on Fridays #20

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Five on Friday displays the the top five things that have been on my mind this week! It could be book-related, but it may be music, movies, TV, personal life, food, etc. Previous posts can be found here!

1 legoAs you know, I’m a big Lego fan with my boyfriend. We build our own stuff (called “MOCs” = my own creations) as well as collect minifigures and sets. We had seen rumors lately about a new minifigure series involving Disney characters, but it wasn’t confirmed for a long time. Well, as of the end of March, here it is! IT’S COMING FOR REAL AND I’M SO EXCITED!

I can see a lot of non-Lego collectors wanting to get their hands on these, I’m sure. I figured they would be fun to share and see what you guys think! Even if you’re not a Lego fan, would you buy these guys? Chris and I overall have some mixed feelings on the design, but are very happy they’re coming around. The biggest problem is that some of the figures here already exist as mini-dolls instead of minifigures, so it’s not consistent. But whatever, beggars can’t be choosers! 😉

In other general Lego news, we’re working on some new builds for our Lego Club. We’re planning a movie build for a competition for this month’s meeting (the 16th). Chris and I decided to just pool our creative juices and make a Lion King mosaic together. I’ll share the picture when it’s done!

2 easterAs I mentioned in my last Bookmark Lit Bulletin, I had my friend over for our annual Easter weekend. I don’t celebrate Easter for religious reasons, but have always gotten together with family for food and egg hunting. Back in college, one of my best friends would be stuck at school Easter weekend when we all went home to see our families. Her parents are Hindu and Muslim, plus she lived 4 hours away from school, so she didn’t have any reason to go home. She started coming to my house over the weekend instead! We get together with my family, have food, and (lately) do some Eastery traditions. This was her first year coloring eggs and her second year doing an egg hunt. My mom hid them outside so it was even better! She came in last place, as you can see from the sad picture. I loved how some of the pictures came out, so I wanted another excuse to share them here with you 😉 Our tradition is to also buy and wear matching Easter outfits (usually just a shirt), so you can see our coordination below too. We even both wore dark jeans and nude flats to match even further.

2016-03-27 13.09.54 2016-03-26 20.18.09 2016-03-27 13.09.07 2016-03-27 13.15.03 2016-03-27 13.15.56 2016-03-26 20.39.35

We had so much fun throughout the weekend. It was really nice to spend time with my friend because I don’t get to see her too often. At least we can always count on Easter to see each other! 😉 I wish her boyfriend was able to come (he usually does) because Chris and him are good friends.

3 seriesA SERIES OFBack at the end of March, I decided to start a series binge reread for A Series of Unfortunate Events. I’ve been thinking about the upcoming Netflix show a lot and really wanted to revisit the world before the show came out. I know there’s still plenty of time, but I just found myself in the mood. I’ll be posting two days in a row with mini reviews and reflections after my reread. You’ll see that in about a month on the blog! It’s been a lot of fun (and obviously sad) to be back in their world. I loved how short the early books were; I was able to finish an audiobook within two-ish days for the first half of the series. They all range from 2 hours to 6 hours long, so even the longer ones were relatively short. Nonetheless, I’ve been really enjoying this reread and am excited to share my thoughts soon! Today I’m working on the seventh book, so I’m getting close to the end. GAH.

4 powerpuffIf you haven’t Powerpuffed Yourself yet, what are you waiting for? This kind of took the internet by storm last weekend and I had a lot of fun making a few of them. I made two of me and one of Chris. I think we look pretty good, no? Hehe. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the show when I was a kid. (I think I was a bit too old when it was popular?) My younger sister loved it though! I may watch some of the reboot of the show just because I’m intrigued.

2016-04-01 21.43.38 2016-04-02 08.35.53

5 currentlyy

I occasionally write Currently posts which highlight more personal thoughts, feelings, activities, etc. that I’m doing at that very moment. I thought it would be fun to do that as a part of Five on Friday sometimes.

Adding books onto my new Goodreads shelves! I’ve added an up-next category to track my TBR and a jazzed-up-for-this (my recent favorite phrase, apparently). That one reminds me of the books I’m really excited for.

Anticipating the new superhero-oriented books that some VERY talented YA authors will be writing! I’ve been on a big superhero kick lately (mostly Marvel, but whatever) so these are definitely going on my TBR. They just announced it last week. So excited for Leigh Bardugo to take on my girl Wonder Woman! GAH.

