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There are so many awesome posts out there about being a book polygamist vs. book monogamist, and I LOVE them. Everyone’s reasoning for one over the other is fascinating to me and I will always read your posts on the subject. This is not exactly a post about reading multiple books at once.

This is about that “currently reading” shelf on Goodreads.

I have to say, I am anal retentive about keeping that shelf nice and clean.  For me, the “currently reading” shelf consists of the books I am legitimately currently reading. I’m always reading one audiobook and one “real” book. Sometimes I read one physical copy, one ebook, and one audiobook. So at the most, my shelf is only going to have 3 books on it.

I keep my “currently reading” shelf very tidy and up-to-date. If I haven’t picked the book up in a while or am thinking of quitting it, it’s off the shelf ASAP.

Sometimes I start a book I want to read… and then something comes in from an ARC tour, or I realize I didn’t give myself enough time to finish it before a blog tour review is due. If I’m already reading a physical copy and an audiobook, I likely won’t keep a third book on there (unless I have an ebook going at the same time – which happens sometimes).

I can’t handle the idea of having very old books on there. If you’re a reader who can pick up a book, start it, and then let it sit for months or even years — more power to you. But if I was that kind of reader and something like that, I would absolutely have to take it off my shelf. I just need to. I like that Goodreads sidebar to look nice and clean. I don’t even like having three books on there, even if I’m actually, legitimately reading three books.

currentEven this is bothering me right now. I’m reading the first book as an audiobook, the second book for my upcoming Book Buddies review, and the last one for an ARC Tour. I hate that I have two physical copies going at once and one audiobook. THIS RUINS MY THREE RULE. I can only have three if one is an eBook. God, this is so weird. People are going to think I’m so weird.

So, in a way, this post is kind of like being a book polygamist. I am generally reading two books at once, sometimes three… and only if they’re in 2-3 different formats. Anything more than that or different than that makes me break out in hives whenever I look at my Goodread sidebar.

Of course, I had to consult Twitter with a more basic version of my question:

My question is, what does your Currently Reading shelf look like?
Is it super up-to-date like me, or do you have old reads on there you haven’t picked up in months? Am I a weirdo?

13 responses to “The Currently Reading Shelf

  1. I understand how you feel. I also like seeing my currently reading clean. I think it just take off the pressure. If I have 3 books at once, I usually juggling those books like “I have to read this, and this and this, at least 50 pages everyday so I could finish them in time”. But when I only have one book it’s more calm and I could read according to my pacing, regardless deadline or anything! 😀

  2. Oh gosh this is me. I can’t bear to see old books on my GR shelves. I’ve seen people with books on the currently reading shelves for 1 whole year and it drives me crazy! Even though it’s really none of my business. I only put up the ones I’m actually currently reading and I can’t have more than 2 books either. The format thing doesn’t bother me as much because I mostly read ebooks anyways.

    • SAME! hahaha. I don’t know why the format thing bugs me but I think it more has to do with the fact that I don’t like reading multiple books of the same format at once. I like audio for the car/getting ready, a physical copy for “daytime,” and an ebook before bed once my boyfriend turns out the lights to sleep 😉

  3. I never have books that linger on my currently reading shelf longer than two weeks, mostly because (a) I usually finish them in that amount of time and (b) I can’t stand to have too many books on it. That’s mostly a personal preference though! Like you, I read a max of three different books at a time – and they all have to be in different formats. Otherwise, I feel so thrown off! 😉

  4. Ha – you would hate my shelf. I generally put books on there that I’m legit reading, or listening to as an audiobook. But I frequently lose track of where my books are – this is such a curse! And I start reading something else. My currently reading shelf is sometimes the only thing that reminds me that I had started a book, and haven’t yet finished it – so I need to go back and find it / borrow it / finish reading it. So sometimes, there can be a book on there for months.

  5. Usually I only like to read one book at a time, but lately I’ve been listening to an audio book and reading a physical book. The different formats make it easier for me to keep the different books straight in my mind, and it’s great because I can read them while doing different things.

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