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header matchI love book covers (surprised? No and no and no and no.) and clearly find any excuse to show them off. I’ve been thinking lately about why certain covers are chosen (or even changed) for different books. I love when the book cover is more than just pretty – it actually captures what’s happening inside the book perfectly. You see a badass woman on the cover and she’s kicking ass under the cover too. A cute couple sitting on a beach and that actually happens in the book. I just love it! There’s something great about a pretty cover, obviously, but it can be even better when a book cover perfectly matches the interior of the book too.

3 The Lost and Found by Katrina Leno

I loved this story so, so incredibly much. I’m eager for this book to join the world in about a month because I know so many others will be as charmed as I was. I love how the cover reflects the two pairs headed out on road trips, as well as some of the “lost and found” items mentioned throughout the book. A cute and appropriate cover! {Edit: the cover has been changed. I’m not pleased about it but decided to keep this original cover here!}

True Letters from a Fictional Life by Kenneth Logan

This book is about a lot of things, but I love the eye-catching cover that focuses on one specific element. And honestly? It’s not even that big of a piece of the story. It symbolizes some key parts of the character’s development and I just love seeing it – big and bold – right on the cover. I hope others get curious when they see it too.

Three Day Summer by Sarvenaz Tash

Woodstock is my absolute favorite thing to learn about. I love the 60’s and 70’s SO much. All of the music I listen to came from this time period so I knew I needed this one ASAP when I caught the setting. It really reflects the time period and reminds me of the posters for Woodstock…without looking TOO much like a recreation of them!

The Start of Me and You by Emery Lord

While I’ve said before how much I love the original hardcover’s design, this paperback version seriously fits the story better. I’m a sucker for pretty sunsets as much as the next person, but the swimming theme of this cover makes a lot of sense given the character development and some events of the book.

The Falconer by Elizabeth May

I just love both of these covers in the series so far because they fit the badass-ness of Aileana. She’s a fae hunter and killer, so it makes sense that she have some kind of old-school weapon or dagger on the cover. She’s also wearing a time-appropriate dress because she’s a debutante. Perfect juxtaposition of the two parts of her.

The Revenge Playbook by Rachael Allen

Normally I’d be super upset about the murdering of a football (my favorite sport), but it’s incredibly appropriate here. I love the plays marked in the background of it and the fact that a girl is deflating the ball. If you’ve read the book, you know how and why this cover is a perfect summary of the plot.

The Superlatives series by Jennifer Echols

While all three books in this trilogy were just okay for me – not bad but not fantastic – the covers are super relevant to what’s on the inside. I loved the yearbook photo setup on all three of the books because it drives the plot of each. It kind of makes me want to buy them even though I have no reason to own them otherwise 😉

Just Like the Movies by Kelly Fiore

This cover is definitely not a favorite of mine because it’s super cheesy… but that’s why it works! The book is all about cheesy romance and wanting to have that kind of relationship that’s (yes, you guessed it) just like the movies. I think the cover perfectly matches the cheesy romance vibe it’s about!

Second Time Around by Beth Kendrick

I picked this one up on a whim based on the plot summary; the cover is pretty simple and straightforward. It didn’t really catch my eye. The more I look at it, though, the more appropriate it seems for the story. Four lawn chairs and a B&B-type building in the background? Perfect representation of the story in my opinion.

When We Collided by Emery Lord

I think we all gasped when we saw this cover because it doesn’t exactly match the previous two Emery Lord covers we’ve seen (a couple in a multi-color sunset). It’s very appropriate that this cover is different than the first two books because the book itself is different. It’s messier and has a heavier subject matter, but is still gorgeous.

Come Away With Me by Karma Brown

I own the plain-covered ARC of this book so I didn’t have the pleasure of seeing this cover as I read. After finishing the book and looking at the final cover, I couldn’t believe how appropriate it was. I won’t spoil anything because there’s a huge twist in the story… but let’s just say this cover is fantastic and symbolic.

Emmy & Oliver by Robin Benway

This cover may look simple and straightforward, but it’s the little heart made out of fingerprints that kills me! If you’ve read the story, I know you understand how that aspect comes into play for the main characters. This book was fantastic and now I’m itching for a reread!

misleading(next as in sometime in the general future, okay? bye)

15 responses to “Super Fitting Book Covers

  1. Love this post, Lauren!
    I like all of Emery Lord’s covers, but the PB of The Start of You and Me is my favorite because it reflects the book so well.
    I also agree 100% with Three Day Summer. I like the UK cover of The Falconer a lot too though I don’t think the model is a red-head.
    And the little heart in Emmy & Oliver! Kills me every time!

  2. I really like it too when book covers fit the story! At least even if you don’t like the story at the end, you won’t feel cheated 😀 I really agree with the superlatives series. They capture the highschool vibe and drama really well!

  3. I love pretty covers but it always feels specials when the covers actually tie in with the book or mean something about the story. Not just a pretty girl in a pretty dress or a close up of a face. Oooh, looking forward to the next post about misleading covers!

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