Doing a lot of decluttering, cleaning, and organizing! Over last weekend, Chris and I got rid of a bunch of clothes and reorganized some of our walk-in closet. We’re slowly getting rid of things we don’t need and a lot of clutter.

Drinking less coffee, thank god. It doesn’t seem to be making as much of a difference when I go to bed though. I try to limit myself to one cup in the morning and that’s it. I broke my rule for a few weeks when I was just really craving it in the afternoon. Maybe I could do half-caff… hmmm…

Eating a lot of Jewish/NY-style deli food! We’ve become somewhat obsessed with this really famous deli in the town next to ours. We’ve had an embarrassingly large amount of reubens, rachels, nova salmon, and pickles from this place. Can’t stop, won’t stop.

Loving basketball! I’m a football girl 100% of the year (yes, I track way too many things during the offseason when they’re not even playing) and don’t have room in my heart to seriously follow another sport. I’ve always enjoyed March Madness NCAA basketball and a little baseball (rarely), but Chris and I are starting to get into NBA basketball too. I love Steph Curry (plus he’s a Panthers fan!) so I generally root for Golden State, but our home team is the Celtics. We also love the Hornets because they’re a North Carolina team (which clearly I’m partial to), and I used to like the Bulls as a kid. As you can see, we kind of just enjoy watching the games! We don’t have a major preference for any one team. It’s been fun.

Photographing for photo challenges in April. I decided to give them a go again, because I really enjoy them, and haven’t done a terrible job so far 😉 I’m participating in a mix of this one and this one, if you’re interested! I’m also back on the weekly bookstagram wagon.

Planning a move! I don’t want to give any details because we’re really not sure what’s going on yet. But, over the past week or so we’ve been thinking of the best way to follow our restlessness somewhere else for a couple of years. Hopefully more details to come on this…

Reading a little less than usual, thank god. You’ll see more below, but I’m trying to focus on spending more time with other hobbies. Yes, that includes primarily Netflix binges. I’m mostly reading some older ARCs I didn’t get to in time, plus whatever comes in from the library this month.

Starting to brainstorm new ideas for the blog. I’m happy to bring back Inside & Out (sign up!) on a monthly basis, but that still leaves me with some wide open space for more features and discussions. We’ll see what I come up with!

Trying more recipes from Pinterest and getting better at meal planning. We had a very bad food weekend recently and determined we have to eat better (and less fast food or restaurant food). I love finding recipes and simplifying them. Would this be something anyone would be interested in seeing on the blog? I realize it’s a book blog, not a food blog, but I thought it might be fun to share.

Watching more Netflix! I read 20 books in March even though I didn’t want to. I was a reading machine for some reason, and lots of shows fell by the wayside. April is the month for more Friday Night Lights, finishing Fuller House, and continuing with Daredevil.

Wearing lots of new clothes, because my Easter shopping got out of hand. Oh well. I’m happy the weather is getting warmer too! I’m so tired of sweaters and long pants. I love my cropped work pants and am so glad to have them back.

14 responses to “Five on Fridays #20

  1. Oh my gosh! That Disney LEGO set is amazing! Captain Hook has to be my favorite out of that bunch!

    I am so obsessed with Powerpuff Yourself! I made myself and my husband, then I started to make book characters! LOL! So much fun and so very addicting.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Sounds like you had a really good March. I really like the looks of those Disney mini Legos. I’d want something like that definitely even though I don’t use Legos for anything. That’s so cool you are doing a Lion King mosaic! I’d love to see recipe or food posts on the blog. First off, it’s your blog – do what you like! Second, I a trying to find more recipes that are good for you and not TOO hard to make. I am trying to be healthier. haha


    • It was a great month for sure! These figures can be great decorations, even if you’re not into Lego 🙂

      Thanks for the feedback on the recipe stuff! I’ve always been the kind of person with a “blog about what you want” attitude, so I don’t know why this idea was giving me pause. Thanks again 🙂

  3. I love the Disney legos! They look absolutely adorable, and would make fun additions to my shelf (if I do end up buying them). And your Easter tradition with your friend and family is super cute! I love it a lot, and hope that next year, my friends and I can establish one of our own too. (I’d love to decorate eggs!) Really enjoy reading your updates!!

  4. The LEGO disney set is so cute! I’d love to get the Stitch and Donald Duck ones. But the cheshire cat one is a bit weird though :/ I have no idea about powerpuff yourself and I just tried it and now I already created a lot of powerpuffs XD

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